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  • Hello. I would reply on the post itself, but sadly i can't, so im just gonna reply on your wall.

    "You're basically sort of saying "Any gun can kind of beat a sniper sometimes, but good snipers are overpowered and no one really has a chance against them." Nope. Im saying that im way above average in sniping, and that basically any game i pick up one, i dominate. This doesn't make snipers overpowered. Snipers are perfectly balanced for the average casual player. I'm sure there are people out there who p00p on everyone with any AR, as they probably are very skilled with ARs, this doesnt make ARs overpowerd. Im very skilled with snipers. There is nothing more to it. Once in a while (very rare) Ill pick up & AR myself, & i have no trouble killing snipers. Snipers works like this in almost every game out there, & if you have not adapted to it yet, & learned how to beat the snipers, then practice, learn, adapt. My guess is that, 90% of the people complaining about snipers are very new to FPS and crying about those who are skilled with it, is way easier than learning to defeat them. There is absolute nothing overpowered about them, besides maybe, the accuracy while moving & being scoped in, as i already agreed on in another post. This is how snipers work in videogames, besides, well.. Battlefield.