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  • Hi Lincuxe,

    I was wondering if you can help me find the launcher of ironsight to switch the server I am playing on because I have seen your comment about it, thanks for you time.
    • To switch regions you need to look at the bottom left of the launcher and use the second drop down menu.
      can see here
  • The client is outdated, and i dont want redownload the entire game again, this is the third time Please :(
  • My game is showing me an error message. It says it needs your phone number to continue? can you help me out?
  • my launcher show me "Update patch failed. Please uninstall and redownload" but it keeps showing up. Could you help me in this?
    • Yes sure I will send you a private message ^^
  • I keep getting "Update patch failed. Please uninstall and redownload" but it keeps showing up. Could you help me in this?
    • Yeah will send you a direct message ^^
  • i need a different way to install it wont let me install the game can u help?
    • Sure ^^

      I will send you a private message
  • i need help,
    whenever I try to install the game the same says that I do not have enough disk space, however I have 30 GB free on the selected disk (sorry for the English)
    • I will write you a direct message ^^
  • Lincuxe i miss you
  • i want to ask 2 questions first can you add battle royale mode in the game ? second i will be appreciate if you make a new server in africa because iam from egypt and i'd like to play with perfect ping and thank you
    • I don't work for Aeria so nothing I say is certain or not.
      As far as I know BR mode was teased a while ago but has since been removed from the Facebook post that it was mentioned in, so from that alone I would presume it's not coming for now.
      For your server question, Aeria want to look to expanding more globally but first want to sort out stability issues with the current servers being EU/NA/SA. So maybe far into the future your African server may come if there's high demand.
    • ok thank you for your replay i appreciate that
    • No problem!
  • I am from India and i get loading timeout error when i start the game. so i use VPN to get into an Europian server, but when i play the game i get lot of ping problem, i mean low signal strength. so it become very difficult to play........any solution???? any good country server that I should join???
    • There's currently issues on the EU server that's causing time outs if you mean this. It should be fixed soon.
    • ya i get it.i can run the game, i played it half an hour earlier..but normally without useing VPN i can not join the game , it says loading timeout error
    • Your ping/distance is probably too high/far for you to be able to hold a good connection to the game. People who have issues with high ping or bad/unstable internet in general will have such issues occur.
    • with brodband connection generally i get 750kbps download speed. ookla speed test iget 5mbps download speed. thanks for reply
  • hello. I was wondering if you could help me with something.My ironsight installer says installation almost done and is stuck there,please help me.
    • Pretty sure the only thing you can do is try installing again, I'll message you a link to another source of download that should have less issues.
  • Entao e Baixar e Instalar ??
    • apenas baixe , extraia para um folder então inicie ironsight
  • você poderia link também? Estou tentando instalar o jogo também e recebendo muitos erros.Obrigado desde ja.
  • hi there,

    was wondering if you could help with the file corrupted error I am getting while trying to install the game. I have tried both the normal download and the manual one and neither have worked. Thank you for your time!
    • i'll dm you a link ^^
    • Could you dm link as well? I'm trying to install the game as well and getting a lot of errors.
    • I sure can
  • Pannekoeken