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  • I sent ya a friend request on discord, my name's MrJayXP.
  • Hi, i cant seem to finish the patch. It always says Update patch start failed, please reinstall the launcher. I've installed it twice and its still the same. I really wanna play the game :/
    • Please join our Discord and message one of the moderators or me and we will provide you another downloat method. Vanilla#6073
    • I sent u a friend request on discord Vanilla. My name's MrJayXP.Please accept and send me the download link :))
    hallo ich wollte fragen wieso ich auf den link/downlaod nicht zugreifen kann da ich das gleiche problem habe wollte ich es darüber downloaden
    • Hallo, diesen Lösungsweg benutzen wir nicht mehr, deswegen haben wir diesen Thread schon lange geschlossen und alle Links, die dazu führen, gelöscht. Kannst mir sagen, woher du den Link hast? Schreib mir außerdem bitte eine Nachricht auf Discord, damit ich dir einen anderen Lösungsweg/ Download geben kann. Vanilla#6073
  • JI'm trying to access this link for download help but can't because I'm not authorized yet, can you help me?
    • How did you get to that link anyways? No one is supposed to reach that thread anymore. (And I was sure I deleted all my previous posts that are directing to that ^^ I must have forgot one) For download help I will PM you!
    • Oh I didn't get it through a post, I submitted a ticket to support and they gave me it :)

      thank you!
    • Wait... seems not to work, since your forum account is not approved yet. Can you send me a message on Discord? Vanilla#6073
    • I sent you a request! my name's Al
  • Hi =)

    Ich möchte beim Best of Ironsight Event mitmachen.
    Wäre es möglich meinen Forenaccount freizuschalten?

    Sollte mein Forenaccount automatisch freigeschaltet werden hat sich meine Frage erledigt. ^^
    Danke im Voraus!
    • Hallo! Da müsstest du dich bis Montag gedulden, denn nur unsere Community Manager können die Forenaccounts freischalten. :)
  • hey man u said keep vid under 1 minute but idk how to editt
    • Please use a video editing programm. There are different kind of programms, you can probably find when you google for them ^^
  • Ice cream :D
  • Hello! i can't install the game from the launcher... Can you help me? I'll wait for your answer :)
  • Hey i have the same problem. How do i reply to you for the Best of Ironsight event?
  • hey man how do I reply on the event post?
    • I replied to you already on PMs
  • How to fix error message Ironsight update patch start failed.
    • Btw while i was downloading my internet conection was stable and the download never stopped.
    • I will PM you
  • Hello, I would like to change my name, Because I had thought that my username had already been set when I created the account, so I thought it was asking for my clan tag, and I need to change my name to my username. Can you help?
  • Can you help me how to fix my installe/extraction stack at 0%? do you have an offline version? please X(
  • hey. Irgendwie kann ich nirgendwo in Foren antworten, z.B. beim Meme Event, was übersehe ich denn hier?
    Der Beitrag mit dem Internet Explorer, mit dem man angeblich in Foren posten kann bringt mir nix.##

    Beste Grüße
    • Hallo, dein Forenaccount ist noch nicht freigeschaltet. Bitte gedulde dich etwas bis unsere community managers es freigeschaltet haben. Du merkst es, sobald du einen Rank "Recruit" im Forum neben deinen Namen hast.
  • hey, i jsut downloaded the game, and it looks really fun. But when i try and start it, it says unknown file version data/map_tutorial_1 two times, and then a quit message. i really wanna play the game, so please try and help me
    • Look at your PMs please, I answered you already!
  • Hello!
    I got the message "Ironsight update patch start failed. Please uninstall Ironsight client and install again."
    Do i really have to download the full game with about 5GB again?
    • Sadly there is no other choice for now.. I will send you a message with an alternative and working download method.
  • Hello. I have problem with downloader "Failed to load downloader settings...". I tried everything and still that error. Can you help me? Ps. Sorry for my bad english :)
  • Hello, please i have a problem here my game client is keep saying Not enough Space can't start the download and i have enough space already like 25gb free what is wrong with it??
    • Hmm I will PM you with another download method!
  • your client version is outdated. downloading a full client version. this process may take a long time.

    iron sight update patch start failed.

    please uninstall ironsight client and install again.
    i download this game 2 times already, please send me the link of the files.
  • Ich hoffe du kennst dich damit aus ist Ironsight damit ein bisschen spielbar

    Lenovo ThinkPad X220 - 31.75cm (12.5") TFT 1366x768 Pixel LED - Intel i5-2520M (2x 2.5GHz) 2. Generation Prozessor - Intel HD Graphics 3000 (DirectX 10.1) - 8GB RAM - 320GB HDD - Windows 7 Pro 64Bit (Windows 10 upgradefähig) - Tastaturbeleuchtung - Cardreader - USB 2.0 - WebCam - 4291-FY7Marke: Lenovo
    Betriebssystem: Windows 7 (werde auf Windows 10 umsteigen)
    Bildschirmgröße: 12,5 Zoll Bildschirm
    Festplattengröße: 320 GB Festplatte
    RAM Größe: 8 GB RAM
    CPU Geschwindigkeit: 2x 2,5 GHz CPU
    • Hey, Helix hat dir schon vorhin auf deinem Thread geantwortet. Ich schlage dir vor, ambesten dort weiter zu schauen. :D Ich selber kann dir da leider nicht helfen außer das, was dir Helix schon geraten hat, da ich mich selber damit nicht sehr auskenne.
  • Hey bro how i post the winter drawing in your post?
    • Please read the whole thread and the rules to know what exactly you need to post! Scroll down and you will see a field where you can reply to the thread. :) I would need the ingamename + the drawing as the other people already posted!…nt-x-mas-fan-art-contest/
    • The problem is; i dont see any field dude :/
    • In your post nope
    • Ooh I see it makes sense now. your forum account didn't get approved yet. Please wait until tomorrow, till your forum account got approved from a community manager and then try posting your submission again. I will poke and remind them aswell! Regarding your message on my PMs, there is no picture showing, please make sure you added the direct link to your image properly (and then post all of that on the event thread as reply tomorrow!!) Poke me again tomorrow, if your account is still not approved
  • ​ironsight update patch start failed help me plz​
    • I replied already to your PM
  • im having a problem with the downloader, it says i should re install it again cause an unknown error
    • I will PM you aswell, if you didn't get any solution yet.
  • Hello I have a problem with the game, today at the end of the download try open the game and got an error that said the following:
    Unknown file version (data/map_observatory.wpg)
  • Ironsight update patch failed please help
  • ironsight update patch start failed !!
    • I would highly recommend checking that your Firewall and Antivirus is not blocking any download + make sure your internet connection is stable. Try redownloading the whole game if it wont work and if nothing works, please PM me or message one of us Moderators on Discord. I can't really send you the link to our files (our alternative download method) through the comment section.
  • Hello, i have a problem with launcher.exe it apears the orange logo "Game start" but it remains in grey, and its not extracting or downloading anything
    • Try running the game as Administrator and disable your Antivirus + Firewall to make sure it's not blocking (or put the game under the whitelist). Also make sure you have atleast 10-20gb space
  • Ironsight update patch failed
  • I have getting error Unknown file version data/tutorial map.wpg error after lunching ironsight Plese help me i beg
  • Скачал и установил игру. Но при запуске лаунчера нет кнопки гейм старт, пробовал переустанавливать и перезаливать иргу но итог один и тот же не могу запустить игру потому что не знаю как??? Помогите ПЖ!!!
    • Sorry, I can't understand that. Please write either in english or german. I can only use those both languages.