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  • hello my account was banned due to swearing. I want to remove the ban by stating that it will not happen again
  • Hola me pasa que despues de hacer el conteo final 5.4.3.... antes de comenzar la partida, llega a 1 y se queda trancado ? no me paso nunca algo así y los únicos cambios que hice fueron cambiar de monitor y conectarme por el wifi 😩 nada mas que pueda explicarlo!

    Hi, what happens to me that after making the final count 5.4.3 .... before starting the game, does it reach 1 and get stuck? something like this never happened to me and the only changes I made were to change my monitor and connect to the wifi 😩 nothing else that could explain it!

    Thanks for the help
  • I'm getting Error 30004 when trying to install and not sure what to do.
    uninstalled and reinstalled and continue to get the message. Help!!
  • I don't see where I can PM you on here but the disconnected from server issues mid match for those who have to use a VPN to play even when they shouldn't have to . I know theres a fix !! Port forward works for many but it did not for me.
  • Ironsight error BLACK SCREEN after loading occurring still on 2019 PLS. Fix

    Please help me to this your moderators still didn't tell how to fixed !!! I can't even chat easily your moderators in discord! So annoying
  • My fov resets everytime I login, fix asap please.
  • Can you add an option turn to on and off the new lighting you have added into the game to light the whole map up. If you add this feature, people can turn the lighting off to get more frames per second and have a smoother experience of the game.
  • Hello, I have a problem with the installation of anti cheat by activating the setup installer does not fire
  • Cara oq fazer, ta dando erro toda hora falando que tem que reinstalar o client mas ja fiz isso 4 vezes e agora?
  • HeLLoO bro i have error patch outdate its tell me uninstall the ironsight client and re install it i re install it but its the same error can you help me pleas
  • Help your client version is outdated

    This error is appearing every time I install the game, I have done it five times and the same thing

    I could upload the game in a file by google drive or Mega please
  • Hello im new .,I've recently installed Ironsight so the game does not detect my dedicated GPU.,I tried uninstall,update doesn't work.
    my PC i5 7Gen with dual GPU Intel and AMD game only reads the Intel GPU
  • Hi my internet service needs the game ip to be able to free me to play, because I can only enter the game using a VPN. How do I get the game ip?
  • hello, I beg of you, start blocking cheaters a lot of heap and all alone. the ranks are not small can be seen that hem
  • Hi DPool!!! Good afternoon, my map_downtown.wpg file is corrupted, can you send it to me?
  • i cant download from your page it say ( Access Denied)…ed-files-issue-fail-to-d/
  • i need help please
  • hello I have a problem with a file that is in the folder data of the game called map_downtown if you can pass that file to download it would be great because it is the only problem I have when starting the game
  • Just downloaded Ironsight... the client version outdated? And update patch start failed? pls help
  • hey DP, I'm trying to install the game but when i get to the 2nd item that gets installed ("[2/350] installing: map_downtown.wpg) it somehow freezes. I've tried closing it and starting back up but it gets stuck at the same spot. Tried looking for the uninstall location in files but cant find it. please help!
  • ,i get no enough disc space ,there is 35gb is space please help
  • your client version is outdated. downloading a full client version. this process may take a long time.

    iron sight update patch start failed.

    please uninstall ironsight client and install again.
    i download this game 2 times already, please send me the link of the files.
  • im having a problem with the downloader, it says i should re install it again cause an unknown error
  • ironsight update patch start failed. please uninstall ironsight client and install again: isso esta aparecendo na meu jogo com resolvo
    in this video it appears how to download the game complete the intaladores I could give access to this link that appear in the video thank you .. I speak spanish and gual thanks
  • I get a sign that says I have the launcher outdated and that uninstall and download again please help me.. sorry for my english im argentinian
  • "easy anti cheat unknown file version tbbmalloc.dll"kept getting this after last patch. pls send help
  • plz help, I tried to install the game and it says "not enough disk space" but I have 80 GB of storage available
  • I have re-downloaded, installed, uninstalled, re-installed, and restarted about ten times now. It won't get past the launcher. It keeps saying my client is out of date, and that the patch download failed. Then it just crashes out completely.
  • Hi, I'm new to the game but I can not install it, is there any solution?
    I get this after trying to run the launcher.

    "Ironsight update patch start failed"
    "please uninstall IronSight client and install again"