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  • I know all of those players on the other team and i can guarantee that they were partied. there are not enough players in this game to have an actual matchmaking system. If you dont want to get rekt in every game then i suggest to suck up to Legendary players and play with them, not against them. I do the same thing. i roll around with 2 - 3 other insane players so i dont have to try my hard every game because MOST of the NA players are trash. We dont party together because we dont want to win every game. we party together because we dont want to get 40 - 50 kills solo and still lose. I hope you understand.
    • Yeah, I understand what you're saying but the matchmaking statement just isn't true. 2 very simple things could make team balance so much better, and that is matching parties with higher rank players or other parties and having a pre-match TB system. Basically it takes all the players in the lobby and assigns teams to get to the closest average rank on each team. And it doesn't even have to be any of those. There are so many things that can be done with team balance and matchmaking even with a low player count that won't increase matchmaking times by a noticeable amount.