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  • need help just has already tried everything and what does not help was written off even from your colleagues does not go into the game already on the 4th day I can not go well looked at your port 20111 but it kind of locked up I just have no idea how to unlock it just click start it reboots the processor and then there is no other effect
  • hallo, ich habe eine frage :D
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  • Larekino, tu sais qui je suis ?
    • Salut petit :)
    • Salut :), mais tu m'a reconnu ?
  • *Aboie* Waf waf ! ♥
  • Ahahaha <3 I look up to you alot!
  • The old A.V.A GM is back !:O
    • Heyyyyyyyy! I'm not THAT old!! *bites*
  • Pug or Pleb? That's the question :/
  • btw.. i love your profile picture qq its adorable qq whatever this is qq
    • A porg from Star Wars ;)
    • ehh oqe it's cute anyway :I
    • It is cute indeed! qq It's Larek in the end. Whatever he chooses it's cute QQ ♥
    • ehh... o-o oqe
  • Puuug! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ *hugs*
  • meow!