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  • Is stress-test over?
    • Yes, the stress test is over. Please keep an eye on the discord, facebook, and the forums for updates as to when we will begin the OBT.
    • What's the discord server link?
    • Up at the top of the browser there is a tab that says Discord on it.
  • is the closed beta open
  • Will there be servers for Asian players? If there is then which country it will be located?
    • There will be servers added when the game hits OBT. So I'm sure you will be receiving a better server to play on.
  • Key to play the game please?
    • I no longer have any more keys and the game is about to be turned off.
  • Ill like to get one
  • ​Hi
    Me and a friend wanna try this game, can u give me 2 keys please?
  • hey do you still have a CBT key available for ironsight? i signed up for the CBT on 2 emails but i haven't received a key on either of them. Thanks in advance :)
    • Unfortunately all my keys have gotten claimed.
  • como abaxar o jogo mano