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  • Hi. I wanted to know where I can post my Ideas for the Drone design event and if it is ok to write the description in german?
  • hello my account was banned due to swearing. I want to remove the ban by stating that it will not happen again
  • Hi Firewarrior,

    My AIM FOR THE HEAD COMMUNITY REWARDS PACKAGE seems to be stuck in pending and I haven't gotten any boxes since yesterday. Is there anyway to resend those rewards? My in-game name is Kirny.

  • Hey, FireWarrior,

    I had a question about my bounty rewards. I received three 7d autumn knives, 2 firemonkey boxes, and 2 collection boxes today from the event. I'm missing one more 7d autumn knife, 3 firemonkey boxes and 1 collection box. Is this a mistake or will I get the rest of my rewards by tomorrow? My in-game name is Hiscules.

    • Hi Hiscules,

      those rewards indeed got "stuck" in the system during the sendout. I've re-sent them now and it shows they were delivered, so you should be seeing them in your Storage now.

      Best wishes,
  • Hello! I am sad about a situation. Firstly sorry my english. I detected many cheaters in the game would like to know if the company is moving against them. So many that I searched google just to be sure to know if it was so simple to get cheating and unfortunately there is even tutorial on youtube
    • Hi Becoh! Thank you for coming to me with this issue. As you may know, Ironsight uses Easy Anti-Cheat to prevent cheating/hacking in the game. However, people can of course still slip through the cracks, and new cheats and hacks are being developed every day. Therefore, if you think you've spotted someone using a cheat, or have information about where Ironsight cheats are available online, please send a ticket to our Customer Support:

      Please upload any visual evidence you have, like screenshots or videos, to and include the link(s) in your email. We will then make sure this information also reaches EAC.

      Thanks for helping us keep Ironsight cheat-free! :)
  • I still didn't receive my reward for doing over 150 S&D matches. How long till I get rewards?
    • Hey, sorry for that, there seems to have been an issue with the query we sent to the database. I've sent your rewards just now, please go to your Storage and check.
  • Did over 200 S&D's when do we get the rewards that were promised for completing over 150 matches
    • Hey, sorry for that, there seems to have been an issue with the query we sent to the database. I've sent you your rewards yesterday, have you checked already?
    • Yes thank you I did get the rewards
  • Nabend FireWarrior,
    cool das ich gewonnen habe! Freut mich mega!

    Ich hätte gerne die FireMonkey PP-2000.

    LG vo1dhaX
  • Can you add an option turn to on and off the new lighting you have added into the game to light the whole map up. If you add this feature, people can turn the lighting off to get more frames per second and have a smoother experience of the game.