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  • hi. I posted on another persons wall but saw you were online I keep getting a error that says "unknown file version(data\character_og.wpg)" Do you know how to fix that?
  • your client version is outdated. downloading a full client version. this process may take a long time.

    iron sight update patch start failed.

    please uninstall ironsight client and install again.
    i download this game 2 times already, please send me the link of the files.
  • im having a problem with the downloader, it says i should re install it again cause an unknown error
  • Ironsight update patch failed
  • so I got this error when starting the launcher (ironsight update patch failed) im really lazy right now lots of hours downloading at 0.3 mb/s plz help me with this
  • plz help me plz
  • I get a sign that says I have the launcher outdated and that uninstall and download again please help me.. sorry for my english im argentinian
  • Do you get any rewards for joining Discord?🤔
  • Poof
  • What up! I see that people probably call you a “12 year old autistic weeb” even though that’s stupid but hey your cool. This might seem pathetic but I don’t know to message in threads
  • Good, I want to know some new ones of the new platform since they sent me here the ironsight team for an error you contact me please ... Skype WeazerWuW
  • Hi, i keep getting a timeout error can you help please?
  • Hai <3
  • is there a way for you to approve me or whatever so I can play? @Yuzuriha
  • @Yuzuriha, Hello i've just stumbled into this game. when i saw the gameplay it was great and i really want to play it. so recently i've downloaded the game but it keeps saying that its corrupted, so i tried the manual, but it still says its corrupted. can you help me?
  • hello
  • I c u :D
  • Hi Yuzuriha

    IM new here and im facing some problems would you help me a little bit to give me a boost until i launch the game xd ?
  • bro why i m banned? i m checking AP but i have disconnect from server and System said BANNED?? ? u are sure i m not hacker!!!
  • hi can you send me the whole ironsight folder? auto/manual installaiton doesnt work for me. thanks!
  • Yuzu-nyah such a great posts you get on your wall *kukuku*

    keep up the gud work :3

    Jaa ne~
  • when I launch the Europe server launcher is there an infinite loading and it says time out some problem from you or from me? because in the American server it works.
  • Game its off ?
  • How do i post in forums?
  • hi
    i cant launch ironsight