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  • I need help downloading the game
    • erro: the client version is outdated
    • the same like the other users, please join our official discord and contact me directly. Since your forum account is not enabled, I can't send you a private message
  • I try to launch the downloader but it just starts and crashes, could you please help?
    • hi, I'm sadly not able to send you a private message because your forum account isn't enabled. Can you please join our official discord and send me a message directly?
  • your client is outdated. downloading a full client version. this process may not take a long time and then when i pressed ok it showed me iron sight patch start failed . please uninstall ironsight client and install again . i want to fix it and i'm first time to play the game and i just downloaded today . please help me to fix it because i want to play it so much ... thank you.
    • Hi, you forum account is sadly not yet activated. please join our official discord here and contact me directly
  • Hello,the installer doesent want to launch what can i do?
    • Hi, can you please describe what the issue is? I'm sadly not able to send you a private message. You can also try to contact me on our official discord here
    • i want to open the downloader but then it says that framework 3.5 or something needs to be downloaded and then it fails to download it
    • did you try to download that manually?
    • yeah,but it still fails
    • alright, please join our discord and contact me directly. I'm sadly not able to send you the game client because your forum account isn't yet enabled
  • yo, I'm getting the client is out of date message. could I get some help?
    • I've sent you a pm
  • block cheaters in every battle
  • Hallo Helix, sorry aber ich habe mich versehentlich mein Nickname mit meinem Passwort beim Einloggen verwechselt auf Sem PTS Server. Was kann ich tun? Ändern von mir aus geht wohl nicht. Lieben Gruß Peter
    • Hi Seniorenstift, in diesem fall würde ich eher empfehlen deinen passwort allgemein zu ändern. Ich weiß nicht ob der support das ändern wird, aber vielleicht reicht es wenn du dich bei denen meldest. Aber da eine antwort immer 1-2 tage dauert und man die pts belohnungen nicht verpassen will, empfehler ich eher dein passwort zu ändern
  • Hola, disculpa que moleste de aquí, no puedo dejar un mensaje en el foro...
    Acabo de descargar el juego, y me salen unos errores en unos archivos... ¿me podrías ayudar?
    • Hola, me puedes decir cual archivos dan un problema? Prueba a mandarme un mensaje privado en el nuestro discord aqui
  • Where I can get a way to download the game I wanted to play for a long time and now that I have the opportunity I download the launcher and I get error
    • Which is the error that you get?
    • I can't seem to open up the downloader. It gives me an error message: connection to download server failed. Please check your internet connection and firewall. I've got this issue for a long time and couldn't find a way to fix it. Haven't played in months due to this
    • I've sent you a private message with an alternative download
  • Hello, sorry to bother you, I am new to the game and I absolutely love it. However, my game randomly freezes at times whether its on the main screen or in game and after receiving rewards.

    When I move the cursor around in main screen I can hear the game but the screen is completely frozen and needs to be closed by Alt F4 or task manager.

    I looked around the forum for solution and tried lower resolution/graphics to the lowest and checking for missing drone/weapon repairs. But none solved the issue. I use a cable for internet and I have gtx950m.

    Thank you for your time.
    • is it something that happens on all servers?
    • I had it set on automatic before, then I changed to NA and after idling on the main screen for awhile ~15-20m it froze again.
    • what programs do you have running in the background?
    • I close all background programs and services in the background while I game for the best fps.
    • I have just tried reinstalling but it just froze again at the key binds screen :/
  • Hello, I am having technical problems to open the game, after opening the launcher I am having error d3dx9_43.dll, but my machine has all the dll's installed and it continues giving this error.
    • Hi, please verifiy that your graohic card driver and windows updates are all up to date. You may also try to remove the dll file and then reinstall it
  • My some file is corrupt and i cannot open launcher could u plz give me a rar link.....
  • Please help. I can't finish downloading and updating. Whenever I launch the launcher it shows outdated version and updates but cant start it says Update Patch Failed. Please Uninstall and Download on main site.
  • error (data/map_dam.wpg) corupted files
    • Hi, sadly I'm unable to send you a private message. Please join our official discord server and contact me directly.
  • Freue mich sehr es endlich an zocken zu können, doch leider macht mir da der Installer einen Strich durch meine Rechnung....

    Kurz vor Schluss will Ironsight Dateien von Direct X 9 installieren aber scheitert.

    Klicke ich auf ignorieren passiert nach 10 Minuten das selbe bei einer anderen DX 9 Datei...

    Habe dann mal den Ordner kopiert und extern gestartet leider fehlen dann aber Bilder im Launcher um das Spiel zu starten.

    Ich weiß nicht weiter hoffe jemand hat die eine Lösung die ich brauche ....

    Vielen Dank
    • ich werde dir eine privat nachricht senden für das spiel. lass mich wissen ob es klappt. nvm, sehe gerade, dass ich dich noch nicht schreiben kann. bitte joine unseren offiziellen discord und schreibe mir eine direkt nachricht
  • Hi how are you? Friend I am new in this good game, what happens is that I have a problem with this error when logging in, please I need your help, this is the error that tells me:


    • It sounds to me that the main file of the game isn't up to date or is missing. Where there any issues while installing or did your antivirus react in any way?
    • This installed from my local disk D was installed for an hour, my antivirus did not react when installing game, then should download the game again or is there a separate update?
    • I recommend to redownload it. My apologies, it didn't notice that you replied right after
  • error data/character custom.wpg my friend is getting this error code when trying to load up the game
  • Hey I can’t install the game I try to press next but nothing happens and the file location icon has a red outline i don’t know what to do
    • I've sent you a pm
  • Hello Helix,

    I cannot log into Ironsight, I keep getting an unknown file for "map_mart.wpg". I was wondering if you can help? I'm basing this attempt off of previous threads. Please let me know if I need to go elsewhere.

    thank you,
    • I'll send you a private message
  • helix i tried to message u in discord for theproblem i had and it says you cant send a message to this person untill u r not in his server
    • Please be sure that you joined the official discord. You can also write me your discord name here. Anyway, I noticed that your forum account is enabled. I can write you directly. Do you need the whole game?
    • yes bro just give the game so i can play
  • can you help me with a issue in the game ?
    • sure, please write down what the issue is so that I can help you faster ^^
  • I'm having trouble downloading Ironsight with my 32 bit computer. It wont work at all, I tried the compatibility thing where I change it to Windows Vista and it is still not working.
    • are you the same player that I contacted on discord? let me know if it still occurs
  • hey bro can u help me to directly download ironsight game the downloader for it is not working
    • Hi, like I wrote to hitman, please join our official discord and contact me directly. I'm sadly not able to contact you while your forum accounts aren't verified.
  • Hi,
    I cannot install the game.It says Failed to load downloader settings. Help plz. It is frustating!
    • Hi, please join our official discord here and contact me directly in private message for an alternative download. Sadly, I'm not able to contact you until your forum account has been verified
  • hello ,
    i can't install the game because of net frame work 3.5.
    my widows is 10 64bit
    is there a solution plz.
    • does it say that it's needed to install? did you try to install it manually
    • sure i tried whatever the solution manually , through a CD of windows and i followed so many youtube videos but nothing
    • also i read through my search to solve this problem that when i contact you the only solution is to ask you the files of the game manually if possible .
    • can you join our official discord as well? I'll be able to send you the alternative there
    • i did but whic hroom should i go ?
      and what shoild i do thre
  • Can't seem to download the game.
    could I maybe get the files
    • sure but I'm not able to send you a private message. Can you send me a private on our official discord here?
  • hola como puedo descargar easy anti cheat
    • tienes easy anti cheat en tu carpeta de juego. lo debes solo instalar
  • hola, me podrias ayudar, ya descarge el juego de la pagina, luego lo quiero instalar y solo me el logo de aeria games
    • hola, puedes entrar en el nuestro discord official aqui y me mandas un mensaje privado? Entonces te puedo dar un otro link para descargar el juego.
  • HI you seem to be the man to help me :)
    I can't start the game, after launching the game it ends with the message "Unknown file version data\weapon_etc.wpg".
    • rescue is coming. I'll send you a pm but please enable them so that I can send you the solution or contact me directly on our official discord ^^
    • np pm is active..
      dont have discord yet, but do you need me to be online to solve this?
    • .. and why is that all so secretive, I saw many other ppl to report similar issues and all of them seem to get their solutions via PM and hidden from public access..
    • it's to avoid of fake links cursing around. Looks like I'm sadly not able to write you directly because your forum account isn't yet verified. You can gladly message me quick on discord and then I'll send you the link
  • I need help