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  • Hello, i need other method to download the game plss.
    *The launcher dosen't work :c *
    • Can you please give more details about what doesn't work about the launcher?
  • Hey, can I download the game manually?
    • I'll send you a private message
  • Hey Helix, when I start the game it says "Unkown File Version data\pop_map.wpg" and another wpg file. I read all the threads and some with the download files, but it says I don't have acces to it. Can u send me the link to download by PM? I'll be so gratefull.
    • Will do. I apologize for my late reply
    • im having the same problem
    • Yea same
  • What post did you delete?
    • I do delete few from time to time. I don't remember them all
    • How would you not remember the posts? I have only been a member since November 4th
    • I usually remove stuff when they are entirely off the topic of the main thread or when replies are direct accusations or written in a heavily disrespectful way. It's not quite rare to see that. please bear with us and respect other forum members when they share their opinions ^^
    • Why is it not allowed to swear?
    • Also I’m talking about my posts
  • my ironsight is getting stuck after launching at white screen saying "unknown file version (vehicle.wpg)"
    i have reinstalled it 2 times stilll same problem
    • I believe you're the same player from discord, right?
    • and i think my forum is not yet activated
    • you should be able to open this link. What's the main issue though? you're not able to download the game?
    • I cant either, It says that access is denied. Also whenever I try to install the game it says "failed to load downloader settings". Another menu pops up and says this "Service cant be started at",
    • prntscr.com/lgrpmh this is the pop up i get after
    • I'll send you a message
  • I have a problem with my launcher (prnt.sc/lgmdwo) (prnt.sc/lgmdcv)
    Please help i tried that new launcher but it did not work
    • I'll send you a private message
  • dude can u guys seriously just post it manually so people dont lose their shlt come on whats wrong with
    uploading a gamefolder and not make it public lmao?
    are u guys serious
    • We sadly can't just upload it for internal reasons. Hence why we send it in private message. I'll send it to you too
  • May i download the ironsight manually?The downloader stop working everytime i run it
    • sure, I'll send you a private message
  • Plz give me link only for data folder plz
    • Hi, I'll write you a private message
  • Plz help me two map files from my data folder are corrupted while extraction of game and i am not able to play the game😭
  • I have re-downloaded, installed, uninstalled, re-installed, and restarted about ten times now. It won't get past the launcher. It keeps saying my client is out of date, and that the patch download failed. Then it just crashes out completely.
    • Hi, my apologies for being unreachable. Did another moderator help you out regarding this error?
  • Installer doesn't go past Aeria Games splash screen
    • Hi, I apologize for my late reply. Did you contact another mod for help while I was gone?
    • no
    • Alright, let me send you a private message
  • Hi, can I download the game manually because I have some problem by using installer.
  • Hi, i have a problem with the laucher, cant install the game,
  • My launcher is stuck on the aeria logo! Help please!
    • You mean, it doesn't go further from the loading circle?
    • Yeah it won't do anything after I open it, just keeps loading and nothing. Can't download the game!
    • Ah, you're stuck on downloading. I'll send you something
  • Hi, I was installing the game and then it just stopped. I would like to know how to fix it please!. Thanks
  • Hi, when i try to start the game i get this message,
    Ironsight update patch start failed please uninstall ironsight client and install again.
    i reinstalled the game 10 times and i still get the same message
    pls help bro
    • I'll send you a message. Sry for the late reply
  • I’m new here I just want to say, what are your fav weapons by type
    Sniper: DSR-1
    SMG: P90
    LMG: MK46
    Pistol: DEAGLE
    • I can say that mine is pretty similar except for the lmg I haven't tested each wep yet xD
    • Most lmgs are trash
  • Hello, I'm having a problem with iron sight at the time of entering the game and I can not play, here I leave some images of the problem PD: i download the game from the main page
    Image 1: imgur.com/a/0s1fRmV white loading screen
    Image 2: imgur.com/a/yl2pJSO sesion expired
    • Hi, can you tell me if it occurs on all servers? Did you try to restart your router and if you're connected via wireless to rebuild that connection?
    • Thanks for answering, yes, this happens on all servers,
      I just rebooted the router and there is no solution, I'm connected to the internet via lan.
      Before I could play, but then I stopped playing for 2 weeks and when I entered the game again it was updated and this problem started, I have already tried reinstalling it.
    • Does it work if you run it with vpn? It could be a temporary issue as well
  • time out error :( what should i do
    • Can you please give me more details? When exactly do you get that error?
  • The link you sent me is not opening . It says access denied ive sent u screen shots on private chat please check
  • Hello, can you please resend the links to me when I click on both of them they say that I am not authorized to have access to it please ask the creator to resend the link.
    • I'll check it quick
    • So both of the links are unreachable due to that security measure
    • can you show me a screenshot? they look fine to me
    • Give me a sec
    • Same is happening with me also check ur private chat Helix ive sent u the screenshots
  • HI Helix , I need help with installation of ironsight, every time i download the installer it doesnt give me the next option after i choose my download path . I cannot download the game . I was an active player before and i had to delete the game as i formatted my pc due to some issues now that im trying to download the game it simply wont work.
    I hope u will resolve my query.
    Thanks and Regards,
    • I've been trying to download the game since a few days now and ive tried to download it from all the 3 wi-fi i have , but it wont download only.
    • I'll send you a private message
  • Hello Helix First of all its 2018 I am a very patient person this tripped my wire tho. I downloaded took 6 hours plus installed game error download from rec link. Ok so I did that and again wpg. vehicle error I cant play the game because of a vehicle standing there or whatever it is. I did everything run as administrator downloaded twice two days now struggling 2018 and you cant even make it easy for people with a simple thing like installation. No man what must I do now to fix this. You are probably going to give me a new link again. Can you warn other people about the game issues before they install it. So many unproffesional mistakes basic things. a vehicle ERROR ! are you serious??????? May I please have that link with the installation and patch and then on your launcher edit it to download the game plus patch to avoid other people throwing their keyboards against the wall. Its not your fault I am merely pointing out these problems so that maybe you can fix it and save yourself a lot of trouble in the progress and why do you keep inboxing the link? just paste it here could have saved us from having this conversation
    • The reason I'm passing the link only in private has a ln internal reason sry for that. Do you have the game still installed? I recently created an online folder with all wpg files and the players than can simply replace the one that is broken. I'll send you that link so that you don't have to redownload everything
    • Thank you so much I am a very happy man now yes please send me that link 8 )
    • Got the link just waiting for maintenance thank you for the assistance I hope the first option works! Thanks have a good one
    • you too ^^
    • I tried installing the game 3 times to make it work. Now i have made 3 copies of the game so i don't have to redownload it. One thing everyone should keep in mind is make sure when game is updating your connection won't break. Otherwise it will give a client error.
  • Bro when i play game after some time my ping goes from 170 to 2000+ and player freezes some seconds or minutes later game resumes. I get 60+ fps in game.
    • are you playing wireless by chance? How many times does it occur? Did you also try to restart your router?
    • i play on wireless connection. I play other online games also but this high ping issue is only in ironsight.
    • When i played some first games they were smooth but then this issue started happening.
    • Ironsight is using a different kind of protocoll that may cause these high lag spikes when the connection is a little unstable. It can also be the case that you or other family members in your houshold is downloading or uploading something
    • Then it is not supposed to happen every time i play. In every match this happens.
  • my game wont install can u help me
    • Sure, I'll send you a message
  • Hello, could you send me the updated data / weapon_sw.wpg folder? It would help me a lot :)
    • Sry for the late reply. I will be able to do so when I return from work. Let me know if it's still needed
    • Needs but not my dear, but thank you very much for your attention.
    • In case you change your mind, I can always send you a link to download any wpg file that is needed
  • Good day

    Saw you replied on an existing post in Technical with an issue that I'm experiencing in a similar way. The downloader/installer, after finishing downloads, is just stuck at Extracting 0%.

    If it isn't too much I'd like to request for the manual download link for the client. I also wish to know where the temporary download files are located so I can delete them if necessary (I'm assuming the downloaded file exist somewhere because the installer does allow pausing, and probably not in the same folder it prompted during download since it does ask to be extracted)
    • Hi,
      thr game does download into the folder where you choose to download them. The issue is when you choose to install it i to the same folder but sure. I'll send you an alternative download way
    • Thanks