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  • Error: "Connection to the download server failed. Please check your internet connection and firewall." Could I get a message?
  • Hi, could you send me a link for manual download? Shitty launcher doesn't work from yesterday
  • Please i want the game so bad lol
    • I'll write you a private message
  • Hey bro, i need a manual download link or something, the launcher isnt working fine for me, if you can send me?
  • please help me
    • I'll send you a private message
  • what I saw that I will comment that you have some .wpg files ........... my problem is already downloaded the game several times and disabled the antivirus but I always get the error of an unknown file vehicle.wpg can help me

    sorry my inglish is so bad
  • que tal vi que comentaste que tienes unos archivos .wpg...... mi problema es que ya eh descargado el juego varias veces y eh desactivado el antivirus pero siempre me sale el error de unknow file vehicle.wpg me puede ayudar. :)
  • Hi can u send to me a PM with a folder download link? (vehicle.wpg) This folder is considered as unknown in the game so I can't launch Iron Sight and I don't have enough time to reinstall it again, if you can send the folder link it'd be good, thanks.
  • Can you please send me a PM with an alternative download link? the installer is not even working just a red bar for the path, for the love of god please fix that
    • I've replied you on discord in case you check the forum first
  • ı get ''connection to the download server failed. please check ypur internet connection and firewall'' error. ı turn de anti virus etc. off and its still nt-ot working, can you help me
    • Sure, I'll send you an alternative download method in pm
  • your client version is outdated. downloading a full client version. this process may take a long time.

    iron sight update patch start failed.

    please uninstall ironsight client and install again.
    i download this game 2 times already, please send me the link of the files.
  • Was spielst du so in der "Freizeit"?
    • ich spiele selten mal was anderes aber wenn ich mal zeit habe, spiele ich entweder etwas auf der switch oder ps4. Außer Ironsight bin ich nicht der größte shooter fan ^^
  • hi everyone i cant download this game with ironsight application i must download manuel anyone help me ?
  • ist Ironsight damit ein bisschen spielbar

    Lenovo ThinkPad X220 - 31.75cm (12.5") TFT 1366x768 Pixel LED - Intel i5-2520M (2x 2.5GHz) 2. Generation Prozessor - Intel HD Graphics 3000 (DirectX 10.1) - 8GB RAM - 320GB HDD - Windows 7 Pro 64Bit (Windows 10 upgradefähig) - Tastaturbeleuchtung - Cardreader - USB 2.0 - WebCam - 4291-FY7Marke: Lenovo
    Betriebssystem: Windows 7 (werde auf Windows 10 umsteigen)
    Bildschirmgröße: 12,5 Zoll Bildschirm
    Festplattengröße: 320 GB Festplatte
    RAM Größe: 8 GB RAM
    CPU Geschwindigkeit: 2x 2,5 GHz CPU
  • hey , i tried downloading the game but the exe file gives a "connection to the download server failed , please check your internet connection or firewall "
    i checked my anti virus firewall and it was allowed.
    • I'll send you a private message
    • hi, ı have the same problem can you send me too?
  • Hello I have a problem, when launching the game, a window tells me character custom.wpg, I started to review a bit and some files that are in the "data" folder have no value in KB, in total they would be 3
    character custom.wpg

    Can you help me with those files?
    Thank you
    • I'll send you a private message
  • Sent you a PM , The installation is not in 64 bit, the game is only running in 32. W10-64bit /Amd,A12-9720P 3.60Ghz / AMD radeon RX540, 8gb memory ddr4.
  • im having a problem with the downloader, it says i should re install it again cause an unknown error
    • I'll send you a pm
  • Hi, i cant install the game because of a error in the downloader
    • I'll send you a message
  • hello i need the setup.exe for the manual download i have limited net which is why i can,t download the full game if you can provide me with the new manual download link that would be great too
    • I believe you were helped by Vanilla already, right? sry for having delayed my answer
  • Hi, i have a little problem the launcher says connection error please check your internet or firewall and it's all ok i don't know what else to do, i would love some help please
    • And i can't download the game because of that
    • I'll send you a message
  • Hi there,
    I cant press 'next' on the downloader it doesnt do anything, can u help me?
    • I'll send you a pm
  • Hi, can you help me when I want to enter the game? Data / vehicle.wpg comes out and afterwards, it takes me out of the game. What do I do? I already tried to reprint the game but it does not work for me :(
    • I'll send you something
  • Hello there....
    I've looking forward to play this game but can't . My game installs correctly but problem arises when the launcher opens.The files do not get extracted and I can't play the game.Can u please send me a google drive or some other link to all the required file for the game??
    Thanks man...I look forward to ur reply
  • Hello, i saw you helped other person with the Data/airport.wpg problem. Can you help me?
  • Merhaba Helix. Ben oyuna yeni başlayacak bir türk oyuncuyum lakin oyunu indirdikten sonra id şifre yazdıktan sonra vehicle... hatası alıyorum ve oyun quit mesajı veriyor yardımcı olabilirsen çok sevinirim.
    • vehicle.wpg Problem.
    • Hi, sadly I don't know english but I might have understood your problem
  • Hi, when i log into the game .. it says data/ani.wpg, can u help me ?
  • Hello, I have a problem with installer of your game. I click "next" but nothing happens. Can you help me?
    • Will send you a pm
  • Hey,my downloader cant start,its say "Gamigo downloader has stopped working",Can u send the gdrive link for
    the game files
  • Hello, i have a problem with "Failed to load downloader settings", Do you know how to fix it?
    • I'll send you a pm