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  • Hi i have a little problem with the downloader. It says : input string was not in correct format . And Failed to load downloader settings. Can u please help me?
    • Hi, check my reply to itsmastervfx right below your comment
  • hey man im having a problem where i try to install ironsight but i cant get passed the directory screen. the directory box is always red and i cant press next even if i change the directory path. is there a way where i can install the game manually?
    • Hi,

      1. Download the game files through the alternative download link:
      2. Extract files from the .zip archive with the File Explorer Extractor or an external tool such as 7zip or Winrar.
      3. Run as administrator launcher.exe (right click > Run as administrator)
      4. Enjoy!
    • thanks!
  • ليه تم حزف pogpa and 4get_here لو سمحتوووو افتحو من جديد
    • Hi, I sadly don't understand what you wrote
  • Can you add an option turn to on and off the new lighting you have added into the game to light the whole map up. If you add this feature, people can turn the lighting off to get more frames per second and have a smoother experience of the game.
    • Hi, we have forwarded this feedback but we don't know, if the developers plan to implement it
  • Can I still connect my Aeria games account on Steam?? its really hard to grind so I was wondering if I could still use the old one.
  • it wont let me download the game everytime i try it just stays initialising and it stays stuck like that ive tried to use the thread you made to help fix the problem but i dont have access to it
  • I have a problem with the download. when I start the game tells me that the version is obsolete
  • Hi i dont know how to post on forum but i have problem starting game. I need help, I have 3 crash zip files for you to check when you can.
  • Hi, ich mal wieder, ständig muss ich das Game neu installieren da Fehler "unbekannte Dateiversion". Und das obwohl weder ein Update gekommen ist noch sonst was geändert wurde. Das ist echt total nervig, vor allem wenn es eine halbe Stunde vorher noch völlig Fehlerfrei lief........jemand ne andere Lösung als neu zu installieren????
  • hi helix . thanks for helping me to download the game . i got one another problem . the game doesnt use the full internet speed and i got mega ultra high ping ^^ . please help me
    • Hi, please check that you're joining the right server. It might be that you'll have to forward the game ports on your router, if it happens after joining the right server
    • can u tell me how to do it plz
    • for the how to, find out the router model that you have and search it on google. it sometimes differs. and these are the ports:
      patch - 20111
      login - 28000
      channel - 28101
      game - 28201

      I'll gladly check afterwards, if they have been forwarded correctly
  • What is this, Helix?
    • That error usually means that microsoft visual c++ (I guess the 2010 one) isn't installed and causes that error
    • Fix it many time, C++2010, 2012, 2015, 2017... not work
    • can you find that file in your system32 directory?
  • Hi, habe auch das Problem mit nicht startendem Game. Alternativen Download link würde ich daher auch gerne nehmen. Vielen Dank im Vorraus.......

    Achso bei mir ist es die engine.wpg mit 0kb

    Hat sich erledigt, geht wieder juhu
  • Please help me when i start the game after log-in, the banner show up and then nothing happens. Running out of options here.
    • Hi, can you tell me if you have any wpg files that are 0kb big in your game directory in data?
    • yeah 3 of them are in the "data" Folder in the directory. Why?
    • Those files are broken because they don't have the actual size. I'll send you a direct message with the files to replace them
  • hi, i cant start the game because it tells me "the client is outdated". Im happy if you could help me <3.
  • Hi. I can't start the game because it tells me "the client is outdated".
  • Hi. can you send me an alternative link download?
  • Hey ist es vielleicht möglich mir eine Alternativen download link zur Verfügung zu stellen, da ich über euren launcher keine Festplatte auswählen kann und der path auch beim Orginalen rot bleibt und ich nicht auf "Weiter" klicken kann ?
  • Hi, Can you send me an alternative dowload link for the game? When I enter the game a sign appears that says "client not downloaded"
  • Hey my client keeps telling me to reinstall everytime i load the game, idk whats going on but ive been trying for 2 days
  • can you please send me an alternative download link for the game ? . because when i try to download it i get (value cannot be null) and another words ... help me please :(
  • I have the same Error: your client version is outdated. downloading a full client version. this process may take a long time.
    iron sight update patch start failed.
    please uninstall ironsight client and install again.
    I’m also having this problem and have reinstalled the game three times
    • I'll send you a pm
  • Hey Helix sorry to bother but im having an issue with getting the launcher to run the game after all the installation that happends with the launcher and after i usally press start game it just sits at the launcher screen.
    • Is it still trying to patch?
    • no it completes both downloads and then stays at the launcher screen
    • Then please try to reset your internet explorer settings: open internet explorer > internet options > advanced > reset.. > tick the checkbox to delete personal information > reset
  • Hi Helix, sorry for bother.
    I have 2 problems with IS launcher:
    1.- I was like 1 week or a bit less without connecting after the last update if my memory dont fail me (sorry my english). And when im going to connect, this errors appears....
    2.- I delete all the cfg file on the "ini" folder and 2 .cfg files on the main folder to try repair them with the launcher like steam or other games that allow the user repair files, but obviously not happens...
    So, my point with this message is cuz idk how to post on forums, dont know why i got that error on launcher that doesnt allow me to play and if you can send me those files to recover the launcher.

    Thank you in advance.
    • I can send you the full game again just in case but that currently looks like an internet issue from your location. are you able to open any game site of aeriagames?
    • No i can't enter,
      I can enter here but when i hit login the window that pop up to login shows me the same error as the launcher.
      I try with vpn for an region block, i can enter with vpn, but it's not region blocked because i ask a friend if he can enter and he can,
    • then it sounds like your provider specifically is having issues with the aeriagames servers in germany. Unless they are already aware, I would call them directly about it
    • Thanks! I appreciate your attention and help!
    • you're welcome ^^
  • Hey, tried to download the game but its not extracting files. ive tried to download the launcher several time but it wouldnt launch.
    • I'll send you a pm with an alternative
  • Hey , I asked you for ironsight some months ago. Now I heard about the new update and tried to install it (phoniex update) , it just firstly did not extract , then I enabled some options in explorer. It says your "client version is outdated. downloading a full client version . this may take a long time." Can you please pm with the latest game version ?
  • hello when I install the game from the site the download from the program starts but it stops at 95% how can I solve I tried to re-download it but it gives me the same problem thanks
  • Kann mir jemand helfen, ich habe das spiel nochmal neu gedownloadet aber da steht immer noch das, dass spiel unvollständig ist. Würde mich freuen falls mir jemand helfen könnte. danke schonmal
    • Habe ich geantwortet
  • Hello. I just made an account but I don't seem to be able to make a post. Anyways, I just wanted access to this link:…ed-files-issue-fail-to-d/
    so I could install the game, as I am having issues installing the game the normal way and this link seems to offer the solution, yet I keep getting "access denied" when i try to open it.
    • Hi tygriis,
      that forum link is not available anymore and that's why you get that error. I'll send younan alternative download in private message
  • Hello there! I sent two tickets for the suport and even anwser me like always, can u help me?
    • Ho Shinopwn,
      moderators can't help if it's about ticket replies in any way. A reply can be discussed only via the same ticket
  • If you have time