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  • Hello I wanted to ask if the game was completely closed I had an account last year and for PC reasons I had to desistalar the game, now I want to play again because it was a game that I frame a little my childhood and does not leave me download it, I know I can not post a topic like this here but I need help
    • no, the game is still up and running. I'll send you a private message on how you can download the game
  • Hola, quería preguntar si el juego estaba completamente cerrado. Tenía una cuenta el año pasado y, por razones de PC, tuve que desistalar el juego. Ahora quiero volver a jugar porque fue un juego que encuadre un poco en mi infancia y no me voy. Lo descargo, sé que no puedo publicar un tema como este aquí, pero necesito ayuda.
  • Hey!!Can I please get a google drive link for the latest version of the game?? ThankYou!!
  • Hello! I am getting a client error when I try to start my game. It says the client is outdated and it needs to download a new one. Then it says the update patch start failed.
    • I'll send you a message
  • Hi, I have a problem with starting the game. I downloaded it, installed it, there was some extraction and I think directX installation after that, now when I open the launcher I get orangeish play button and after that nothing happens.
    • Is it like you press game start but it doesn't react? Does the launcher look like it's patching?
      and after I press start
      just like this
    • Then please do the following: open internet explorer > internet options > advanced > scroll down to security > enable all TLS options and SSL 3.0
  • Please help, i cant active my account to write the message
    • Hi Karin, forum accounts are enabled manually by community managers. Let me know if this still isn't the case for you and you still can't comment or write a thread
    • It's done now, thks Helix!
    • Glad to hear it ^^
  • Hi, i've a problem with the client outdated, can you help me?
  • Hi i have a trouble starting the game when i click game start then download status and file extraction is already done nothing happens I can't play the game please help
    • Hi, please try to reset your internet explorer settings. Open internet explorer > internet options > advanced > reset > tick the checkbox to delete all personal information > reset > still in the advanced tab, enable all TLS options and SSL 3.0
    • Hey now I have a new problem it's says that my client is outdated so that means i have to reinstall the game again in order to play it?
    • Hey now I have a new problem it's says that my client is outdated so that means i have to reinstall the game again in order to play it?
    • Yes sadly. I'll send you a private message though where it is already patched. Like that you won't receive that error again while installing
  • Hello, in the game the event 0/120000 points even count, always zero points, mean i dont win the title
    • This is currently a known issue that the developers are working on. Please report any bugs here directly
      Once we know more regarding this topic, we will publish additional news
  • HeLLoO bro i have error patch outdate its tell me uninstall the ironsight client and re install it i re install it but its the same error can you help me pleas
    • replied on discord
  • Hi, I'm getting the outdated client error as well. Appreciate if you could provide a solution to it. Thank you
    • I'll send you a private message
  • Im new to the game and forums so i cant post anything. Im getting the outdated client error as well and have reinstalled 5 times now. And suggestions?
    • I'll send you a private message about that
  • I am also having a problem with the latest update with Your client version is outdated, Iron Site update patch start failed please uninstall and reinstall client again. I´ve been having this issue since october now, sometimes when I redownload it doesnt work. Is there a permanent solution? thanks in advance :)
  • please help tried downloading the game for the first time aeria games icon comes out and then disappears
    • Will send you a pm
  • I have a problem with this latest update.
    "Your client version is outdated, Iron Site update patch start failed please uninstall and reinstall client again. "
    I tried but it didn't work.
    Can you help me? Thank you.
    • Hi, I'll send you a private message
  • [19/05/12 10:23:01] [ERROR] failed to load bank (sound\farm.fsb
    • After reinstalling im still getting the error
    • The game is still currently in maintenance. When do you get this error?
    • I saw below in a different comment that you have an issue with a file. Do you have that file?
  • Hey Helix i had to delete ironsight because it wouldnt launch and i now tried redownloading it and it says files corrupt error, andy fixes for that?
    • The game is currently in maintenance and hence won't run. We estimate that the game will run around 7pm cest time. Regarding the broken files, I'll send you a pm
  • Hello helix when i download the launcher from website. and Launch the launcher it says that connection to download server failed. It dose not even launch or download anything.Ive tried disabling the anti virus and firewall it still dosent work ive tried the internet explorer method and it dosent work so please help me out.
    Maybe you can send me manual download link ive seen my friends use that .
    • Replied on discord
    • failed to load bank (sound\farm.fsb)
  • Hey helix ive seen you've helped a few ppl out with this error im getting
    Unknown file (data\sound_level.wpg) can you help me
    • I'll send you a pm
  • Hi,
    ich habe Probleme beim Loader download,es bleibt einfach bei 78_79 stehn und läd nicht weiter...wo ist das Problem und was kann ich tun?
    • Hi, öffne internet explorer > internetoptionen > erweitert > reset.. > setze den haken auf alle persönlichen einstellungen löschen > reset
  • Your client version is outdated, Iron Site update patch start failed please uninstall and reinstall client again.

    I've installed it about four times now, nothings working, please help, thanks
    • I've sent you a pm
  • Please??
    • Sure, I'll send you a private message
  • my downloader have problems can you please give me a link for installtion files Please??
  • Installed on a Windows 7 PC. Getting the "Unknown file version (data\ani.wpg)" message interrupting the launch. Is there a solution?

    • There's an easy solution to that but you need to redownload that file only and place it in your game directory. Join our official discord and I'll be able to send you that file directly.
    • I'm joined. I'm Adooooo #8375
      Can you just provide a link to where I can download the file?
    • I can't do that in public sadly but I'll message you now. Edit, I can't find you on discord. Try to message me directly when you see me online or another mod
  • Hi, every time I finish a game, it goes back in the main menu, but in windowed mode (even if in the options it says fullscreen)... I don't know what to do... Searched in the forum
    • Do you click on continue and then it throws you to the main menu? Did you maybe edit any ini files?
    • When I click continue, it throws me on windowed mode and on an automatic automatic match search, but if I click ESC (close), it it stills throws me windowed mode but in the main menu. I didn't edit any files
    • what do you see if you check the ini files? does it show windowed?
    • Fixed it, thank you
    • you're welcome ^^
  • Hey, I'm receiving an error dialogue box stating "Unknow file version (data\map_tutorial_01.wpg)" when I start the game. Can you please help?
    • I've sent you a private message
    • Hi, can you please tell me what is the error message that you receive?
  • hello I am trying to download ironsight and when I do it keeps telling me that the clent needs updating and when try to fix it it says update patch start failed I have redownloaded this multiple times and I don't know what to do please help
    • hi, I wanted to offer you and alternative download method with the game already patched but your forum account is note yet enabled. Please join our official discord and contact me directly to receive the link
  • Hello im new .,I've recently installed Ironsight so the game does not detect my dedicated GPU.,I tried uninstall,update doesn't work.
    my PC i5 7Gen with dual GPU Intel and AMD game only reads the Intel GPU
    • do you have an amd control panel where you say that Ironsight has to run on highest performance? Also verify that your energy settings are set to use the highest performance as well
    • I have AMD control panel and yes game is set to Highest performance also power settings.
    • Is it the case only for ironsight? with how many fps are you currently playing?
  • Hello, I wanna make a post on the forums regarding a disconnection issue , but I can't seem to. Help?
    • My discord is ZiREAe7#6863 btw if you wanna talk that way
    • your forum account has to be approved by a community manager. this will occur on monday. You can also contact me directly from our official discord regarding this issue. Though, please share more details about this error and what have you tried so far?
    • NVM I got it to work but the problem is I get around 350 ping ingame and sometimes spikes all the way upto 600. I have a stable 100mbps internet and I get around 150 ping on EU servers on most other games except IronSight. It kinda is super fun but 50% of the times my shots don't hit and I end up getting absolutely rekt by players who have better ping. Any help is appreciated thanks!
    • where are you from? higher pings are sadly common if you're playing from further away. It can also be that the current netcode need more improvements, which are planned as well
    • Am from Southern-India.Any news on asian servers will be appreciated , thanks!