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  • Can you add an option turn to on and off the new lighting you have added into the game to light the whole map up. If you add this feature, people can turn the lighting off to get more frames per second and have a smoother experience of the game.
  • I bought my daughter 600 ap it shows it on the web site but not in game. Please fix.
  • Hi ich wollte mal fragen was den zu Zeit los ist. Ich sitze sehr off mehr als Fünf Minuten vorm Monitor und warte das ich mal Spielen kann, wenn ich nicht vorher wegen einem System Fehler aus der Warteschlange fliege.


  • hola queria preguntar si el juego ya está cerro por completo yo tenia una cuenta el año pasado y por motivos de pc tuve que desistalar el juego, ahora quiero volver a jugarlo por que fue un juego que me marco mi infancia y no me deja ¿Cómo se puede descargar?

    Hello I wanted to ask if the game was completely closed I had an account last year and for PC reasons I had to desistalar the game, now I want to play again because it was a game that I frame a little my childhood and does not leave me download it, I know I can not post a topic like this here but I need help
  • block cheaters in every battle
  • hello, I beg of you, start blocking cheaters a lot of heap and all alone. the ranks are not small can be seen that hem
  • i would like to ask help i cant download or update the game:(
    Error: your client version is outdated. downloading a full client version. this process may take a long time.

    iron sight update patch start failed.

    please uninstall ironsight client and install again.
  • ola eu nao estou conseguindo acessar o jogo pois diz que o meu email nao foi verificado mas quando eu eu faço login aqui da certo me ajude desde de ja agradeço
  • hey anyone please help me guys...when i login with my account...the game is open and its just loading and loading at last its say time out...i am from bangladesh..i am playing this game from 3 month..can you guys tell me is that ironsight ban in bangladesh..
    hello....please help me...when i login my account.the game is open and its just loading and loading at last its say time out..i am facing this problem from 1 week..
    i reinstall the game..open a new account..but the same result again and again
  • Worgooo ! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Hi, three days ago I bought a package but unfortunately I did not find anything on my account. Can you please help me? I sent support and screenshots but without a response :( thank you in advance Ales
  • Hello. Can you help me?
  • Hey man, can't seem to post a forum, says my account was denied? So I'm just going to leave my thoughts with you : I have been using the DSR only since I got the game and been enjoying the game a lot. When I looked through the attachments I was so pleased to see such a variety of choices but unfortunately my excitement was soon flattened because expanded magazine and hair trigger are not available on the DSR for some reason? I think it would add a lot more variety to sniping and a lot more fun for the snipers out there by making these 2 attachments available, at the very least, make the expanded mag available please, much love and great job on the game so far!
  • Contact the developers they need to know that after installing the update on April 25, 2018, threw out the game with the message "the connection with the server is broken" when trying to re-enter the launcher game (does not respond) !! I play the server of the euro from the territory of Ukraine.
  • Hey Worgoroth, I'm not sure if I should talk to you about this but I need help. I bought the CX-50 sniper and after a delay it timed out. So, I clicked purchase again, and it timed out again. Then I gave up but later looked in my inventory and had two CX-50 snipers. I guess even though it said timed out it made the purchase. Is there any way I can get 20,000 gold back for the second one? Thanks, bud. Sorry if I contacted the wrong person :(