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  • hello my account was banned due to swearing. I want to remove the ban by stating that it will not happen again
  • Can you add an option turn to on and off the new lighting you have added into the game to light the whole map up. If you add this feature, people can turn the lighting off to get more frames per second and have a smoother experience of the game.
  • juliastorm. here another day to reach out

    1 i like to see the game go back to the old days when we could use any drone we want​ in any load out use

    2 i feel it would be nice if the devs would hire hackers to fix the hacking / i know this is gonna go sideways but i sayd it...

    3 give us map_riverside​ map_tower​ map_broadcast​ map_hide​ map_observatory​ map_apartment electric ammo​ faster running speed

    better aim control all these nice things would be awesome

    4 i know this is gonna hit the roof here we go gaming is about wining and losing​ gamers boasting about there kdr teabaging and making others rage (and i like to say i do myself rage and give up) but i pick myself up and put it behind me i understand you want to make the game fair draw in more players have a more pleasurable gaming experience but

    lets face it war is war and its raw

    5 the game to me from watching old video from the korean days of the game awesome awesome awesome
    6 speaking about drones they should be in 1 catagory so you can have the best of both worlds
    • if you really gonna make the changes to drones to make all cry babes happy then i m gonna cry about the sniper guns they must go all of them make me happy
  • howwww
    pls i want tio post something
  • how do i post on feedback :/
  • Download ironsight downloader thru the official website, after downloading (5gb) and installing the game.

    The ironsight Launcher update patch stops at patch 80 and tells me "Your client version is outdated. Download a full client version. This process may take a long time.", Which i did for like three times now, it still give me outdated client version.

    help me
  • Hi ich wollte mal fragen was den zu Zeit los ist. Ich sitze sehr off mehr als Fünf Minuten vorm Monitor und warte das ich mal Spielen kann, wenn ich nicht vorher wegen einem System Fehler aus der Warteschlange fliege.


  • hola queria preguntar si el juego ya está cerro por completo yo tenia una cuenta el año pasado y por motivos de pc tuve que desistalar el juego, ahora quiero volver a jugarlo por que fue un juego que me marco mi infancia y no me deja ¿Cómo se puede descargar?
  • Hey been AP banned for 4 days now tickets havent responded to... what else can i do?
  • iron sight update patch start failed please why this happend? and how to solve this problem
  • block cheaters in every battle
  • block cheaters in every battle
  • hello, I beg of you, start blocking cheaters a lot of heap and all alone. the ranks are not small can be seen that hem
  • how do i post in the thread for your signature? i spent a lot of time on it and i cant seem to upload it
  • Your dead to us at S4 League.