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  • For Aug 19th Tournament.

    Team - GGWP

    Player1: Shompy
    Player2: SiilverTK
    Player3: SovereignHTH
    Player4: Nikksenpai
    Player5: holylogic

    Player6(sub): coolbreezes2n

    Discord: Shompy#1003
  • For Aug 19th Tournament. Wasn't sure where to post this kinda new :)

    Team: zSilence

    Player1: Redkroft
    Player2: OgSherif
    Player3: B4UShout
    Player4: Raizah
    Player5: Archaeologically

    Discord: Redkroft#9130
  • For Aug 19th Tournament. I could not reply on the post you made. Message me on discord if you want me to reply on the other post.

    Team: Dragneel

    Player 1: RockerOG
    Player 2: I. [Eye (I), then a Dot]
    Player 3: Hyhnx
    Player 4: visionzz12
    Player 5: jacobey

    Sub 1: vote

    Sub 2: celcrium

    Captain Discord Tag: rockerog#7787
    • Nope , this is fine! i'll add you guys to tournament
  • Team: ExaltyFR
    Player 1 SiilverTK
    Player 2 DistorsionNowZeR
    Player 3 iBumpBack
    Player 4 TwitchTvWixzaPL
    Player 5 fasn

    CAPTAIN DISCORD / Exalty SiilverTK#2938
    • Sorry my man, brackets were posted a while ago. Reg is closed today, we'll have another one soon no doubt. Try scrimming some of the teams that drop out of the tournament if you're looking to do something
  • messed up format my B lol
  • TEAM: xNova
    Player 1 Confluency
    Player 2 Boneyardz Player 3 TTV.SILVER.FPS Player 4 _Goofy_ Player 5 xR3con

    SUB 1 TTurt
    SUB 2 xVipeRx

    CAPTAIN DISCORD TAG: Confluency#7703
    • I have to change the date to Sunday as I just found out I won't be here on Saturday. Hope you guys can still make it..
  • Team: D00MeSports
    Player 1 Shifty
    Player 2 Outlaw
    Player 3 Caszper
    Player 4 StayCranked
    Player 5 Shmong

    Sub 1 LFR

    Sub 2 T_Nick

    Captain Discord Tag Outlaw#9068 Or Shifty#5408
    • i'll register you then, thanks :D
    • I've changed the date to Sunday at 2:00 PM EST...sorry about that. Hope you can still make it