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  • Not into random insults but if you'd like to play online, feel free to dm me your ID and I'd be happy to party with you.
    • I do not play with wannabe tryhards lol get a real life instead of "winning and getting a good kda that makes you happy" ahahahhaahaha I can't stop laughing at you, for real bro!! thank you for this free fun you gave me!!
    • *sigh
      Feels bad when all I wanted to offer was a helping hand
    • It's amazing how much are you salty, so salty to make new accounts just to try to disturb me ahahaha I'm laughing so hard bro, thank you for real!!!!
    • .-. I get you're delusional but why would I need to make a new account?
      I'm sorry but there's no way you're important enough for that.
    • Poor virgin