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  • hey anyone please help me guys...when i login with my account...the game is open and its just loading and loading at last its say time out...i am from bangladesh..i am playing this game from 3 month..can you guys tell me is that ironsight ban in bangladesh..
    hello....please help me...when i login my account.the game is open and its just loading and loading at last its say time out..i am facing this problem from 1 week..
    i reinstall the a new account..but the same result again and again
  • Hey man, can't seem to post a forum, says my account was denied? So I'm just going to leave my thoughts with you : I have been using the DSR only since I got the game and been enjoying the game a lot. When I looked through the attachments I was so pleased to see such a variety of choices but unfortunately my excitement was soon flattened because expanded magazine and hair trigger are not available on the DSR for some reason? I think it would add a lot more variety to sniping and a lot more fun for the snipers out there by making these 2 attachments available, at the very least, make the expanded mag available please, much love and great job on the game so far!
    • Thanks for the feedback riskky98! Please try and register again, it seems there was a mistake with your forum account. Cheers!
  • Mais tu étais pas partis chez ubi toi?
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