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  • I'm back after not even touching ironsight in probably forever... (hate to say it but racing games have got to me...)

    but i'm back... the person loved and simultaniously despised by everyone. so hi.
  • I love people who lack basic observation skills. it's soooooo great having to deal with them... will i personally admit to being unobservant at times? yes. AT TIMES! not every waking bloody second of every single bloody day i swear if i have to break a single paragraph into three more paragaphs i will forking strangle someone...
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  • "Iron sights a realistic game" - someone

    "ironsights is an arcade shooter like cod that simply uses real life weapons it isn't realistic in the slightest and anyone who says it's realistic ether hasn't played the game or hasn't done any research on modern day combat." - mike
  • The fact that a moderator and community manager are now labled as profile visitors makes me feel amazed and horrifed at the same time. it's great XD
  • I have a feeling that anyone who actually reads my forum posts / suggestion forums is going to look at me like i'm criminally insane until they actually start reading them which will probably be before they go "wait this bloody lad knows so much about this game despite being a rookie." to which i say "Growing up on the halo series and Cod Games usually results in one knowing how weapons work as well as what can hurt and what can improve a game." that being said i'm not skilled in game design nor programing but what i do know is that such things take time and skill even with a large team that also being said if you're a triple A developer and your team is so large it has sub-studios then development time shouldn't take fifty years and end in a steaming pile of rubbish. that also being said iron-sights has it's flaws but it is also still a beta and it's free to play. when compared to other free to play beta's this game could be a LOT worse.
  • So anyone know how to make a thread over 10'000 characters long and post it?