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  • hi, when I open my game, after displaying the logos, it opens a loading screen and does not exit it, until a message appears saying "Time out", I have reinstalled several times, I have deactivated the firewall and the antivirus .. you can tell me what I could do or try to fix it?

    I tried all the servers and already created another account but without success ...

    Thanks in advance!
    • Can you try opening these ports on your router?

      patch - 20111
      login - 28000
      channel - 28101
      game - 28201
    • Do you have any tutorials on how to do this? I tried something like this but I did not succeed because I did not know how to do it
    • worked after the internet '' fall '' and return after 1 minute, I do not know if it was the provider that solved it or something, but thanks for the help!
  • This cat its mine. :)
  • Hai <3
    • Hello <3
    • I've been waiting for my forum account to be approved. Are you able to approve it please?
    • Seems you are already approved :)
  • Skal vi mødes i københavn over en kop kaffe?
  • spacekitty I was watching with you on my ping, asking for help on the stand and I was banished from the discord! why banned?
    • Hi, you got banned by a community manager for using inappropriate language on discord.
    • I do not know, I use a translator, sometimes the translator did not express me firmly
    • but okay, unfortunately I think with this is a stop for me! thanks for listening
    • No worries dud. Theyll ban for innaprobiate language on a game thats not supposed to have kids downloading it. The logic is fucked up.
    • ReD, I'm sorry I forgot inform you: You have been unbanned. The ban only lasted 24 hours, but I didn't know that at the time. You should be able to join again at any time!
  • Hello my friend how are you?
    Well ... I'm adm from a Facebook group in Brazil with more than 2 thousand members and we are suffering with the high ping, we received installation information from the server SA this month August / 2018, however we did not receive any more news of the same , could you kindly clarify in a little more detail how this installation is going or if it really will happen?
    • Hello there, Nah_Muringah!
      The SA server will most likely be done this month, but we have no ETAs!
  • <3
  • Hello, will the SA server arrive in August?
    • There are currently no ETA, but hopefully yes it will :) We would be really unlucky if the servers were down for that long anyway.