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  • Bonsoir . Comment faire pour vous contacter en MP
    • Bonsoir, veuillez m'excuser, je n'ai pas vu votre commentaire à temps.
      Discord est bel et bien le moyen le plus simple de me contacter.
  • <3
  • bonjour je suis nouveau sur le jeu et je rencontre un probleme.
    il ce trouve que a chaque game au bout de quelques minutes je me retrouve avec le message suivant ( deconnexion du serveur) et meme si je reste dans le menu cela me fait pareil.
    sauriez vous me dire d'où cela peut provenir et comment regler mon probleme ?
    merci d'avance pour votre retour.
    bien cordialement.
  • Can you add an option turn to on and off the new lighting you have added into the game to light the whole map up. If you add this feature, people can turn the lighting off to get more frames per second and have a smoother experience of the game.
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  • what's up blue dream, idk if you'd be able to help me but I already contacted EAC but they said my error code 30005 Failed to create file with 32/ Failed Createfile 32 is caused from the game crashing not their program, but when I restart the computer the EAC thats in the main directory of the program files (86x) is corrupted or something, anytime try to delete to to go into the game directory to repair/reinstall the eac software it works from the game directory but not the program files 86x and EAC said it was a result of the game crashing but I think they're wrong. Lmao. Because like I said their EAC_Setup works but the EAC it creates doesn't repair the game without it giving me the error CreateFile Failed with 32. Everything I've seen on fixing it doesn't work the problem just persists and I think it's funny that eac can't help when it's their program crashing my game, because any game with EAC crashes.
    • Now I'm here because they said it was the game that caused it and they can't help because the game still starts. I can fwrd the email to you and I would have been ahead and sent yall a process list but for some reason process monitor won't open on my PC, it doesn't even try to.
    • Hey, let's do all of this one last time. Can you try to completely uninstall Ironsight and uninstall the EAC you have in Program Files (x86), then download again the game. When download finished try to launch again the game and if this CreateFile Failed with 32 shows up again, just reboot your computer. When you have done it just tell me if it's good or not :)

      By the way, if you want me to reply more quickly don't hesitate to send me a DM on discord (BlueDreamer#9837)
      And join our official Discord if you didn't already done it here :
  • your client version is outdated. downloading a full client version. this process may take a long time.

    iron sight update patch start failed.

    please uninstall ironsight client and install again.
    i download this game 2 times already, please send me the link of the files.
  • im having a problem with the downloader, it says i should re install it again cause an unknown errorr
  • First comment :D