A Merc’s Story


We knew it was coming, but we took our stand. Humanity has to survive. We saw the shadow of what was about to fall over us; we could almost taste the salt of the water. I don’t understand oil rigs, refineries, resources, and numbers, but I understand life and death. I understand powered armor, the edge of my knife, and napalm. I know about rifles and shotguns, strategic points to shoot heads and choosing the best iron sight for the warfare I’m in. We were born in a world without a future.

Workers stood beside me, but only for a brief moment; they went back to their duty while screaming orders and prayers through their lungs to beat the roar of the soaring waters. Our oil has become more important than our lives; this is our purpose. I saw the waters through my scope. It’ll be here soon. And the other team will be here soon as well. This is a very simple thing that we mercenaries know: enemies on sight, we point our gun, finger on the trigger and we take a deep breath before shooting their head off. I should pull the trigger and waste the bullet; what do I care if my enemy is big as a god?

Our grandfathers would be sad to see what has become of us- fighting for scraps, men in suits negotiating the future through our blood and bullets- but our grandfathers also knew; they had a glimpse of our dark and futuristic world which is now a present of darkness and scarcity. They used to enjoy their dystopian future stories, their funny video games, their innocent drones flying, grabbing panoramic pictures of their nude neighbors, hours of entertainment lived in first person shooters about improbable and invented worlds of ruin and decay, but now we’re the players and this time it’s our reality. Most likely they’d laugh at the sight of NAFs and EDENs, but I’m sure of another simple truth: our grandfathers wouldn’t stand a chance.

They would be shot on sight.

The tsunami was about to strike, but our teams kept on going. I could only think that we have to thrive no matter what. This is our life now. Sometimes I almost believe it’s a miracle we’re alive. It isn’t. I’ll stop fooling myself and delude my conscience with a false hope of miracles and good wishes. My clan knows it. Our expertise in warfare and tactical supremacy is proof enough; our weapons, gear, and tenacity are our biggest assets in this war for domination. We even withstood nature. It’s our destiny. This world belongs to us and no megatsunami, no market, or radiation spillage is gonna break us. Bodies half dead, those who were our friends now work for the other side and become the enemy. Hunger is our nemesis, the constant beast, but in the end, we’ll keep fighting. My family is the people who will die by my side. Oh, look, these bastards have arrived. They can’t even respect the fact that we’re about to die by being squashed by this huge wave. Squad leader signals us. I’ll follow my orders. No rest for the living. This is our Ironsight story.

Such is life in the effing tropics.


Welcome in 2025.

Humanity has reached a critical point in their history: resources are scarce and the megatsunami has broken the world in half. Middle Eastern, Chinese, Russian or American, there are no borders anymore. There is just the everyday struggle for the chance to keep on living and prove your supremacy. As a player, you will take the place of a PMC mercenary as an idealistic soldier or a violent warmonger. You can choose between NAF or EDEN and have the role of a lifetime in this online shooter. Fight relentlessly to raise your ranks and improve your gear, join the war to seize the future of what is left of humanity or unleash your power as a tactician and show your enemies how survival of the fittest is the only law that isn’t broken in our futuristic world.

Attack and defend in various stages throughout the world and experience diverse modes of combat. Explore industrial settings, technological landscapes, and abandoned oil platforms rusted by salt water, and keep your Geiger counter ready because you and your team will have to fight through the wastelands which used to be vibrant cities. No matter where you are, remember: shoot to kill, shoot to win. The world now depends on you, each one of your bullets carries the future of humanity with it. Memorize the maps, study your routes, choose the appropriate strategy for each location or use a battle drone to annihilate your enemy. Remember that clans are looking for the best shooters, the people who hone their skills not only for their own survival but for the survival of their team.


Elite PMC

Mother Nature takes a stand in this first-person shooter and you have to choose the right team if you want to beat her. Stages will dynamically change while you fight through them: structures will fall, bridges will break, and zones will explode. Join an army -NAF or EDEN- and protect your valuable resources against both foe and the forces of nature. Be a master of first-person combat thanks to an ample inventory of modern weaponry and tactical gear to improve your character. Write history in our dystopian future and raise your ranks to be respected as the best warrior in your community. Join thousands of players all over the world, everyone with their uniqueness with no player looking the same, to make your mark in this unique dystopian game which blends modern weaponry with hundreds of pieces of equipment to choose from. Uncover the background of a dark and sinister future.

Get deep into the history of Ironsight. Learn about the mistakes these huge corporations have made and about which ones they keep making. Explore how their ambition is breaking the planet while you fight against the elements and secure the next location for your team. Use drones to scout and procure your tactical advantage. Customize your character to intimidate your enemy and have an edge in every battle. Be loyal to EDEN, the Energy Development Enterprise Network, and defend the monopoly of the strongest. Or, be an idealist like NAF, the North Atlantic Federation, and reclaim the resources that originally belong to you. Both sides need you to win this global war for resources. Everyone needs you if we ever have a chance of a better future.

Peace is over and it will be gone for a long time. The winner will be the survivors. History will remember the brave and courageous bastards who soldiered on when every bet was against them, the soldiers who kept fighting even when the radioactive wasteland was burning through their lungs and skin, the men and women who defied thunder and continued shooting to protect what is by right theirs. It doesn’t matter if it’s the shadow of the mother of all tsunamis or if you’re in the iron sight of the enemy, we can’t give up now. You have the opportunity to win this war alongside your friends, your teammates, your brothers and sisters, your clan. Will you take it? Will you create history with Ironsight? Join us now. Your future comrades in arms are expecting you.



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    • Story doesn't make any sense at all. A single tsunami wipes out all of Earth's governments? BS, such a wave cannot exist. And why would a PMC, a corporate entity that works for money, fight? Who would they fight for? The story claims there are no more governments. This text explained absolutely nothing.
    • Nice Story!
    • great story
    • Enjoyed reading it
    • This deserves a PvE Co-Op mode.
      • There is a PvE at the KR version. :P And very nice IMO.
    • thats not even a bad story o-o