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    • non riesco ad acedere al downlod
    • Hi I'm new to the forum n I had a question about can I map my Xbox 360 controller and I do have a Xbox 360 receiver for the controller
    • Just had a question about the game and im struggling to find someone who knows the answer... on PC, does your characters Shoulder pads, Backpacks, Vests, etc. Have any effect on gameplay or is it more for a preference of cosmetics? plz respond. Thanks in advance.
    • SEA server doesn't exist yet?
    • Definetly need a asia server
    • Can you make Asia Server ping is 400 on every server I tried
    • guys idk why but i can't download the new update
    • привет всем а где скачать клиент игры Ironsight
    • Can you download iron sight on mac???
    • :)
    • dont open the game
      it was fantastic
    • Facebook DE link error
    • First Brazilian follower :D