Bounty Hunt - Knife Party


After the brutal solar storm, we've lost most details about the mission that the HQ has assigned to us. Now we have all details back and start the operation. Take a whetstone and sharpen your knives and axes. This time Pax needs your help with testing the functionality and effectivity of knives and axes on the battlefield.

To be honest, it is all just part of a bet between Selene and Pax. So, make him proud and get as many kills as possible and get rewarded for your contribution to this... bet.

Event Period: 24.07.2020 12:00 AM UTC - 27.07.2020 11:59 PM UTC


You must use one of the following items to achieve kills.

Bowie Knife


Karambit Knife


Tactical Axe


Throwing Knife


Throwing Axe


Tier 1: 1-49 Kills
Tier 2: 50-149 Kills
Tier 3: 150-499 Kills
Tier 4: 500-999 Kills
Tier 5: 1000+ Kills


Tier 1: 1x Charm Slot Ticket, 1x Community Box MK3, 1x Lucky Box, 1x Jackpot Box, 3x Supply Box, 8000 GP, 50 CHIPS
Tier 2: 1x Charm Slot Ticket, 2x Community Box MK3, 2x Lucky Box, 2x Jackpot Box, 5x Supply Box, 12000 GP, 100 CHIPS
Tier 3: 1x Charm Slot Ticket, 3x Community Box MK3, 4x Lucky Box, 4x Jackpot Box, 3x Superior Supply Box, 20000 GP, 200 CHIPS
Tier 4: 1x Charm Slot Ticket, 5x Community Box MK3, 7x Lucky Box, 7x Jackpot Box, 5x Superior Supply Box, 50000 GP, 500 CHIPS
Tier 5: 1x Charm Slot Ticket, 10x Community Box MK3, 15x Lucky Box, 10x Jackpot Box, 7x Superior Supply Box, 80000 GP, 1000 CHIPS, Special Knife Supply Box, Holographic G36C


  • The tasks need to be completed during the event period. Any progress outside of this period won't be considered.
  • The event period is based on UTC+0 (Coordinated Universal Time)
  • Custom Matches and PvE Matches won't be considered. Only regular Matchmaking is considered.
  • The rewards will be sent out within 1 week after the end of the event.
  • There is no progression indicator in-game, all data will be fetched from the database and evaluated after the end of the event.


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