A letter to our Community

Dear Ironsight community,

We, the Ironsight Team at gamigo group, have always tried to work towards improving Ironsight and its community’s experience. This included not only forwarding the bugs you reported and content-related feedback, but also working on technical issues (such as the Netcode) which are important to solve. Our objective is and always has been raising our game to a stage where our players enjoy playing it.

Due to several and different technical and development issues originating on the development side, we were not able to provide a smooth and fun gameplay experience for our players.

Because of these ongoing issues the game does not meet our minimum "release standards", and we would only release the game commercially once such standards have been met.

As you might know, the last content update was published on our version back in December 2019. We received a test version of a new content update early 2020, but ever since critical bugs and missing content were spotted, we were unable to release this new update as these issues needed to be addressed.

In the meantime, Wiple Games was able to release several months of content which have not been delivered to us so far, despite several requests from our side.

With several years of successful publishing experience, gamigo group finally focused the effort by gathering community feedback, giving Wiple Games various and significant ideas for improvement in all areas of the game and content which could bring the game up to the standards it needs to meet.

Features that were talked about such as: Battle Pass improvements, UI reworks, gameplay balancing for users, Bug and Glitch Fixes, Technical improvements, Optimization.

We still believe in the game, as it has high potential and we do not want to give up on the game. But we are dependent on the external development.

Unfortunately, the current circumstances are putting us in the situation that we will have to close the registration and disable the shops. We will do our best to solve the situation with the developers in the meantime.

Currently, it seems that Wiple Games has no interest on delivering a fun game experience to our community. We cannot say how the future looks like, but we will announce an update on this matter as soon as we have one.

Your Ironsight Team


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    • I hope it happens soon... I've been playing this game a year now and it was fun but I really need to see updates.
      • It's finally time it shuts down, it's a disgrace. I've been part of it during the CBT in October/November 2017 and nothing has changed since, it's only been getting worse and worse.
    • Not the first time I see a game die due to mismanagement... won't be the last time either.
      • Definitely agree. They've made way too many mistakes.
    • What an effin surprise!

      At this point, its probably a matter of time before the game is getting terminated
    • I do hope things improve for the staff here. It's always been a battle with Wiple since day one, and you've all busted your asses for this game it's a shame to see how things are going. Good luck to you all hopefully things change for the better.
    • I believe that It is just a contract renewal is delayed due to Corona.
      A big update should happen soon, because Asian version already has new game modes, new maps, new weapons, new characters and convenient UI.
      Then, of course these changes have been influenced by feedback from Aeria.
    • DA kann man einfach nur noch den Kopf schütteln..
    • Ive been playing this game for 2 years and out of my experience with the game this is all I can say:

      Aeria Games and Wiple Games are both blaming each other for the games' success. Aeria Games recently took all items out of the shop, disabled registration, and release epic skins for free in retaliation for Wiple not doing anything. Wiple will be forced to do 1 of 3 things.

      1: Begin to work on the game with fixes and content etc, then Aeria will install the money packs back.

      2: Wiple terminates their contract with Aeria and takes the publishing rights back to them game, releases the packs and do nothing again.

      3: Wiple takes back the publishing rights with Aeria and works on the game and push out new content and make it the GOOD GAME it was meant to be.

      Both sides say they want success for the game but the lack of accountability and action really shuns the integrity of anything they say.
      Players will begin to doubt anything the DEVS say without action. Now that aeria games has taken the money making ability out of the game, it will force Wiple Game to take action. We will see what happens.

      And dont worry, they shouldn't take this game down. It brings too much money in for them and Wiple has made too much of an investment to just scrap the game now.
      • i think the publishers has more effect than what the contract says on what they had signed. If aeria games pulls out their support for publishing thats a big impact on the devs revenue.
      • I second that. Wiple needs Aeria/Gamigo's reach on the Western market (ie. EU, N/SA) to further their player base and revenue than what they currently have at the moment. Without that market, it's a forego conclusion moving forward.
    • I've been playing Ironsight for more than 2 years now (since May 2018) so I'm one of the oldest players and I'm very involved in the French gaming community. I have absolutely all done and all seen on the game. I know much more than all your Community Managers put together and I think that on behalf of the entire Ironsight world community I can guarantee you that when two years of loyal service, you have never once listened to the community, your one and only usefulness you have proven is your involvement through support for the banning of cheaters (and more).

      Your only motivation is not the improvement of the game, that the "standards" are respected and that the players who contribute to the life of our game are satisfied. The only thing you are interested in is profit, just like any other company. You censor Wiple Games to tell us your nonsense and take responsibility for the situation. The last update was in December 2019, 8 months without an update !? Only a dead game with so much time between updates, the only answer is that you no longer have the funds to invest and in this case I ask you to break the contract and shut down the European servers. You are not able to offer what this game with its high potential deserves, you are just suffocating it with your thirst for money. I blame you and you alone are responsible for the slow death of this game. Shame on you.