Ordinance of War – Gods on the Battlefield


Mighty ancient gods influence the battlefield. At first it was said that it was just a rumor, but it was confirmed several times that we have to appease these gods of war.

We give you 12 paths that you can contest to reconcile yourself with the war gods.

Each of them will reward you abundantly if you complete a path.

Do you stay true to a path or do become greedy? Will you contest them all and face the war gods? This is up to every mercenary.

Event period:

The event runs all day from June 5th to June 21th (UTC).


Complete a path to receive the reward.

You can complete multiple paths and get their rewards.

You can also complete all paths if you have the courage.

Path 1 - Mars' Sacrifice: Kill 1000 enemies in Team Deathmatch.

Path 2 - Mars' Revenge: Get the first kill in the game in Team Deathmatch 5 times.

Path 3 - Teutate's Curse: Kill 300 enemies in Search and Destroy.

Path 4 - Teutate's Observations: Complete 100 turns by placing the bomb (Disarmed or Detonated) in Search and Destroy.

Path 5 - Hono's Request: Kill 500 enemies in Secure Point.

Path 6 - Hono's Victorial March: Win 10 games in Secure Point.

Path 7 - Amadioha's Forgiveness: Kill 750 enemies in Resource Takeover.

Path 8 - Amadioha's Envy: Use an EMP weapon 100 times in Resource Takeover. (EMP Grenade, EMP MSGL, EMP Launcher)

Path 9 - Ares' Wrath: Kill 500 enemies in Front-Line.

Path 10 - Ares' Triumph: Win 5 games in Front-Line.

Path 11 - Ninurta's Plagues: Kill 1000 enemies in Capture The Flag.

Path 12 - Ninurta's Truth: Use a smoke and / or tear gas grenade 100 times in Capture The Flag.


Path 1 - Blue Prim Wpn Select Box

Path 2 - 3 Jackpot Box

Path 3 - Emote Select Box

Path 4 - 7 Day EXP and GP Boost

Path 5 - 2 Angry Monkey Box

Path 6 - 3 Zebra Limited Supply Box

Path 7 - 3 Arctic Limited Supply Box

Path 8 - 80 CHIPS

Path 9 - 2 Fire Monkey Box

Path 10 - Charm Slot Ticket + Brave Warrior (Charm)

Path 11 - Zebra Prim Wpn Select Box

Path 12 - 12.500 GP


  • The tasks need to be completed during the event period. Any progress outside of this period won't be considered.
  • The event period is based on UTC+0 (Coordinated Universal Time)
  • Custom Matches and PvE Matches won't be considered. Only regular Matchmaking is considered.
  • The rewards will be sent out within 1 week after the end of the event.
  • There is no progression indicator in-game, all data will be fetched from the database and evaluated after the end of the event.


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