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    I'm not immediately shutting thoughts and feelings of others.

    I have just been around since day 1, actively every single day looking at comments/feedbacks in the discord and forum and there is very little people in the community (hence around 95%) that would say they do not need nerfing. To add on to this further, Charly (the Product Manager) has stated the way in which nerfs are actually performed in this game. They look at the amount of usage X weapon has, and then all the data around it since it's all recorded. They will not nerf a weapon if only 10 players are saying it needs doing. They see the data and see that there is a high amount of negative feedback and then act on it. For them to actually go and issue out a nerf to snipers, (happening today), there would have had to have been a large % of players and data that backs the choice up.

    It's not just made up stuff from my part when I say the majority of the community disagreed with you. There is data behind it and that is why it's being nerfed.

    You did not say it at first -_-

    95% of the playerbase disagrees with you.

    (First of all, because I am not good at English, there may be a part which is hard to understand. sorry.):(

    I have read all the sentences so far

    I doubt whether 95% of users really feel that "sniper is difficult / weak" at all

    She did not have a questionnaire and showed a denial to me suddenly without any premonition and I was hesitant to submit ideas and questions in English.

    I have practiced a bit and I was able to control the shaking scope,

    It is frightening if you think whether you are playing in the same game as someone who immediately denies the thoughts and feelings of others.


    Is that about "QuickAim"?

    Then I already use it.

    If you think that the Actionbolt is a bolt action rifle, even if you add them, the speed of shooting the second bullet will not be faster.

    In addition, since the scope shakes, it is more difficult to hit the second bullet against the enemy.

    It's lucky to hit the first bullet ...

    (It may be a little emotional sentence)

    (First of all, because I am not good at English, there may be a part which is hard to understand. sorry.):(

    I use Sniper because I like it, but I feel that Sniper is very weak compared to Assault Rifle.

    In this game, the movement is fast, I feel that it is basic technique to find and defeat opponents quickly.

    However, the scope of the sniper is always shaking.

    It is difficult to shoot and target quickly moving enemies.

    Unlike an assault rifle, a sniper has no speed of fire.

    Even if a bullet hit, the enemy sometimes never dies with a single shot. Then they will soon escape.

    I feel that in this game the sniper is made to stay at one place and continue shooting to defeat the enemy.

    However, in most maps there are risks for sniper troops to stay. An enemy with an assault rifle will soon come around.

    Therefore, assault life is overwhelmingly strong, and sniper is hard to use.

    In order to improve the balance, I feel at least it is better to eliminate the swing of the scope.

    If possible, I think that a sniper rifle that can demonstrate its power even if a bullet hits a part of the enemy's body can exist.8)

    (In that case, slow down the loading speed of that weapon and slow down the speed of shooting the next bullet.

    Change the status other than the other sniper rifles and power.)