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    I would like to point out that in Ironsight's take on Search and Destroy, you are taking an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) to one of 2 signal relays, where you start the disrupt the signal (which is why the relay "activates", to scramble the signal) before the IED destroys that relay device, permantly taking it offline.

    But you probably not gonna get that skin if you buy the crate which is called a scam as the main point :)

    If you go into a random drop pool expecting to get a single item out of hundreds, it's not a scam, you're just stupid for thinking that out of everything you're going to specifically get this one thing.

    A scam would be something that's misleading, this is just an example of stupidity

    IGN: CaptainNoobles

    Orange weapon: Kraken Deagle

    Blue weapon: Treasure SG553

    Drone name: Hunter drones

    Type: Offensive
    Description: Summon hunter drones to seek out and hunt the enemy

    Better description: To use this drone, you are given a target designator like the one used for the metal reaper or firefly. Like the metal reaper, this designator can only be used outdoors with a direct line of sight to the sky. Upon successfully using the designator, a dropship flies above the map, and lowers a transport container like the one used in the EMP mission to the point where the designator was used. Within this container is a group of 6-8 of the "bomber" drones also found in the EMP mission. These drones autonomously move around the map in search of enemy players where they will then explode, destroying themselves and their target. For this to work, the drones may need a health increase over their EMP mission counterparts, such that they arent easily destroyed by 3 bullets or less with any gun, while also being susceptible to the EMP launcher and EMP MSGL

    Alternatively, the dropship may drop off a squad of sentinals that follow the same purpose of hunting enemies (or following/guarding the player that summoned them)

    Image Link: click here! (Imgur)

    The AK that Matt Damon is using in that pic differs from the Old Man AK in that the color scheme is entirely different, the Old Man AK has a different stock, a different rail, frame and the laser thing is on the underbarrel. Also, it doesn't shoot explosive rounds. The only similarities I can see is that it's an AK, it has duct-taped mags, and it has a laser thing on it (but in different positions).

    I will say, however, that Elysium is a great movie.

    Also, the policing and military robots in Elysium look very similar to the sentinals found in Ironsight in the EMP mission and Resource Takeover.

    Alright mercs, it's officially time to close that poll! Thanks to everyone who voted! Now, onto the results.

    We can deduce that Ironworks is the least favorite map with 28% of the votes, followed closely by Oceanfront with 20%! I strongly agree with Ironwork being the worst of the bunch, but Oceanfront? Wasn't expecting that.

    Dam and Downtown are joint 3rd place with 12% each. This surprises me, purely because Downtown isn't, in my humblest opinion, a bad map; it's just only playable on a single mode. Downtown TDM when?

    Cloud9 follows next with 8% of the remaining vote. The hatred for Cloud9 must follow from all of the angry shroud fans people with acrophobia (a fear of heights).

    In last place with equal votes are Titan, Mart, Outpost, Island and Cruise, with 4% each. I'm surprised that Outpost and Island have so little votes, given how often I see you mercs skip them when they appear in the map roster.

    Finally, we have Biolab and Airport, which according to you lot are FLAWLESS maps and the true pinnacle of arena combat.

    Of course, Tower also received no votes, but as that was added after the poll was made, and given how many players had not experienced Tower and/or had voted before, this can be forgiven. That or it's also a perfect map; I like the spinny bit in the middle.

    And that concludes the poll. Big thanks to everyone who voted! Prizes for voting will be distributed soon!12

    [1] Postage and packaging for reward 1 not included

    [2] You must ask your peers for the gratification. I will not say "give X a hug for voting the same map as you". You must do that yourself

    Unfortunately, you cannot save the items. The only way to make them last longer is to receive the same item from boxes so the total timer increases. On a side note, you have a 45% chance of receiving a 1 day timed item from the standard supply box. It's the general opinion now that these new boxes are NOT worth buying. Save your GP for repairs and outright buying items. I'd even go so far as to say dont spend chips on boxes either

    To be fair I have also come across "invisible Drones" It's not often but all it is, is the player is around where you are, you kill them and then their drone catches up to where they WERE as they die. HOWEVER on your screen all you see is you killing said player and then you take phantom bullets from no where and then in the somewhat death highlight that we have you see the drone come flying out of a wall or something.

    And the two times I have had an issue of invisible players, I have no idea how to explain it. Basically from my experience I kill said dude. They respawn but within seconds of me killing them I die to "looks at killfeed" _______ K2C Xanaarius. No enemy name just a blank spot with nothing in it. So I'm like meh w.e netcode sux. So then I respawn again and take 2 steps and die again to the same blank name. Repeat maybe 2 more times and then the match either ends or goes back to normal. So I can say that I have indeed experienced invisible people and drones. But both occurrences are rare. Though the drones shooting through walls is far more common.

    The first part is due to how drones follow players. If a player sprints off, the drone follows a good few metres behind. if a player dies while their drone is a fair distance behind them, it'll yeet quickly (either move quickly or just simply teleport) to the spot where they died before teleporting to the player after they respawn. The drones aren't invisible, they're just a distance from the owner and being relocated to their last spot.

    As for the latter part, what did the killcam show each time you died? Because that bears more resemblance to cheats rather than a netcode issue (no netcode exploits and issues I know of allow a player to mask their name in the killfeed)

    CamperKing If it takes you a full magazine to take someone down to half HP, then that is something serious that I strongly suspect be due to your network rather than the servers itself, especially since I and essentially all other players have never had an issue of anywhere near that extent. I have yet to experience desync that results in invisible drones or players (either after this update, or in the year and a half I have played Ironsight), and I can assure you that Magnum rounds do not increase penetration, I tested them myself again and unless there is some serious bug the only effect they should have is on headshot damage and not penetration.

    I do believe these problems you're experience are related to your connection to the servers rather than an issue with the actual servers themselves. Might I ask what country you you live in/ play from, and to what server do you connect to (NA, EU or SA)?

    What ???????

    Ironsight is one of the worst in netcode, desync among other things and it seems even worst after the update. I lost count on how many times I was killed by invisible players, invisible drones and seconds after getting behaind cover (before you talk about ping, all players had green ping and mine was about 5ms - 10ms) .... and the magun ammo is a fu*&¨% wallhack. By the way, not even BF series uses "improved" ammo (aside for shotguns) in the game.

    Of course it is also necessary mention the balance of the game, which is total c r a p (weapons, matches, players mix among others).

    Don't get me wrong I do think this game is great and has a huge potential, but 2 years of beta should be at least 4 considering the current results.

    I'll quickly run through the points you've brought up.

    1. Ironsight has a relatively stable Netcode. Not the best, but by far not the worst. Had a very small amount of issues both before and after update. However, it's really easy to abuse the netcode to create temporary desync (I wont list how because that's technically exploiting).

    2. The scoreboard has a broad ping range that it lists as Green, so it can be difficult to determine ones connection using that alone.

    3. magnum ammo very slightly increase the headshot multiplier and can most definitely not increase the amount of penetration a gun has.

    4. The shotgun ammo in Battlefield games aren't "improved", they just change the functionality of the gun (slug for long range, flechette for extremely close, etc)

    5. Yeah the weapon balance is bad, can't deny that lol

    I thought you get the Gold EMP launcher from the "clean the means streets" challenge, which if I recall requires you to only destroy about 360 drones in total? Because I have a gold EMP and certainly haven't done the EMP Launcher mastery challenges

    Gotta stop you right there chief. Pull up your shield, move your crosshair onto the opponents head, quickly aim and shoot before pulling up the shield again. Bam, you've just instantly killed someone while for them you never lowered your shield.

    Shields right now are in the same broken spot they were when they were first added to the RU and Asian versions and provided you can quickly line up a headshot you will be essentially unstoppable.

    Hey don't shoot me down sir, I'm just the head of the fan club and not affiliated with HQ.

    I was also informed that some undercover ops had done some "virtous -protected guffins" to root, toot and shoot around Tower when it was made available to the Russian and Asian mercs

    Good morning, evening or whatever time it may be, fellow Ironsight connoisseurs. It's your favorite head of the Neil Wild fanclub, Noobles!

    You may have seen us having a civilised discussion about this in the Discord channel (and by civilised, it was clearly a heated debate) about which map is the worst in Ironsight! Now, in preperation for the upcoming Tower patch, we (me) are creating a poll to decide once and for all which is the worst map to ever grace our battlefields! Cast your vote by choosing which map you dislike the most and you will have a chance of winning one of the fantastic prizes listed below!

    1. A chip! Not one that can be spent in-game, but Neil left his half-eaten maccies laying around and lets just say they're currently available for auction.
    2. Endless gratification from your fellow peers who voted for the same map as you! The best hatred is those shared with friends. <3

    And of course, the best prize of all, the feelings of grandeur that comes with voting on a rather meaningless poll on a web forum! What's not to love!

    You have a little over 1 week to choose, and ONLY one vote, so pick wisely and tell your friends to join in on the fun. So cast your vote today and do your part in bringing the community together with relatable feelings of disdain for certain underwhelming arenas!

    No the problem is wiplegames or gamigo. Aeria games just helps funding and work with playerbase things.

    As Gamigo owns Aeria, wouldn't that mean that if Gamigo is involved in any way they'd be doing the same things that Aeria does ie funding and playerbase things? I'm no expert in developing or publishing games so don't quote me on that though.

    I would like a slight damage increase, because I've had way too many people just run through my incendiaries or just continue standing in them to cap a CP because they do tiddly bits worth of damage. But unfortunately, as Gamga said, they're more suited to area denial than for offense even if they're not very effective at denying areas :(

    If you've just started playing, it's probably quicker and easier to just create a new account with the correct callsign, especially if it cannot be changed by the team. Unless of course you've made purchases with your account or the aeria account associated with it

    hmmm an exact 30fps increase from dead on 90 to dead on 120? looks like someone went into the options and raised their framecap kappa

    Just kidding, of course. The simple answer is universal steam launch parameters such as -high used to work towards the start of the year. They don't now due to Steam changing how unofficial games with launchers work when added manually to the Steam library

    Quick question -- how do I enter these commands with no steam?

    Also has anybody solved Frontline FPS problem? I have a very decent setup with 6 core CPU and 1660 TI and my fps drops down to ~60fps in the main long (along the tram tracks). And overall frontline map is VERY bad for fps.

    Simple answer, without Steam you can't. Even with Steam, the commands have no effect.

    With regards to the framerate issues on Frontline, all I can suggest is to lower the graphics settings in-game, and make sure there are as little background apps running while you play

    I ... Uhhh.... I asked you for your opinion on Modern Warfare after having played it, chief. You could have left it at the first line, without the need to compare my opinion to baseless and rather irrelevant comparisons. However, I'll indulge and run through the rest of your rather questionable points in this spoiler tag, such that it doesn't interrupt this forum thread

    Yeah 70 smackaroons for 4 collection guns is questionable, but then again the guns themselves are listen as 500 chips each (or 50$). Sure, that bundle has a few extra bits in too like bullets and boosters and technically is cheaper than it's advertised price, but still not a great deal.

    I can buy the base game of cod mw an AAA game less than 70 euro lol

    Slightly off topic, but I remember you posting alot about how Modern Warfare is going to blow all arcade arena shooters out of the water this year. After a somewhat (in my opinion) lackluster experience in the Beta, I'm interested to see your position on MW


    Building off of what Helix has explained, if you were to click on BUY for either the exp boost or GP boost, you get presented with a choice of purchasing 1 days worth of boost for 99AP, 7 days worth for 499AP, or 30 days worth for 1499AP, as shown here.


    Just letting you know that you do not have to buy tonnes of 1 day boosters to have a lengthy boost and can actually have the amount you require

    So essentially more trash which no one asked for ( bullet type, shields a new map instead of fixing fps drops, more achievement while the old ones are completely broken?

    Great just what everyone wanted ... Ffs how f incompetent can you be ( devs )

    Hot darn you're an angry wetwipe. Just because Vodzigor didn't mention any fixes doesn't mean that there won't be any with that update

    If you want to make drones cometitive, id suggest:
    Give every player the same amount of points. At the start of the round everyone gets 200 points. (Maybe give the winning team a 50 point bonus or so).

    What this does is, that you can anticipate the drones everyone can have. Enemy UAV? You got your conteruav. Enemy spydrone? Counter with jammer drone. Can you have a firefly? Not until next round.

    The problem I see with that solution is that if one team uses a drone (such as a UAV, as in your example), the opposing team immediately has a method of countering it (counter UAV). Both of these counter each other out, and give the advantage to the team who used the counter uav as it disables the first teams minimap. In my opinion, it makes using a UAV in the first place pointless and only really feasible if the opposing team neglects to use their counter uav.

    Probably best to just go with no drones

    An easier fix would be to just add a solo queue competitive and a party queue competitive.

    Then you'd have to consider people like me, who played ranked in a group of less than 5. What would happen to those people who play in pairs or trios, would they get matched with other solos or would a trio get paired with a duo to go against a 5-stack. This solution just fixes the problem of having solos against full squads, but doesn't benefit others.

    An easier solution? VoIP or another form of voice chat. Communication is the only incentive I see when people bring up solos vs squads in ranked. No need to add seperate matchmaking queues when communication is the primary concern.