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    You must remember that this game is still in beta and regardless of any other bad experiences people have had with "beta games", you cannot just assume that every game will put it in a "beta" phase as a cash grab and excuse to not do anything. You are testing a work in progress. It's not finished.

    See that's exactly the problem! It's still Beta! AFTER ALL THIS TIME!

    It shouldn't be! And the fact that it still is, really just undermines the basic point RobWolfB made even further and far more than it does your point, to be honest.

    The developers are obviously more busy bringing out silly charms, to keep selling loot crates rather than fixing fundamental stuff.

    If they weren't it wouldn't be a beta version anymore after all this time. Period.

    I have to say I do disagree with the OP on the claymore mine.

    There are incidents where they don't work as intended, yes (I've always blamed lag and net code issues for that. Also not to forget in this context, is the blast protection perk that very deservedly allows players to survive them at times).

    But overall and in general I believe they do work very well, if planted intelligently.

    I find them extremely valuable in the search and destroy mode, but they are also very useful and effective in other game modes in numerous situations, including securing a sniping spot from rearward attacks.

    I do however very much agree that the instant expiration can be a somewhat unfair at times, But this instant expiration seems to affect hand grenades even more negatively, when getting shot while throwing them.

    I would personally prefer for these explosive type of weapons to expire with a delay of 30 seconds after a players death.

    By far the biggest and most unfair problem of similar type is the regular extended freeze up lag while deploying a hydra or other drones not allowing their deployment and making yourself extremely vulnerable while lagged. It regularly results in getting killed - and worst of all - in the instant destruction of the rewarded drone.

    A truly "wonderful" suicide death trap reward for hard earned points.

    The AK-47 isn't a WW2 weapon, but it's old af lol. And the M1911 (tac ops pistol) is even older, used in WW1.

    I totally agree some weapons (MP40, M1 Garand etc) would feel out of place in a modern shooter, but I think weapons from the 80s, maybe 70s are ok.

    So I learn something new again... I always thought the Ak-47 was older, but its obviously just almost as old as a WW2 weapon. :-)

    Rather than modern real weapons I personally would have preferred to see a more sci-fi style of futuristic guns in this game.

    Not because it would be cool to have futuristic guns, but much rather because it would simply avoid all those unrealistic comparisons of the guns virtual behavior not even remotely reflecting their real life counterparts.

    Dude, this game is based in the near future. Weapons from WW2 would be considered extremely primitive for the setting of this game.

    Finally someone gets it

    I really don't want to be a smartass, but this game actually really does have WW2 weapons already!

    For one there's the AK-47, clearly a WW2 weapon.

    And then there is also the MG-3 which is officially a derivative of a WW2 gun and as such not a WW2 weapon per se. But as far as I can tell, the 3D model of this gun in the game seems to be of the actual MG-42 from WW2 that the MG-3 is derived from. Now I'm not 100% sure and not historic weapons nerd enough to verify this, but I believe the MG-3 did not use this anti Aircraft sight, that can be folded up. The 3D model in the game definitely has it though.

    Either way, the MG-3 is really just a rechambered MG-42 from WW2 to shoot slightly smaller NATO rounds anyways.


    So now that I read that I have this question.

    Let's say you run around with a Sniper rifle like the DSR-1 and die in close combat while switching to your secondary weapon, let's say a shotgun.

    Would that death then negatively affect the KDA of the shotgun or does it count towards the KDA of the DSR-1 Sniper rifle?

    My first guess would be it probably counts towards the secondary shotgun, hmm?

    Oh and while we're at it... what if you get shot freezing up for seconds while trying to put down a hydra?

    I'm sure it has been done, but can't really name much good examples out of my head.

    First there are of course a bunch of very old games that have turned out to be extremely successful, so that there were modernized and visually appealing remakes later on. Such as the original Tomb Raider with the original Lara Croft, the very first Doom, but also much older games such as Space Quest and others (nearly all the classic retro games that you can now play in windows and on smartphones)

    There have also been a bunch of very successful games that were adapted from one technical platform to also run another incompatible platform with different operating systems and hardware, etc.

    And then of course (especially in the early days) successful games were often copied and cloned on other platforms. Usually with slight variations and under a different name, but with very much the same style of gameplay.

    But there are also games which were developed with one engine, one technical standard, or platform that turned out to be already outdated by the time the game was getting finished, so they quickly released an updated/adapted version to run with modern graphics adapters or on modern platforms.

    For example back in the early days of OpenGL standard suddenly the Voodoo 3DFX graphics came out and suddenly became extremely popular and then from Microsoft Direct3D and DirectX. Back then there were a bunch of games that were more or less hastily adapted to accommodate for the competing brand new popular 3D standards and graphics cards the games originally didn't support.

    But generally speaking (with few exceptions) the games always looked and performed best on the platform or the standards that they were originally and primarily designed for.

    Today you can commonly get a whole bunch of popular games that are adapted to run on different game consoles with slight differences from platform to platform. Like Star Wars Battlefront I and II for PC , X-box and PS4 and all those other popular titles you can get for those.

    But I don't know of any really popular brand new games that are intentionally designed to run with two different "game engines".

    it would certainly be possible, but would come with the same big downsides as in the old days of competing 3D standards.

    The developers would either have to limit the game to what both engines can achieve easily and are more or less compatible in. That would mean they would sort of intentionally leave out a bunch of the "fancy" specialized stuff, that effectively really provides the major advantages of using the specific engines. Or they would have to put a lot of effort and money into practically developing the game almost "twice". Which again is of course only a commercially viable option if it's certain to become a very popular game on each of the engines and if that is really necessary to be able to publish it on different platforms such as PC, Mac, X-box, PS4, Nintendo Wii, or for smartphones....

    If that's the only issue you have with the game, then you obviously haven't experienced all the issues with it's net code yet.

    Keep playing and I guarantee you will find a lot more issues than the game not having a pick 10 system.

    And by the way, it's "only a beta version" of a previously full released Korean game, go figure...

    Contraception then maybe only decorative ones? Like the flaming molten iron buckets in Ironwork map, the burning helicopter in C9 map and the fire that comes out of cars when they are damaged? These particles don't seem to have much significance, and the are continously spawned and de-spawned. A continuous particle like that is surely to take some processing power.

    Sneaky You can find them in the ironsight_local.ini file in your ini folder in your game files

    That could of course be done, but then the developers would need to distinguish between functional and purely decorative particles somehow and that would probably need some effort to do. But looking at the map when it loads they could probably do some optimizations there for sure. The new cruise ship seems to have a bunch of cloudy water particles all over underneath the actual gaming zone that you don't really see much when playing , but only when the game starts. And things like that.

    Performance in my end changed in a very weird way. Now, I'm getting higher frame rates in maps like titan and airport, but worse in maps like cloud9. I believe particle effects of the maps are doing this.

    Also, the degrade in performance on the main menu is huge (117 fps to 40 fps). I believe that, now that props and particles are in the lobby screen now, there will be an expected downgrade in performance.

    At mods: please give an option to disable particle effects in the game. I'm pretty sure everyone will like an option like this to give better performance

    The idea only has one problem. If that were possible, then people who do so, could

    a) not see the flames of incendiary grenades and get burned without warning or knowing where to run to get out of the flames

    and b)

    could not see the smoke from smoke grenades or dust or water fountains, allowing them to abuse this feature like as a means of gaining clear unobstructed vision on opponents while the others can't see them.

    I don't have any gold skins yet, just a fancy chrome one and two limited box alligator skins, but let me guess...

    Just like with the chrome and alligator skins you also can't find all the attachments you want to use on the weapon to be available with a gold skin???

    But who cares... digital scopes or attachments look good enough on almost any gun with any skin anyways, right???

    All very valid arguments from the both of you, but until the net code gets fixed all these things discussed here sadly don't really change or help much. in my humble opinion.

    The way I see and experience it, the actual and main problem right now is simply just that net code issues affect the game far more than anything else discussed here!

    And the fast pace of the game only makes the effect of the net code issues "exponentially" worse, really.

    This game is paced MUCH faster than it's current net code and the currently available server infrastructure really allow for it to work correctly!

    I know most skilled players don't want to hear this, but currently more than half of a players skill is simply defined by either

    a) having the lower ping time than the opponent and thus gaining the advantage to finish the kill first and being in the position of having the advantage to be able to act and react significantly faster than the opponent can.


    b) the plain luck in the "net code lottery" to get to finish off a kill while firing at a more or less static (or erratically moving) 'local ghost' of the actual opponent, no matter where the actual opponent is and what the actual opponent really does.

    And as long as differences in ping times (along with it's symptoms of unsynchronized gameplay) are often even higher than the actual TTK's of the weapons used (or not at least significantly lower, but in very comparable range) there will naturally always be a remaining inherent problem affecting gameplay that fixing net code can also never fully compensate for.

    But that's of course part of the overall nature of online gaming.

    I'm very disappointed about high-ping and lag issue while playing online games, That's why I was suggested to use VPN for Gaming. Any suggestions about which VPN is the best for gaming

    Hello, I'm not from Ironsight or the technical support team, I'm just a gamer with the same problem as you.

    Using a VPN per se is no real technical solution to your problem, although in some more or less rare cases it may help reduce ping-times.

    First and foremost the problem is usually depending on your Internet provider and the local, regional as well as national infrastructure.

    In some cases it can also depend on your own hardware and software such as ant virus protection and firewall settings as well, but in yours -and in my case these are probably and practically irrelevant, because of rather poor infrastructure.

    Now a VPN service can help reduce ping times , but that is RARELY the case.

    While studying and working at university I myself used to connect to the university servers via VPN. I had absolutely superb and admirable download and upload speeds, but not the greatest ping times, because a VPN connection is an encrypted tunneled connection that has to go through the "last mile" of the local provider.

    And exactly this encrypted tunneled connection that ALL data passes through is the nature and the whole idea and principle of VPN and that is the problem why a VPN service will only rarely improve ping times and in most cases only increase ping-times instead.

    Practically the only real chance for a VPN service to help reduce ping times is when you live in a country with poor regional and national infrastructure and manage to get more or less direct access via VPN to better and faster infrastructure.

    This is practically only really the case when you connect via VPN to excellent government data infrastructure, such as available to universities and research facilities, military, hospitals, medical and law enforcement and in the private sector sometimes also banks or business services.

    If you do not use VPN to connect to these types of institutions then usually a VPN service does NOT really provide access to superior infrastructure via it's network of servers for you. Commonly available VPN services first and foremost provide ANONYMITY and a means of gaining ACCESS TO GEOBLOCKED content. These commonly accessible VPN services generally do not provide superior infrastructure for it's users.

    You may be lucky to live right by a server that they operate and gain quicker access to servers in another country that way, but that is an exception and will in most cases only help increase download and upload streaming and NOT reduce ping times because of the added time the encryption process negatively affects the ping with.

    Free VPN services are also commonly slower and have reduced speeds after certain amounts of data and/or time connected to encourage users to pay for premium and "faster" VPN service ("faster" as in closer to the speed a non-encrypted connection would usually offer, not better or faster than that).

    Non the less it may still be worth a try for you, if you can get a free or cheap trial period when signing up.

    But as I explained, I would certainly not expect it to reduce your ping time unless you're extremely lucky and one of those rare cases where it does - Or if you live in a country with poor infrastructure and this service partially bypasses that poor and clogged up infrastructure.

    But if you experience any benefit in performance at all, then it will probably just give you slightly higher download and upload and streaming speeds and NOT lower ping-times.

    If you want to try such a service with the intend to improve your connection, then do the necessary research and try tom find out which services are strong locally in your area and operate servers close by (like in a city you live in).

    For several reasons It would be better and nicer if player stats, kills and earned points would be counted/ rewarded even if leaving a match early or getting disconnected.

    FIrst of all players could not "tweak" or "cheat" up their personal K/D ratio and stats when leaving matches early just before the end if kills and deaths would still be counted.

    Secondly it would only be nice and fair if points earned during play could still be rewarded even if a player leaves a match early or gets disconnected from the server. After all players joining a match late also get their points, so why shouldn't players leaving early or getting disconnected be rewarded with the points they earned playing?

    This game really needs to reward players playing the objective better!

    In many, actually in most game modes there are usually just rather few players on each team really playing the objective. The majority usually just runs around playing their individual "Team Death Match".

    Objective points rewarded are just too low and in the winning ceremony there is also no mention of the MVP with the highest objective score.

    If Players are just not playing the objectives much, that makes the game overall get rather dull. And even worse, game modes tend to get somewhat annoying, because so few players really play them as intended.

    My suggestion is to at least double, if not even triple the objective score in most game modes and to change the winning ceremony.

    I would recommend to only show celebrations of the top three players on the winning team, along with the MVP with the highest objective score.

    Any gun can beat a sniper as long as you know how to position yourself, or dont go against good snipers like myself, who shlt on anyone.

    Skarlett, you do notice that this sentence contradicts itself, don't you?

    You're basically sort of saying "Any gun can kind of beat a sniper sometimes, but good snipers are overpowered and no one really has a chance against them." You're just saying it in other words.

    Let me explain:

    If guns are truly balanced, then they should ideally be just as deadly on average. Of course with differences and advantages and disadvantages in certain situations for each of the different guns, but overall equally skilled players should be equally deadly when using BALANCED weapons.

    You admitting: "...,or dont go against good snipers like myself, who shlt on anyone. " really says the sniper rifle is indeed overpowered. Because if it wasn't and it was more or less perfectly BALANCED, then an equally good and skilled assault rifle user (or an equally good SMG or LMG user) should on average have just as much of a chance when going against you, as you do going against them!

    But as you admit, they just DON'T!

    And they just don't, because the Sniper rifles are indeed overpowered. It's really that simple.

    Just passing by, Contraception we are aware of this and we are working on improving the word filters (in chat) but also the name filtering. We do agree with you that some names should never be allowed and this should be restricted.

    This is a currently a work in progress.

    We do take measures against these names/accounts.

    I appreciate that, and at first I was positively surprised how quick the Ironsight team acted on my reports.

    ...Until on a second look I realized all the users I had reported are still in my blocked list, only with different callsigns.

    Seriously blocking usernames is only HALF of the necessary action.

    I'm aware this is a free to play game and banning often does not help and achieve much, but merely just making users with clearly racist and antisemitic usernames and in one case with screen shot evidence of an antisemitic chat posting only change the callsign isn't going to achieve anything.

    In fact it will only encourage them to continue.

    And I'm only talking about clearly racist and anti-Semitic hate speech comments and names, not the regular toxic cyberbullying style of chat that amounts up to half if not 70% of team and common chat. I really don't have a problem with all that common toxicity even thought it's not a nice thing, but the examples I reported are WAY beyond crossing a red line.

    I naturally don't have the rock solid evidence to prove what I am saying now (because I can only report on what I can personally see) and I fully understand and accept that support won't inform anyone on the individual actions taken.

    But asfar as I can tell and as it appears, changing the callsign without purchasing the according item in the store is really all the visible "hard" action taken in these cases. And if that is so, then I must say that is completely unacceptable!

    I'm sorry to have to say it that way, but sadly there is really NO way around it!

    If Ironsight doesn't act harshly and shuts down accounts and bans players for those excessive and radical types of violations of the TOS I adressed here, then Ironsight is effectively in fact only more or less catering" and "comforting" them!

    The current situation in this matter is not just a problem, it seriously is a real DISASTER!

    I can only wonder and shake my head in disbelief on what more a user obviously "needs" to do to get himself banned, if not for the things that I reported them for.

    And all this certainly fits awfully well into explaining another experience I just had the other day.

    An Experience where a user "brags" on in the common lobby chat how he only plays Ironsight because he got himself banned from other games for repeatedly using the N... word too often!

    Go figure...

    to 1:

    Yes, but there's sort of two different ways to combine strafing and aiming.

    One way is to use strafing for small corrections when aiming at distant targets. But this is nearly irrelevant for Ironsight. And more of a technique for using controllers than for using mouse and keyboard.

    The other way is to adjust aim with the mouse while strafing to keep the crosshairs staying on target.

    When playing Ironsight on a PC with mouse and keyboard, I suppose you don't really need to use the first much. But it sure helps being aware of those two ways and always being aware how strafing affects the aim.

    But for practicing simultaneous strafing and aiming it may be helpful to get a feel for how much correction with the aim it requires to stay on target while strafing at various distances. And it is certainly easier to get a feel for it when you start out doing it while strafing in one direction for longer shooting at more or less stationary targets.

    In combat situations of course that's a slightly different story again. But in those type of situations I personally found it often helped me to slightly "overcompensate" for the strafing motion with the mouse ("just before" or immediately) when starting to strafe to one side, in order to make the crosshairs and bullets move through the target while strafing. (And if necessary doing this overcompensation thing repeatedly, when continuously strafing just to one side for longer. Similar to leading a shot when sniping or shooting moving targets.)

    But I personally can only really play the slightly slower paced sniper style well and not the quick ninja jump and run thing, drop-shooting and doing flipflops and sidekicks while shooting others between the eyes, the way some players do.

    And I personally do this strafing and aiming combination to make my sniping style of play less static and use this for mid range duels. (That is if I'm not handicapped by awfully jumping ping times and not using a touchpad the way I'm experimenting with on Ironsight now.)

    About reducing sensitivity:

    I personally always played and play with rather low sensitivities. But that has a downside, ideally you sort of want to train to keep the sensitivity as high as you can personally really handle it and deal with it well, because it improves maneuverability and reactions in close quarters combat. (Especially when playing with a controller.)

    But when practicing something new, like strafing and aiming simultaneously, for example, you might want to start out with lower sensitivity until you do it naturally and instinctively and then go from there and work on dealing with higher sensitivity later on.

    Nevermind what I wrote here earlier.

    It appears, as if the only action taken on the reported usernames and the antisemitic chat comment I reported with a screenshot as evidence is forcing the players to change the names.

    Seems as if none of the accounts have been banned from the game!

    If this is really the only form of action taken by Ironsight team in those cases, then that's effectively really not enforcing anything in a Free to play game!

    That's merely a poor form of "catering" to a certain base of offensive antisemitic, toxic and racist users instead!

    It's probably due to the weekend and probably also rather random, but I've stumbled into a whole bunch of offensive usernames today.

    Basically any username with the word Jews is obviously used in an antisemitic manner, but there are also names like "MurderBlacks" and others.

    In addition to that there are of course also less obvious and more hidden "offensive" usernames such as "GasGasGas" for example whose users then often write antisemitic comments in local chat that then get very obviously offensive when put into context with the username.

    And there are of course also usernames which obscure the offensive term by using numbers or other characters such as "N4ZI"

    It's really just too much work and a really annoying hassle to file a full report on each and any of these names encountered.

    I'm by no means left or Antifa, but the amount of racist and "n4zi" players and usernames in this game is starting to get really sickening!

    Ironsight REALLY needs to do something about this and should certainly put more effort and time into banning these names and behaviors!

    The lack of a report button in this context is EXTREMELY disappointing in my view and I urge Ironsight to take this problem extremely serious and urge them to reimplement a report function AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    This should really have a higher priority than a lot of other things announced in the community update lists!

    And for the time being, as long as the report button is down, I strongly recommend the Ironsight Team spend some time on preemptively checking for obviousy offensive usernames manually.

    It really shouldn't be too hard to search username databases for key terms commonly appearing in offensive usernames like "Jew", "jews", "blacks", "white", "supremacy" "Gas" and the based on a quick manual case by case analysis, banning these names and their accounts from the game.

    The game being in open Beta stage is really no excuse at all for making it nearly impossible for users to report offensive usernames or hate speech!

    And calling it open Beta test also clearly won't help Ironsight Team in any potential legal matters possibly arising sooner or later from the current "neglect" of providing functional report tools (and taking immediate and appropriate actions whenever there are reports). ...Just saying.

    And @ the forum members, please consider to take screenshots and consider reporting offensive names and users when you encounter them in game, even though it currently really is an absolutely unacceptable hassle and procedure Ironsight requires us to go through, in order to report them.

    One thing I noticed, is how you often strafe rather randomly, when shooting at others.

    Since the angle the gun aims in doesn't change while moving, strafing directly affects the position where the shots land.

    So you can aim with the mouse and by strafing.

    You do that already, but what you don't do much is combine both of those ways to aim simultaneously.

    When you strafe while shooting at an opponent you often do that in a more or less random zigzag kind of scheme. But you often do it without simultaneously keeping the aim of the gun on target with the mouse, while strafing this way.

    And that results in you (and the opponent as well) missing a bunch of shots, making your bullets pass the target on the right and left.

    You could have a significantly shorter TTK in a bunch of these situations, if you managed to slightly adjust your aim with the mouse to compensate for your strafing to keep the crosshairs on target.

    If you practice harmonizing those two ways of aiming by mouse and by strafing motion better, you could be able to use strafing much better to your advantage.

    Because unlike the opponent who's "forced" to react to your movements in order to keep you in his crosshairs ((which in situations as quick and dynamic as that is of course nearly impossible for them due to their reaction time)), you happen to control both of those methods for your aim.

    So unlike them you can naturally greatly reduce (nearly eliminate) the time needed for your compensating your own aim to your own strafing movements by simultaneously and intuitively correcting aim with the mouse while strafing.

    In Ironsight this is of course a little harder to achieve than in some other games with larger maps and generally higher TTK of the weapons, but it helps practicing on that.

    So harmonizing and synchronizing your two ways of aiming, by mouse and by strafing movements, is what I'd personally recommend looking into and practicing on.

    You're probably even both pretty much perfectly right.

    But I'm a little more with Aadi on this issue.

    Just look at the game neutrally. It is fairly fun to play, It's alright if not even fairly good for a free game.

    But when it comes to pay content and potential pay to win then the game has MAJOR if not completely disqualifying issues.

    First of all, the awful netcode. That may be fixed soon, we'll see on that.

    Secondly the offered content to pay for. Seriously most if not 90% of the skins offered for the guns are designed truly awful! I know what I'm talking about there! I have designed fan merchandise for a professional soccer team with others, and as a hobby I have designed a bunch of digital content, plane skins etc...

    The skins for the guns are designed so cheap and with such little effort that in nearly all of the cases the standard gun happens to look better and has the highest quality textures available, with the exception of a few chrome skins.

    The designers of the gun's skins often didn't even bother scaling the textures right, to fit them on the guns well.

    Just to give one simple example: Look at the zebra skins (or pick just about any other theme, but the zebra one is one of the most obvious cases) for the various guns and check how big or small the zebra stripes appear on the various guns and attachments. On some guns the zebra stripes almost shrink down to the width of the pixels in the arctic digital theme skins. The worst example for how bad and pixelated some skins get to look on some of the guns is usually the secondary weapon KARD.

    I could have done a much better job with nearly all of the skins myself in 'no time'!

    And it really doesn't take much effort to scale textures properly so that they look somewhat good on the guns and scopes!

    Aside from the pay content or netcode the games graphics are outdated and low end quality, which is okay and fine for players using low end hardware such as laptops. And for a free to play game with some pay content that s a nice and may even be a reasonable and profitable approach, as long as the worldwide "market" and player base using such equipment is big enough.

    But when it comes to maximizing profits by turning it into a Pay2Win game, then it needs to compete with MUCH more sophisticated and by all accounts GREATLY superior games! As Aadi888 said, it would get CRUSHED by the competition in No TIME! And not only that, even much worse, Ironsight would get CRUSHED BY IT'S OWN PLAYER BASE, which is already constantly complaining in the in-game chat all the time! It could easily take less than a week for 90% of the players to just uninstall it and leave permanently if the change to more Pay2Win was drastic and obvious enough! Most of the players play because Ironsight currently is very fair for free players and because it has the image of being a Beta project under development offering fun free play for low end hardware players all over the word!

    It is just better than many other FREE games! That is THE ONLY REASON why Irosight currently has a fairly active player base now on the few servers!

    But I am sure that by the instant this changed and Ironsight was not FREE for all or not FUN for the free players anymore, then Ironsight would instantaneously and inevitably begin to die at a shockingly fast rate! it really doesn't take much to see that Irosnsight could not compete and survive such an attempt.

    And because this is so, I fear that the development efforts to fix the issues and launch a non beta version will be rather small, due to the lack of potentially large profits. This game is simply was outdated before it's development began and will be even more outdated by the time it's finished, if it ever will be finished...

    I personally only play this game currently because it's free. And to a large amount I only really play it as a test and experiment whether with the awful internet connection that I have to deal with here on this island, it makes any sense to be looking into other alternative online games.

    I would personally much rather spend a bunch more money and buy myself a PS4 and Star wars Battlefront 2 than purchasing ugly gun skins for $10 in Ironsight! But with the poor internet here where I live, both of those options really don't make any sense for me currently. So I'll enjoy the Ironsight moments while my ping is down and live with the ping jumping up to awful values more or less often.

    And maybe, If I'm really lucky, the next two updates with the promised improvements regarding netcode will make things in Ironsight MUCH BETTER for me. - That would be nice!

    So I'll wait and see and in the mean time live with what It is now and give the developers and moderators and members of the forum my feedback and suggestions and contribute my opinion.

    That's another nice example and all, but don't get me wrong, If I understand it correctly from the discussion here in this thread, then you're the same guy who posted the video.

    I just asked because I thought it would be nice to hear about this from other users, if they had similar experiences or not. just to collect a few opinions to make up my mind about something like this.

    Simple question:

    How can players report users with offensive in-game usernames like

    ShowerTImeJews ?

    Why is there only a "block" but no "report" button in game for usernames like the above example or people using racist language in chat?

    Mystery box are a classic scam in many games in fact the company will tell you its a random prize system, but that not the true the true is you should never use your own money on the mystery box I adrely see this system on others games and how it work when you are low level and you open your first box you will easy win something good after buying more and more here come the scam you will never win any more something good at least you spend crazy amounts of money on it here I use 70$ on my own money to show it I win nothing special plus 171k in gold money I got only trash because the game force you to add money on it over and over again more you buy box less chance you have to win good skins for your guns you should never spend your own money on mystery box buy the things you need first if you really want a gun skin buy it with the AP system directly from the shop and when you got all you need then spend only 5k on box for fun only in this way you don't get ripped off.
    Watch the video i made here you will see what im talking about:


    Is there anyone here who spent money on the game and purchased boxes who can report similar experiences to what is shown here in the impressive video?

    aeria doesnt really care about players. That survey was made only to fool people. Do you really think they would change their business plan to make you happy? They only care about the money.

    Look at every other game aeria & gamigo touched, it got ***(removed) by cash shop items, and so will ironsight. Its only a matter of time before it becomes p2w.

    My personal impression is that this game might likely not even make it that far, to be honest.

    As a free player you don't really have any right to be dissapointed. You get boxes that have chances to give you anything people who spend money on the game for (except very little amount of gun skins and characters). It is extremely friendly to those who don't spend cash. Also, considering NONE of it is needed to actually play the game and it's all just cosmetic you really should not be complaining.

    Okay just to get this straight:

    So because I disagree with you and you're obviously running out of reasonable arguments, you're now taking it to the personal level, saying that because I'm not foolish enough to spend my money on a flawed and unbalanced beta test game, unlike you, I'm not entitled to state my personal opinion here???

    Did I get that about right?

    It's probably due to bad connection and the net code, but I keep dying on the crane rides (the moving steel platforms hanging on cranes) in the dam map a lot.

    It's a more or less random sudden death with the message: "suicide" and "killed by Contraception".

    And it appears that it tends to happens especially often just the instant when I press the button to activate a hydra or other drones while on the platform, or when putting down a claymore mine. Sometimes it also happens when selecting secondary weapons.

    And before you ask or comment on it, nope it's not me doing anything wrong like accidentally moving and falling off the ride.

    I've even had it happen twice, that I died together with someone else on the ride in the same moment, so I guess it's probably not only due to my own, rather unstable, internet connection with highly varying ping times.

    Okay I admit your argument is indeed a very convincing one.

    But there are also always different ways to adjust those issues.

    Obviously Ironsight is apparently somewhat less greedy than other games then and gives higher amount or "higher value" of in-game currency than others for the bucks spent then. As I said I didn't spend money on it and won't, not in this state.

    But also just as obviously, even the loot crate system is poorly balanced as of how it is was and still is now.

    Not that I'm a fan of loot crates progression at all.

    (And from what I understand the Lawmakers in the European Union seem to be cracking down pretty harshly on those kind of "online gambling" systems, which I personally believe is a very good thing.)

    As Isaid, there are a whole bunch of ways to tweak the whole system such that it offers reasonable value for paying customers while avoiding the described major disappointments for them and free players earning currency through rewards for daily login or challenges.

    Still I admit the loot crate system in Ironsight, even poor as it is now, is still better than those of many other games, because it at least allows purchasing weapons directly.

    But it could easily have those disappointing imbalances such as 10% return value for doubles and 5000 gold in 30 chip boxes removed, while at the same time offering good and balanced value for paying customers.

    This could just as easily and be done by adjusting in-game currency exchange rates, prices for items, "discounts" and combined package deals, and last but not least by adjusting the exchange rate or price of in-game currency purchased with real money. There are a "million" ways to achieve good and balanced value for customers while at the same time avoiding to "reward" free players with disappointments.

    It's just not encouraging at all for free players who are not opposed to spend real bucks on the game and it's crates, when they repeatedly experience these frustrations and disappointments with the crates during their time trying out the game for free.

    The awfully low return value on duplicates, as well as some of the laughably low value "items" to be won in the crates, as discussed here in this thread, are really just VERY bad and counter productive in terms of marketing and promoting the entire system to it's active players.

    It just feels so unfair to players continuously earning these "nasty" low value "rewards" in the boxes, that I'm certain it really appalls many of them from spending real money on them.

    I fully agree.

    But even worse is opening the limited alligator box after spending 30 chips, just to end up "winning" a ridiculous 5000 gold.

    That is really nasty!!!

    Not that I spent any real money, which I personally will never do while being a "test bunny" in an open beta game at such an awfully bugged state.

    But the experience and the mere possibility of ending up with a ridiculous 5000 gold after wasting 30 chips surely keeps me from spending any real money ever, unless things like this nasty kind of rip off in these lottery boxes are completely eliminated.

    And the 10% automatic "sale" for double items are also really awful.

    In my humble personal view, developers and CEO's of a company making money by selling pixel loot crates as costly as they're trying to do in Ironsight, may honestly shove anything below 50% return value for purchased double items right up their lower digestion tract! (To phrase it half what "politely" and according to the forum rules.)

    There may be enough people going along with that. but definitely not me!

    So the free to play aspect of this game sure is very appreciated! A few commercials here and there would also be absolutely fine with me under those circumstances, but spending money for pixel loot crates under the current conditions, Nope! - Sure won't ever win me as paying customer that way!

    Back on topic pls.

    If you can't take criticism its not my problem i told you to not take it personally.

    Oh I can take criticism, but I reserve the right to accept it by whomever and whenever I want. Some people like the way I write some don't.

    Some people here have a longer attention span, some don't.

    Your criticism has been noted, and you might be surprised that I didn't take it personal.

    Still I'm not planning to change my style.

    But you asked for a short and juicy answer, so that's what you got.

    So back on topic then:

    Go ahead feel free to contribute something substantial to the topic for a change, because so far you really haven't.

    The last substantial argument on topic here in this discussion happens to be my answer to an earlier posting of yours on the other hand.

    So basically you're saying... you don't want gameplay/feel improvements... you want fancier flames...?


    He said "But about visualizing what teams flames they are, I must say I tend to disagree.

    Yes it would naturally be useful for players, but in terms of gameplay I personally think it's actually better not to visualize what team's flames they are."
    He just thinks the way you dont know which teams flames they are make the game more immersive.

    Which is stupid cuz the game is an multiplayer experience that needs gameplay changes and not immersime gameplay that singleplayer games are known for

    What's really STUPID is calling other peoples arguments stupid, without even fully understanding what effects the suggested change has yourself.

    Shouldnt be a ince. most likely a zoning granate?

    Without any indicator it is going to zone your own team lol.

    So what? What's so horrible about it?

    As I just wrote in the other answer, weapons have and need to have advantages and disadvantages over alternative weapons. And zoning the own teammates is a very good and mild disadvantage for an incendiary grenade.

    If you drop an incendiary grenade where you stand you kill yourself. You only don't hurt your own teammates, so players can't sabotage their own team.

    If the player who throws the grenade can't walk into the flames himself, and thereby zones himself - why on earth should his own teammates be informed that his own flames harming himself don't harm them instead? Just so they can take advantage over him and walk into the flames where he can't get unharmed and score whatever points they can score that he can't? They'll even run in just to "steal his kills".

    If team mates get to see the flames are not harmful to them, then they can and will take advantage whenever possible and in the end such a change would actually end up "punishing" the user of the grenade. And we all here know how egoistic the player community in this game is, when playing the game and how little team play there is.

    You can all here disagree with me, that's fine. As I said and explained with my arguments, I believe that in the end overall the suggestion would turn out to being a rather bad idea for gameplay!

    No, not at all, DUH!

    I'm saying I disagree and believe in the end and overall it is indeed BETTER for the game and gameplay if the teammates can not just see what team's incendiary grenade's flames those are!

    Weapons happen to have (and they need to have) advantages as well as disadvantages over other alternatives.

    And I happen to believe that the aspect of team mates not being able to see what teams flames they are, actually is a very good and very mild disadvantage that comes with using this weapon and the suggested change would actually come with bigger downsides for the user of the incendiary grenade!

    When I saw the thread title I thought it's about the really ugly and cheap crappy look of the flame effects.

    But about visualizing what teams flames they are, I must say I tend to disagree.

    Yes it would naturally be useful for players, but in terms of gameplay I personally think it's actually better not to visualize what team's flames they are.

    I just personally think it only adds to the fun and gameplay not visualizing.

    This game basically has too much reconnaissance and warnings supporting the player already anyways.

    There's hardly much room for creative and surprising gameplay already!

    This is actually the one of the main aspects I personally really dislike about this game, because it makes gameplay so "one dimensional".

    Just too much reconnaissance and enemy awareness in addition to drones that are very useful for the users, but sadly rather bad for overall gameplay. The available drones players can use effectively almost "sabotage" all the game modes missions, as they turn nearly every game mode available to choose from into dull variations of "Team Death Match" where the few "fools" playing the objective for the team just get punished and in the end not even rewarded with an honorable mention of MVP in the celebration screen.

    In terms of game play design, the currently available drones are just not really compatible with the offered game modes and maps.

    But back to the flame effects:

    Make them look better, but let the flames scare all the cowards off and reward the few brave who test them when it's their own teams flames!

    I totally agree with that part.

    Directx9 s completely outdated and then (if I understand it right) this game is already in it's beta version for something like 2 years now with pretty awful netcode - and directx9 hasn't been getting any newer....

    But I got to give them credit for their truly very honorable attempt to making it all free to play and playable for anybody, even with lower end hardware such as laptops. And that type of hardware is extremely common all over the world and what many people use to play online games on, especially in countries not as wealthy as the European ones or the US.

    But at the current rate of development it sadly has to be feared the game will already be outdated before it ever reaches it's final non beta stage launch.

    Not to mention near complete lack of potential to successfully realize any serious e-sports gaming ambitions the developers obviously have due to all this.

    But aside from my personal beliefs and opinion, I sincerely do wish them success.