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    aeria doesnt really care about players. That survey was made only to fool people. Do you really think they would change their business plan to make you happy? They only care about the money.

    Look at every other game aeria & gamigo touched, it got ***(removed) by cash shop items, and so will ironsight. Its only a matter of time before it becomes p2w.

    I don't like cats. They are filthy disqusting and smelly. Only reason people should ever get a cat if they are lonely, and can leave the cat outdoors for 90% of the time, not to get their clothe, house, and everything smelling like cat excrement. Cats also drink from the toilet. Cats go to the toilet, stand in their own excrement, and proceeds to walk on your kitchen counter, tables, sofa, everything. cats are disqusting

    1: I will chalk this up to netcode, but as it currently stands, I have multiple instances recorded in which a sniper misses his first shot completely, I shoot (and hit) multiple rounds at ~30 meters and he still kills me in a single hit despite the supposed screenshake he should be dealing with, but isnt due to netcode.

    Bad aim. I rarely win a fight if i miss my first shot. I guess there must be a hidden matchmaking system and i only get matched with people of high and similar skill to me.

    2: the auto snipers are weak with one exception. Thermal scope plus hair trigger turns my dragunov from almost useless into a usefull CQB weapon due to the two hit kill at a reasonable rpm. At longer ranges, assuming equal ability to aim, the semi auto will always lose unless its a duel in an open field. Then, and only then, does the auto sniper gain the advantage.

    No. At range you're still dead if they can hit their shots with auto sniper.

    My guess to the RPM of the DSR and blaser is that they are around 50-60

    That would be 1 shot per second, and even questioning that they could be even higher is stupid. They're not.

    Tbh hes correct about aeria & gamigo fking every game up. Buy the rights to a game, then ***(removed) it with cashshop items, ironsight probably will be p2w in the future aswell.

    IGN: Who cares

    "How i uninstalled the game (For the 10th time)

    It was one of the hottest summers in denmark for years. It was 22:00 a sunday evening, and i was getting ready for bed. I had just finished my last game of Ironsight for the night, but little did i know, It was the last game of my life. My vacation had ended, and it was time to get back to work. I worked 06:00-16:00 and didnt want to waste my precious time, at a broken game, that had been in development for so long, but yet failed to amuse me. It felt.. dead.. repetitive... unrewarding, and above all *Yaaawwn* boring. I liked the loot system, and i didnt feel like i got scammead from boxes, considering it was a free game, but the game itself, just got boring after level 30. So before i shut off my pc, went to bed, masturbated and watched netflix on my ps4, i uninstalled ironsight for good.

    DO NOT READ any of this as stating there are no cheats in this game, there most certainly is a much higher percentage of people using cheats than most will admit, the evidence of how widespread cheating is in PC gaming is overwhelming no doubt about it

    PC gaming is nothing but cheaters and liars tbh. Well, fps games that is. All F2P FPS games are infested with them, and cheap P2P games aswell, like csgo. I recently added an add-on for chrome, that would let me see banned accounts from my recent matches. Out of 200 games or something, i averaged about 2 vac banned accounts per game.

    And no, the DSR-1 really doesn't require all that much skill because the one hit kill area of chest is relatively large and the rifle reloads quick enough to land a second hit, even when the target reacts and sees you and fires back.

    This is wrong. Unless the range is waaay far, or they simply can't aim for shet. You rarely even have time to whip out your secondary to finish off a hitmarker, before you drop dead.

    By the time a user of a CF-X50 fired enough well aimed shots to kill someone the DSR-1 is already reloaded and ready to kill again.

    Ive died multiple times to the cf, and can almost 100% say that you can't. If he hits all his shots, you wont have time to do a follow up shot. This is, if both him and you see eachother the same time, and have the same reaction time.

    especially the DSR-1 reloads much too fast!

    Again, it really doesn't.

    I do. People gotta stop hating on snipers, and learn to deal with them. I play sniper myself 99% of the time, but when i do use an smg or assault rifle, i have no trouble at all dealing with snipers. There is alot of cons of using one, and if you know the cons, then use them against us. We really aint that hard to kill. Snipers works like this in any game out there exept for bf. But bf has 100x larger maps, so one shotting isnt necessary(spellcheck). Call of duty 1shot, counterstrike 1shot, blacksquad 1shot, AvA 1shot, crossfire 1shot, warface 1shot, suddenattack 1shot, CA 1shot.. Im sure there is a very few others, but hardly known games who don't deal with snipers 1shotting, but this is just how they work.

    this looks sooo good keep up the great work! :) wich programm do you use and wich one is a good for free I wanted to try this too! c: <3

    Hello. You can try out sony vegas 15 for a free 30days on their website. You can create almost any edit style you could think of. I made a oldschool type edit on my Youtube, should be a link in my signature if you're interrested,-

    Join NA server if youre EU. Not only does it increase your ping but NA players are trash at most fps games, so winwin, you get more kills

    tried it few times sometimes works sometimes not lol

    Seems to work well for me, although the few extra kills are not worth the toxicity

    This just sounds like classic lag issues that was a massive thing in earlier stages of the beta. If you are a high pinger you can run around the map with everyone "frozen" in place and you'd be able to kill however you want and as much as you want. The people who were being killed would just see some guy stood still from across the map killing them but it just wasn't updating from client side properly.

    :/ how to increase my ping

    Join NA server if youre EU. Not only does it increase your ping but NA players are trash at most fps games, so winwin, you get more kills

    Level doesnt mean anything brah, im only 30, and get 30+ avarage with dsr..

    js that making sniper rifle only ohk to the head would make them useless on such small maps. It works in battlefield, because of the size of the maps. Doesnt work here, if you get a hitmarker or miss youre most likely dead or will atlrast trade kill the enemy because the ttk is so high and you arent exactly the flash when you try and switch to your secondary

    There is alot of cons. Ive got one shot, i miss i die. Barely ever have time to pull out your 2ndary. Theres more than one enemy? I die. Unless i position myself right or they suck @ss. Thats just to mention the obvious ones. Ive given a more in deph one on another post, think its called snipers are op or something? It has alot of answers so it should be easy to find if you care too

    The sniper's problem is that the scope is f*cked up, you can move too much while scoping and the scope itself doesn't blur at all (if you play CS:GO you'd know what I mean).

    Even if you move while scoping, the shot will go where you aim at.

    I actually for once agree with something. I never noticed this and i only play with dsr. Im so used to csgo that moving and shooting with the sniper never crossed my mind, but i tried this out, and yes, i agree. This needs to be nerfed. I don't agree with any other nerf for the sniper. We already have too many cons for using them.