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    I usually get 2, sometimes 3 LAWS in a game. I've taken down so many score streaks. Not to mention I solely run the rocket launched as a secondary. I don't think any of the score streaks are overpowered. The Zeus is powerful, but it literally only lasts for like 10 seconds lmao.

    Depends on the game mode and what is your highest streak (but in this post I'm talking about LAWs being the highest I run). In TDM and S&D it's nearly impossible to get 3 LAWs since it would require 6k point.

    However, that has not been my point in this post. My point has been about the timing of when you get them and how it is restrictive. I've earlier posted about running EMP launcher and holding on to the laws so not getting into that again.

    But again, the sniper has to position himself smartly and also have a quick trigger. The ONLY nerf that I see viable is making your movement speed slower. That way you are not as efficient at just running around and sniping, since changing position would take longer.

    I disagree with the imbalance. I know the developers are looking for a nerf, but still don't think they need one(talking about the bolt-action snipers). Yes, they are powerful and arguably one of the best guns in the game but in no way overpowered.

    Yes, you guys are right that they can win any duel in CQB and also long range.

    Yes, it can be annoying since you shot first.

    Yes, there are spots that a sniper can just camp in.

    Now let me break down why I don't think they are op.

    First of all the camping. It's simple, avoid that part of the map if you can't take them down. I've never experienced that I haven't been able to flank and kill them from behind or throwing a nade to kill them.

    The one shot kill is what makes a sniper a sniper and also fun! Yes sometimes you lose a fight CQB but that happens (quite often). But the key here is that you only lose it if it's a 1v1 and the sniper is really good. If you would go with a teammate then the sniper should have no time to get a second shot out. Now for the 1v1 scenario you can bait out a shot by shoulder-peeking and then run out (the original poster should be familiar with doing this since it's a regular thing in Cs).

    Because of this I don't find them overpowered. If they were, then everyone would only use them and dominate the game but you need skill for that which few people have.

    This is a great idea! Especially combined with being able to change the size and perhaps even the color (for us colorblind people).

    I haven't checked, but it would be nice if it was possible to change the color the sights (and maybe also as a cosmetic to change the look of the dots!)

    Is it while trying to install the launcher or applying the patches/installing the game?

    Since the error is a /video I'm guessing it's the latter.

    Have you checked that you have enough space on your harddrive/SSD?

    Remember to launch as administrator.

    Try reinstalling the launcher and then download the game again.

    Try to use a different drive (if you have multiple).

    If non of these help, then I personally don't know.

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    I have time to get 2 laws per game

    Yes it is easily possible to get 2 LAWs per game. It's not that. It's the fact that you can't get the second one before the enemy team gets a Hellbird.

    It forces everyone to use something that they might not want so that everyone doesn't have to camp for 30sec inside a building. It just freezes the game.

    And personally, using an EMP launcher would butcher my playstyle since I play highly aggressive and often switch to my secondary.

    It's that you can't really do anything against a Hellbird unless you are running these (I didn't even go into the fact that you can quite easily get Hellbirds in S&D as well which is bonkers). If they'd nerf the dps of the LAWs, and also make the other changes, in that case (if nothing else) the LAWs would have time to dmg the Hellbird enough for it to be semi-easily shot down manually. I do not want to render it useless, but since it can have a huge impact on the game and is easy to get,it should be more easy to take down.

    Aadi888 I did not know about that bug! I must give it a try.

    However, if it's difficult to "abuse" the bug, then it could be considered skill which would be okay as long as it doesn't get too overpowered.

    That's my take on it without using it lol

    Hey everybody!

    I have little shy off 30 hours in-game time at the point of writing this so I have a good feel for the game (but obviously still quite new).

    Something that bothers me in the game maybe even more than trading kills are the streaks. Not what they do, but when (and how) you get them.

    For those of you who don't know, you get the streaks by getting score(kills etc.) but also with time. Dying does NOT reset your progress.

    My gripe is with the strongest streak, especially the Hellbird (and Zeus). I "love" both, but since they can turn the game around drastically, and are easy to get since dying doesn't affect the progress,

    they become annoying. Yeah, I know we have something amazing called the LAWS, but here is my problem, you MUST have one on your team but the timing is so off.

    Since the laws score is 2000 points, whereas the Hellbird is in the high 3000's (3600 to be exact), you are forced with a stupid decision: Call, or not to call [the LAWs].

    It feels like I am forced to hold on to my LAWs in the chance of a Hellbird coming, instead of deploying it to take care of drones and then getting a second one later, before the Hellbird.

    Even if I'm crushing it, I can't seem to get it in time.

    If it isn't clear why this bothers me, it's that it locks me in, forces me to save it and not get my UAVs running again.

    What I would suggest is up the cost of both the LAWs (since it's strong) and the Hellbird. I'd up the laws with 250 points (to 2250) and the Hellbird with 750 (to 4350).

    I'd also up the required points for the Zeus and the Metal Reaper with 300 points for balance against the Hellbird.

    This would make the choice more simple. You have time to get 2 LAWs since you will have your drones to help gain you score,

    but you still have to perform well to be able to get the second LAWs before the Hellbird.

    This would make them harder to achieve, more rewarding to get, and gives great players the chance to get a second LAWs to counter them before that.

    What do you guys think? What do you agree on and what do you disagree with?

    I'm more than happy to hear what you guys are thinking.

    TLDR; Streak balance is off. Up the points required for Hellbird (up to 4350ish) and LAWs to balance them out to favor skill over streaks.

    Happy fragging,


    Great stuff coming for Ironsight!

    Really looking forward to the netcode changes that (hopefully) will lessen the amount you trade or get shot around corners.

    I personally like the balance of the guns. Some are too "easy", like the AR-57, but not in any way broken.

    I'd suggest to just make hipfire less viable for most guns. I feel like that in itself would nerf the higher capacity guns.

    Keep the patches and updates rolling!

    Rock and roll,