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    or we can continue here since it already exists and the issue is the same, EXCEPT it is NA not Eu. oh btw in case you guys haven't noticed the NA servers have been dropping people, having insanely long load times, crashes, etc. For quite some time now. Everyone I know is playing on the EU servers atm even with the giant ping difference forcing us to have a disadvantage. So unless you wanna come clean and claim NA servers are also perfectly fine with documented proof lol then I think there is work to be done.

    Working on the issue? Working on it for a few weeks now? Let us all know when it will be fixed then. Or actually let us all know when there is something done period that is beneficial to directly improving the performance of the servers specifically. Thanks.

    But I am sure that they already took action against the player if he really violated the ToS.

    There's violations to the ToS occurring all the time. Everyday in fact. If they planned on honoring the ToS things would have been different a long time ago.

    you know the game might run better if you weren't tracking number of shots fired... Just a tiny thought. BTW some repair work would be nice since it has been hit or miss on if you can:

    A: Launch the game from Launcher.

    B: Actually get into matches without it being stuck on 1 second left till game starts in lobbies.

    C: Be lucky enough to get in the match from said glitched out lobby screen as heard of in (B) but then get stuck when match actually starts and cannot move, shoot, emote, etc. Only option is to go back to lobby and re-queue.

    D: Excessively longer queue times. Having "so many people" since the game is "a hit" I would think matchmaking would be significantly faster.

    Don't get me wrong I like the game, and I am aware that the team responsible is small. But the server functionality should be more important than random statistics that will be discarded shortly after being posted. Or events that give us Monkey 50 Chip Boxes. Or news reports that only tell us there is a random contest being put on for the amusement of the few, to which also only really receive 50 chip boxes. Oh and while I'm at it about boxes can we chill with the excessively heavy weight on the grenades, ammo types and the meaningless frivolity of the supply box drop chances? At the very least remove the 1-day drops because that is nothing but a slap to anyone's face if they buy a supply box and its a Jackhammer (shotgun) to the ballz if people are foolish enough to buy a superior supply box burning chips they can't even get anymore from normal supply boxes... If you want to make only 2 types of currency thats fine just get rid of chips already and limit it to GP and AP only. The gradual removal of all avenues to acquiring chips outside of basically only events is irksome. If you really wanted to be creative you might make a way to get chips via resource take over since your basically using the same icon for both trinitium and chips anyway. Might even make the gamemode more popular, I noticed its not up there in your wonderful statistics.

    BUT BEFORE ALL THAT. Forget everything I mentioned. The servers themselves come first. Can't get accurate results if people can't play now can you.

    If I remember the asian patchnotes when that AN94 nerf came into effect, it was essentially to stop macro users from abusing the an94's firerate. Now, there's a cap on how fast you can click, while the recoil reduction and damage change are essentially negligible (I used the an94 in this patch and only the fire rate change is noticable imo)

    heh Their decision on how to work out the issue of macro users is a faulty one. The line "Just nerf the weapon" is too BS in this instance. If the nerf is for the macro users then what are you doing to the players who play legitimately? It is not a nerf anymore, it is a punishment for those who like the gun.

    But yeah the first nerf way back when was needed because it was indeed a bit too op. The second nerf slit its wrists causing perpetual bleeding. And then this nerf like I mentioned at the beginning of my post ... well... The final nail was pound into the coffin. I've tried to use it since the nerf and I just cant anymore. Nearly ANY other weapon now can out pace the TTK between the 2 not to mention... You know what I'm literally just repeating myself from what I said earlier. Go read the main post lol.

    So once again have to make this comment. Why ISN'T Free For All NOT on active rotation yet? I'm getting tired of my overall favorite gamemode being shafted every patch by it not coming into the fold so to speak. There is no reason why it shouldn't be in the list for public matches but yet it is still only allowed in Customs. Now a topic that isn't so simple...

    Why on This Green Earth thats low on resources has the AN-94 been Nerfed AGAIN? It has been on the losing end and on its deathbed since the last nerf. With this:

    • Recoil decreased by 3 (90 to 87)
    • Damage decreased by 2 (28 to 26)
    • Rate of Fire decreased by 10 (62 to 52)

    You drove the final nail in the coffin.

    So aside from people who cheat and abuse macros to get the highest accuracy for the weapons rate of fire. The damage was already low enough to lose 85%+ of the gunfights solely based on the smgs and AR's damage and fire rates already outpace the AN94 since you dont have to click in order to shoot. Furthermore you have to remain accurate with the AN-94 whereas with all other guns you have a bit more leeway. The AN-94 just keeps getting so much flak I'm guessing because of the macro abusers that clearly have no skill cuz otherwise they wouldnt be using them. But jsut cuz the AN-94 can be abused in such a way doesn't mean the fix for it would be to nerf the gun just add a delay before the minimum next click to block out these macro users OR jsut setup a program that detects too many perfectly time clicks in a row and then ban the guy. Sure it might be a lot of work but I guarantee getting rid of the macro abusers would help out with the game and all the technical reports you guys must get on the forums.

    So basically noobles your saying we are taking a laptop to a bomb location. Got it.

    And as for YOU misfire lol. Where did I say anything at all about CodMW? In any event I'm just pointing out that from a gaming aspect combine with both gaming elements and real life elements. The version of SnD that IS offers is painful. It's too easy to camp and since nearly everyone uses a one shot rifle they get too many easy lanes of opportunities. Now sure you could camp in GitS:FA but at least there you had the option to use an ability that instantly puts everyone on an equal footing if you fully understood the function and can make use of it. Furthermore if bomb *cough* sorry when laptop is planted in IS all you do is instantly run to the location and defuse no strings attached aside from a player or 2. In FA, or even CS for that matter. You have a location where you can put the bomb anywhere in said location. Which that alone adds depth to the game since you dont just instantly go to the one guaranteed box on the ground.

    But here's where I will cut myself short rather than go on multiple tangents. And I will counter myself like I'm sure someone else will eventually. "Oh well Xan then just don't play SnD and save yourself the grief or an inferior gamemode." And I'll be like your exactly right unknown person and that is exactly what I do. But I have to keep the warriors on the forums busy from time to time cuz it is a topic and people love their topics.

    that is what makes it realistic. Search and destroy always have players camping. If you want to play aggressively then play it smartly. Campers can always be killed by grenades, flanking, explosives, ambushing. You saying that you dont even care about trying to solve the issue with what the game offers and just make the conclusion that its a whole new level of camping.

    Realistic? SnD in ironsight? So What is SnD? Normal people think SnD is taking a bomb to a location plant and it explodes. Objective after planting is to protect the bomb until it DOES explode.

    So what is SnD in Ironsight? Oh yeah. We carry a laptop, NOT a bomb, to a predesignated location where a "bomb" is already located. Not an actual objective area to plant on and while we are at it defending the bomb... well considering it is HUGE and in a singular location, granted there are 2 possible locations but only one can have the laptop at any given point of time... its much harder to defend something that is PAINFULLY obvious and in the open. Now lets take into consideration SnD done right.

    Good example is Ghost in the Shell First Assault's version of a SnD.

    You are carrying an ACTUAL BOMB. And each location you need to "plant" on, is a decently sized location where you can plant anywhere within the location. Now have I mentioned the planting location is decently sized? You actually have enough space to properly setup a trap if you have the operator that can do so, or you can hide and wait till they are distracted with defusing and just walk up and drop them. Main point being, the defusal team needs to find the bomb in the planting location and then defuse it WITH or without taking down those protecting it.

    Also First Assault was a hero shooter, so each operator had their own unique ability allowing gameplay to be much deeper than just point, shoot, miss due to netcode and lag and then complain about meta weapons.

    CamperKing If it takes you a full magazine to take someone down to half HP, then that is something serious that I strongly suspect be due to your network rather than the servers itself, especially since I and essentially all other players have never had an issue of anywhere near that extent. I have yet to experience desync that results in invisible drones or players (either after this update, or in the year and a half I have played Ironsight), and I can assure you that Magnum rounds do not increase penetration, I tested them myself again and unless there is some serious bug the only effect they should have is on headshot damage and not penetration.

    I do believe these problems you're experience are related to your connection to the servers rather than an issue with the actual servers themselves. Might I ask what country you you live in/ play from, and to what server do you connect to (NA, EU or SA)?

    To be fair I have also come across "invisible Drones" It's not often but all it is, is the player is around where you are, you kill them and then their drone catches up to where they WERE as they die. HOWEVER on your screen all you see is you killing said player and then you take phantom bullets from no where and then in the somewhat death highlight that we have you see the drone come flying out of a wall or something.

    And the two times I have had an issue of invisible players, I have no idea how to explain it. Basically from my experience I kill said dude. They respawn but within seconds of me killing them I die to "looks at killfeed" _______ K2C Xanaarius. No enemy name just a blank spot with nothing in it. So I'm like meh w.e netcode sux. So then I respawn again and take 2 steps and die again to the same blank name. Repeat maybe 2 more times and then the match either ends or goes back to normal. So I can say that I have indeed experienced invisible people and drones. But both occurrences are rare. Though the drones shooting through walls is far more common.

    So Magnum bullets ARE AMAZING they DO increase the damage you deal with headshots.

    ONE ISSUE. its not worth it in the slightest. Grabbed a friend and jumped into Custom matches to test it out.

    used a smg, ar, and lmg. Vector, K2c, and Ultimax100.

    I had Magnum Rounds equipped, friend did not. We setup a test for the ranges of 5 meters (M), 10M, 15M, 20M, 25M, and 30M.

    39M is a bit of an extreme unless your sniping for the most part BUT we all know one headshot with a sniper will already one shot kill so Magnum rounds is not useful. Unless your a mad lad memelord.

    So Through all the tests on EVERY single gun. YES the magnum rounds did INDEED do slightly more damage when hitting the head. HOWEVER, with every single gun the amount of bullets it took to kill a person at every single one of those ranges stayed exactly the same.

    So yeah... magnum rounds do nothing at all to help since the average headshot percent versus the whole body for me for example is about 9% - 11% across all my guns. Average headshot Percent for the average player I would assume is probably around 2% - 6%, based on the few people I have asked on what theirs were. Now if we also take into consideration the Netcode being as bad as it is and headshots becoming more rare due to the netcode we can all just assume the overall percentage of headshots is smaller than it is as well.

    So I don't know what the value of the headshot multiplier is on the Magnum rounds. I hear it is 0.2% for and increase or maybe its just 0.2. IDK but in any event it is not even remotely enough to justify using it over any of the other bullet types. Especially EMP for example. Tested that as well, emp bullets do quite a bit more than normal bullets to drones. Significantly more in fact. Now currently it seems they dont do ANYTHING at all to a hellbird BUT the Hellbird is classified as a Assault Drone so... Wiple get right on that, or are you claiming that the Hellbird is not a drone and we all have been cheating all this time using something not meant for this game.

    So aside from the sidetracked conversation with the emp bullets the Magnum bullets I think should just simply override the guns base headshot multiplier, instead of just adding to it and literally doing nothing as a result. I personally want there to be more skill in the game. AKA Make headshots ACTUALLY VALUABLE. So how about this. Equip Magnum bullets... HARD 2x multiplier. Just changes w.e it is per gun to 2X. Sure you could claim that if you did this that the game would be Pay to win now... But seriously what are we going to do with the GP we currently have, open boxes that no longer give us the chance of chip rewards?

    I honestly don't see a downside to the Magnum rounds being a hard 2X headshot multiplier. OTHER THAN the inevitable complaints of the people getting shot and killed by them. Point being though in that case is simply they should jsut learn to doge bullets or shoot faster. Not our problem if we are faster.

    So since CLEARLY no one has posted on the topic... *cough* (totally salt everywhere in discord that I see)

    New Shield. Yay. So where do we buy the dlc for non penetration rounds? I have had bullets coming STRAIGHT at me from someone not moving in a camping spot, I am also not moving AND crouching thinking I will block the bullets. I hear the dull thunk of bullets hit the shield and go RIGHT through it apparently cuz I am taking the damage proportional to the gun being fired. Now as far as I am aware if I am crouching and just holding the shield out, NOT using the deagle, I would assume I would block the bullets coming at me. Normally thats the case but not this time.

    Side note if anyone shooting at the enemy shield user "strafes" even slightly all their bullets apparently go right through the shield as well since apparently when the shield user moves their mouse the shield pretty much no longer exists in front of you. Also there have been a few times where people are in front of me they all of a sudden turn around and start shooting the ground in front of them, so they are showing ME their *cough* finer features. So they aren't facing me at all but when they start shooting I take damage and die.

    So I can only assume all of these issues are related to netcode. The size of the shield is completely a lie, for the size that it is it doesn't block the bullets it should, and the moment you start turning with the shield you lose all protection due to the netcode not being able to keep up.

    So lets just make the shield out of something other than paper and glue now shall we?

    So I have basically used the EMP Launcher ever since I started playing ironsight a few years ago. I just find the support it offers in dropping drones is invaluable. Now I checked my Achievements and I apparently don't have it Tier 5 Mastered yet so I thought that was a little weird. So I ran a few tests.

    Benchmark at Tier 4 117 / 500 drone kills with emp launcher.

    Map: Cloud 9, used it once and only once on an enemy Hydra. Checked after the match ended and I was at 118 / 500. Okay so Hyrdas do indeed count towards the total.

    Next match Map: Mart, used it once and only once on another enemy Hydra. Finished match and checked list. still 118 / 500. So I'm thinking apparently the map voids emp launcher drone kill progression.

    Next match Map: Titan, used it once and only once on a UAV recon, which coincidentally was what I was TRYING to shoot down this entire time through all these tests but for some reason NO ONE USED THEM. *COUGH* So titan. finished checked the list and I was still at 118 / 500.

    At this point I am thinking, okay MAYBE they just FUBAR'd the server and there is a time delay. Waited a day. And checked back and amazingly I was at 118 / 500. So not that ANYTHING will happen I decided to post this here. And I'm not going to bother to send a support ticket in cuz... honestly I am the ONLY one who would notice this kind of thing since I appear to be the only one ever using the emp launcher SO........ Besides how the FORD would I be able to send "Required" "picture" "proof" of said issue in the ticket anyway. So if anyone cares lol and I fully except this tower update to be the focus for the next 3 months after launch tomorrow. Since inevitably it will break the server and everyone will be spending time fixing the netcode again. Oh and one other request. Since I have now Mastered all of the Lethal weapons courtesy of my undying devotion to masochism I am soon to partake in the bliss of Mastering all 3 of out melee weapons. Now onto the request... After the tower update and the fixes can we please work on the melee hit detection and REMOVE magnet knifing from the game. AKA for those that don't understand what I mean by Magnet knifing... It is when you execution stab, chop, or slash with said melee and the camera locks on for a brief second to show you the gruesome killing. And then... just doesnt hit them... and then shortly after you die to the guy you SHOULD have clearly killed. OR you get lucky like me and get 3 Magnet Knifings in a row and THEN the guy kills you. Seriously melee needs a tune up it is severely unreliable when you need it most. Honestly making the hitbox detection bigger wouldnt be all that bad. You need to be right up on the target in any event to "execute" them in the first place. Think that about sums it up for this dual post. Oh and FOR THE RECORD. Just for those who want to make the comment anyways, YES I have the Assassin perk equipped. I've had it equipped for months now. ANYWAYS GLHF keep fragging.

    Unfortunately you guys are suggesting for Grade AAA game feedback which these devs has other things to worry about lol

    well im kinda expecting oh you know the game that they made to actually work as they designed it to. I mean they are visually on fire, they should burn. You know like it partially does right now. Except actually make it for the full duration of the visual effects.

    hijacking the thread :)

    S-Mines please improve. Very weak, I'm finally @tier4 s-mine (75 kills completed). It activates very slowly. Quite often a guy can just sprint around the mine and by the time it actually springs and explodes it deals very reduced damage or no damage at all.

    Also in a fight if you throw smine at enemy's feet you have 95% change that you get killed before it activates even though the enemy almost literally on top of the mine. Looks like it has about a second (or maybe a bit less) activation delay. And then it springs which takes another half second or so.

    Hijack away lol. Though the only thing I want to change on S-mines and Claymores is the duration. sure some people can claim that if they stay too long it promotes too much chaos hence why they magically vanish the instant your player dies. Since the code of the mines are linked directly to player life. So if that could be tweaked to at least stay for 2 lives or until replaced would be a vast improvement. 2 lives or maybe 15 seconds after your death. But yeah this instant magic that removes them on character death needs to go. I understand on the chaos front and the entity generation front but still it needs to go. If people keep dying to mines then either A: said person needs to open their eyes when they run around. B: quit taking the same route over and over again. or C: Quit killing the dude that plants the mines, cuz they can only have 2 unless they die...

    My opinion on this incediary granade is, that it is a very tactical nade to zone the enemy. I don't see a purpose in this nade to kill someone, but to zone them. Eg: bombplace, sniper spot, tactical bottlenecks, camper spots and more things. If you kill someone it is most likely luck, because the enemy was low or stupidity of the enemy.
    I most likely doubt that wiple games (the actual developer) will implement new mechanic or effect to this game for a nade which may need a rebalance, but works perfectly fine for the needs of most players.
    Additional I don't like this new mechanic, some players are already annoyed by the zoning effect of this lethal granade. Adding this burning effect to it until someone prones or whatever (tick damage makes here more sense), will just put additional stress to the player who is effected, already thinking of all the drones flying around and snipers sitting on their spots.

    Conclusion: Just to be able to grind an achievement better, it isn't good to attack the balance of the game, but maybe to adjust the kills needed for this achievement. The incendary nade is already very powerful and works well if you know when to use it. Not always to kill, but mostly to give you a tactical advantage.

    Well if your argument against it is that route lol then we just need to remove Incendiary Bombs from the achievement list in the first place. OR change the achievement to something along the lines of zoning duration on a point instead of kills. Otherwise the achievement is pointless. That or they could make the changes anyways cuz like mentioned above lol we do have Blast Protection. Honestly that should be a requirement to survive an Incendiary Bombs anyway.

    Regardless however, they DO need to change the fact that IF the enemy that just leaves the fire radius and is visually on fire they should remain on fire and taking damage for the remainder of the visual representation, because those 3 to 5 seconds of being visually on fire could absolutely be enough to kill a target.

    I still have yet to run into any hackers in this game, so I feel like something doesn't add up when I see people crying about other players hacking. As for afking in matches I agree it should just auto-kick after a set amount of time instead of banning. However, I feel like you weren't banned for afking and it was for something else instead. Again something doesn't add up here.

    The only thing I see when it comes to "HACKS" in this game are Netcode issues, people who have modified their .Ini files which should be and I think IS a bannable offense.

    Other than that I occasionally run into people that have some REALLY REALLY good softpoint bullets. Supposedly Soft point bullets jarrs your vision a bit if your ADSing from what I understand. And either barely anyone in the game uses the different bullet types OR the Soft Point Bullets don't do all that much in terms of jarring the vision. Then in walks said people that have a REALLY REALLY good Soft point bullet. I get hit by one of these players and normally im decently accurate on a persons torso at all times, but when these people show up I'm aiming everywhere BUT their torso, and the aiming reticle is all of a sudden inched away from the target whereas normally it barely ever moves off of them. So honestly IDK WTFORD is going on with the programming side of this game.

    So I have already submitted a support ticket on this but I figure I'd see if I can't drum up some support here as well.

    So in truly masochistic fashion I have set on a journey of Tier 5 Mastering all the Lethal weapons. I only have Incendiary, Claymore, and Spring Mines left. Currently working on incendiary Bombs.

    Now the way they work now just plan sucks. The damage is far too low and the tick rate is too slow. Now BEFORE anyone jumps down my throat for saying such words here me out.

    You can throw your incendiary, it ignites the ground blah blah all is good but if you ignite a player and they walk out of it visually they are on FIRE. They might get one tick of damage and then the damage stops but yet they are still visually on fire for a good 3 to 5 seconds afterwards. So Either the initial damage needs to be increased, or the tick damage needs to be tick faster.

    Regardless since we have the Perk Blast Protection (Even though that doesn't work properly either) I still feel as though the damage needs to be slightly increased on the Incendiary Bombs since getting kills is outrageously difficult. Now before anyone says it yes I know secure point is a gamemode, and it still doesn't help me all that much in getting Incendiary kills.

    Now other than those 2 suggestions I want to propose a new mechanic. If you get caught on fire via the Incendiary bomb. The fire visual effect should stay on you and TICK for the damage that it SHOULD do and these effects should be permanent until you STOP, DROP, and PRONE. This way its actually palatable to even remotely think about trying to master/use the Incendiary Bomb. I'm currently at 243 Incendiary Bomb kills out of 375 and as soon as I get these I will be done with the Incendiary Bomb, but through the Pain I have suffered through I am hoping that some changes to this lethal weapon come to fruition and make it an actual FUN Lethal Weapon to use.

    To close my rant I personally want to see the Stop, Drop, and Prone mechanic incorporated and I would like to see either the damage increased or the ticker rate increased. I honestly feel as though it needs both to be fully usable.

    only thing I can think of besides rather ill-methods, like some people do. Is to grab a full 6 man team that you have communication with and specifically wait till they plant and then your team rolls out and gets all but 1 kill or something of that nature while you defuse. Though luck is still a factor and good luck finding people willing to cooperate and help. Until the player base gets flooded by an actual steam release, the people available is SUPER limited.

    A good alternative for the drone's friend would be to make it a percentage decrease of, say, 10% on drone costs so that it's value remains equal relative to the cost of the drone, rather than declining as the games progresses.

    I mean I COULD get behind that but the fact I pointed out remains... It is technically the only perk that isn't progressively active throughout a match.

    So I have been attempting to burn through the Metal Reaper Achievement. Yeah... it's taking a long time to do so. So I figure hey why not use the Drones Friend perk to speed that up a bit. Then I realized that yes I am still going to use it, BECAUSE I am a masochist for achievements, but the perk is a WHOLE WHOPPIN ... ONE kill worth of a boost. I am finding myself typically with 1 to 3 more kills required to get my reaper the VAST majority of times in every match I play. GRANTED I play almost exclusively TDM so thats my first issue. Regardless though, even with my head on a swivel for kills and any and every drone that shows up I still end up barely missing my chance to drop a reaper.

    So I am thinking to myself, I'm still going to use it but "Drones Friend" has to be the most worthless perk in the whole lot. And I'm sure everyone or mostly everyone would agree with me on this point. It is a perk that is literally one effect and DONE no more use out of it AT ALL for the whole match.

    Jsut to point out what I mean here to drive the point home...

    Drones' friend: Reduces the required Contribution Points for deploying a Drone by 100 points.

    Assassin: Increases Melee Weapon accuracy by 10% and extends reach by 15%.

    Blast Protection: Reduces incoming explosive damage by 40%.

    Long Ears: Enables you to hear enemy footsteps much better.

    Quick Recovery: Hp recovery starts 20% faster and recovery time is reduced by 20%.

    K, SO Drones Friend is from its description a PASSIVE effect that basically removes 100 points from the total cost of whatever drone you select. Example Crawler is 800 points with DF its 700 points, Escort Drone is 2000 points with DF its 1900. SO on SO forth. So like mentioned it is a passive effect and its one activation and done... POOF it no longer does anything in the match.

    Assassin on the other hand your melee accuracy is increased by 10% and your range is increased by 15% for the WHOLE match.

    Blast Protection, 40% damage from explosives... GONE for the WHOLE match. Though I think BP is slightly glitchy and the 40% just randomly deactivates if you have a bit of hp missing and then you get hit by an explosive. I have had a few instances where I am at full hp with BP equipped and I am 4 or 5 meters away from a grenade, it detonates and it takes out 3/4 of my hp, but in contrast I have also had instances where I am 7 meters away and I get hit by a single bullet shaving off barely any of my HP bar and then said grenade that is 7 meters away detonates and it kills me flat out right jsut because I have a "tiny" bit of hp missing. BUT this is another conversation for another time.

    Long Ears, meh, I mean footsteps are loud as BALLz in the game as they are now, why would the average player need them louder? Point being though, this is a passive buff that work for the WHOLE match.

    And then Quick Recovery, recovery starts faster and heals you faster and that effects you, you guessed it, the WHOLE match.

    So all in all. I honestly think Drones Friend needs a rework. Since it is the only one that stops being of any use the moment the match starts. Some may say Long Ears is technically a one time use perk as well but Long ears has different applications for its usefulness AND its effect persists.

    As for a rework on Drones Friend, if I could suggest, either a flat multiplier decrease per kill in addition to the default 100 we already get per kill and the whatever its is 1 to 4 points per second. OR a sequentially increasing amount per chain kill. OR maybe even just doubling the amount of point you get per second, kill, assist, drone destruction etc.

    Personally I am in favor of the multiplier increase per kill in addition to the default 100. POINT BEING though is with a change like this the Drones Friend Perk becomes are perk that lasts throughout the WHOLE match.

    And another side note, I know of many, MANY a player that are either new to the game, or slow to get kills, or get only assists, or (at the risk of some FLAK being thrown my way) just bad at FPS games in general. And these players never really get to use the drones. Or at the very least they NEVER get to experience the high-end drones. (Metal Reaper, Hellbird, Zeus)

    With a buff to Drones Friend I believe it would be an improvement on the sole fact that more people can actually experience more content of the game itself.

    And now to trigger 3/4 of America and borrow a quote from our good friend, buddy, pal, and president Mr. Donald Trump. " LET'S MAKE DRONES FRIEND GREAT AGAIN. "

    Honestly I think we need to change up the Achievements in their entirety. I mean sure they can keep the current ones just cuz they already have them made BUT. how about if we as a community throw together a mash up of ideas for new achievements? PREFERABLY more in-depth ones, rather than

    ~Win 750 matches on Cloud 9~

    How about somehting like: Get "X" number of Chain kills on Cloud 9, or maybe Follow up an Assassination Backstab with a remote bomb kill.

    I mean we can go a heck of a lot simpler, and instead of just getting wins on certain maps, which for some people "apparently" wins are very hard to come by, have an achievement for simply getting "X" kills, or grenade kills, or Flashbangs, etc.

    All in all I think there should be a bit more depth in the Achievements.

    It definitely looks like they need to take another look at this issue. I haven't checked whether I have any achievements missing, but I definitely have a few in progress that I know I have completed.

    Yeah I just went back and checked "ALL" of my weapons and I am missing the achievements for the SA58, pp2000, and the K2c. I just remastered the SA58 cuz I'm an impatient person and I am nearly done with the pp2000. But I think I have a theory on why this happened actually. I think the weapons you had on your first three loadout slots at a given point of time (like the last point in time when they made a record of peoples progress) were the ones that were reset. So no idea if this is true or not but I think that's whats going on.

    So this last patch they claimed and I quote:

    Achievement Reset

    Since Content Update: Phoenix, several users had their achievements reset or duplicated and had to start from the beginning (e.g. Weapon Mastery). The duplicated ones have now been deleted and your old ones are back and on track.

    So I have noticed a few issues here...

    The most obvious being that... nothing changed. I still have all these glitched achievements and duplicates. BUT the most annoying thing. They claim they have deleted the duplicate ones and that the old ones are back on track... I noticed that some of mine are not registered apparently OR they removed the original achievement over the duplicate.

    In other words I have a few weapons that I have clearly Tier 5 Mastered and SHOULD have the "Achievement Completed" sticker over it in the Achievement list. Yet it is not there.

    Now I know some of you might say then you clearly havent mastered the weapon...

    Ah but you see I looked up said weapons under the weapons tab in the profile and they all have 1800+ kills on them. So they clearly are Mastered and should be labeled as such in the achievement list.

    In any event this might be something to look into fixing, only reason why I noticed is because I specifically went through each and every weapon one by one and Mastered each and every one of the primary weapons. Just finished Mastering the DSR-1 a couple of days before this patch hit so... you guys tell me lol

    Hello, just wanted to drop a comment to say that I'm reading and it's a topic we've been looking at and will have improvements in future.

    Please keep sharing your ideas, comments and suggestions.

    I have also made a post about this topic but since your reading you undoubtedly have read that as well. But since we are hear I shall also post a suggestion here. Since the antilootbox bill that is being past will hit Ironsight pretty hard. In any event.

    Easy suggestion is to add a progressive improvement per box you open. AKA if you get the bottom 3 rewards over and over again then it should increase the likelihood of getting a high-end drop in the next box and until you get one this likelihood should KEEP increasing.

    OR have a new box that "ISN'T" outrageously priced however this box can be your cash cow. This box will do one of two things.

    1: This box will have none of the low end items, aka none of the common and none of the advanced items. AND have the increasing likelihood drop chance effect.


    2: The box will NOT allow duplicates. So it can be a cheesy cheat box like your normal supply boxes and superior supply boxes that have everything in the game. HOWEVER if you have the item it will either re-roll till you get something new OR it just automatically disables the drop of something you already have. Whichever is easier for wiple to code.

    PERSONALLY I am in favor of this second option since I have played for a long time and STILL have yet to get ANY of the "Collection" weapons aside from the GP and the occasional CHIPS weapon that I worked months for since the free way to get chips is basically just dailies where your lucky if you even see a single chip per day.

    Furthermore this second option should have both a GP and an AP option for purchase. The AP option should not be over $5.00 since it is basically a normal supply box and paying money for nothing pretty much is absolutely gambling. Honestly I think it should only be $1.00, going by the current heavily skewed low-end drop rewards we currently have in the boxes, it is basically a guarantee that anyone taking this route of paying for boxes will have all the commons first then the advanced so on so forth.

    Think of it like this, if you want more incentive to make this box and charge $1.00 for it. How many items are in the game? Here I'll save you SOME trouble, I'm sure this isn't everything since you have added content and probably didn't include it is some boxes HOWEVER you have over 1200 items in the supply box alone. IF I didn't mess up on my count you have 306 rows and 4 columns. So that is 1224 items in the supply box. So IF someone were to want everything REALLY badly in the game to do it... you just made over a thousand dollars. Now in theory if the game finally gets to the point where it has a solid netcode and Kamu delivers on a decent working anti-cheat if Epic Games lets them deliver on one that is and last but not least you guys release the game on steam... Now think on this. The currently greatest gaming platform "steam" and all its many users. In theory $1,000 apiece. Yes this is a very rare case example but there are plenty of people who are collectors and impatient. Why do you think we are in this predicament with the antilootbox bill in the first place...

    SO yeah... just my 2 cents which will clearly make more than 2 cents.

    Hi Xanaarius,

    when did you start to notice that nimble hands doesn't work? We would appreciate it, if you could report it here as a bug so that it can be forwarded to the developers


    sure ill fill out the form, I've done one for a glitch with the gear pouch before so shouldn't take too long. But to answer your question I don't have an exact date however I noticed the issue shortly after I mastered Explosive knives. On a whim I bought the remote bomb for a day just to joke around with it and since I just finished the explosive knives I neglected to remove nimble hands for my perk. After attempting to use the remote bomb for a few matches I thought it felt weirdly sluggish and then I noticed I still had nimble hands on at that time so I swapped nimble hands out for something else and tried the remote bomb again and there clearly wasn't any difference between the tosses or the detonation speed. So you could say this issue has always been in the game, hence why next to no one uses the remote bomb.

    Ah good someone that understands that most people want to nerf something that ISN'T the gun itself. Now my take...

    Honestly we should trash all SR's cept two of them. One bolt action and one Semi.

    Semi's you can keep the same. They are in a nice spot right now. MAYBE tweak the bloom slightly but other than that they are fine, the Bolt action however...

    IF we are keeping a one shot SR around the bolt action needs to basically be an anti-personal rifle. Either one shot and reload or at MOST two shots and then forced to reload. In theory if we're basing it off a clip, the Bolt action will have one in the chamber and the second on standby.

    Yes I know TOO many people are gonna cry about my post stating that thats too much of a nerf due to how fast the game plays and that it would put Snipers at a huge disadvantage. My response is simple...

    1. Don't play sniper then.

    2. Play with a Semi Sniper and try to be a "REAL" sniper and get some headshots. There's your one shots for ya.

    3. Just don't miss... Pick your target and quit shooting them in the arm that crosses over in front of them like most people do.

    4. And those of you that complain about close up targets... Use a knife, or your secondary. You guys do know you have a secondary right? I mean I use an emp launcher for crying out loud. So my only options are die or melee. Seems pretty simple which one I'd choose if I have the chance.

    Worst case scenario all of you peeps using SR's in Search and Destroy will just have to learn how to use skill instead of a OSWW. (One Shot Wonder Waffle)

    Enough said that's my 2 cents and I'm sticking to it. Not that anything will ever happen to the SR's...

    So I spent the time and effort to Tier 5 Master the Frags, sticky, throwing knives, throwing axes, and explosive knives. I have since moved onto the Remote Bomb and I have some concerns that I would like to bring up.

    Firstly, Nimble Hands does nothing for the deployment or triggering speed for the remote bomb and I am under the impression that it should do what it claims to do.

    Second, there needs to be more fluidity between the toss of the bomb and the detonation, as it is right now... it is painfully clunky.

    Third, there are FAR too many times when I have thrown out the bomb and detonated it on my screen, OR AT LEAST, I assume I detonated it due to the fact that I see the button pressing taking place on screen AND I hear the loud click of the detonator. HOWEVER, 9 times out of 10 I hit the button, I hear the detonator clicking, I see it being pressed but I end up dying before the bomb explodes killing the dude that ends up killing me. At the very least the bomb should detonate anyway since the button clearly has been pressed.

    Finally Fourth, this is more of a personal opinion but I feel as though we should be able to throw the remote bomb just a tiny bit further.

    I'm sure I am not the only person to notice this but I feel as though it needs to be addressed in some manner. At the very least Nimble Hands needs to be tweaked so it works with the remote bomb.

    Well cant complain about free stuff but we all know that the monkey boxes are GLORIFIED 50 Chip boxes. Better get on that balancing of loot distribution guys before the antilootbox bill is in full swing. Because the way you guys currently have your boxes... we aren't JUST buying skins. We are buying the guns themselves afterall. Furthermore if someone does burn their money on buying monkey boxes well... guess that's categorized as gambling. If said persons age just happens to be on the young side thats an even bigger mess...

    So basically I have a good roadmap to follow if your interested lol. keep working on the netcode, better anticheat, steam release, and then spend a lot of time on balancing the lootbox rewards. Just my 2 cents.

    So you guys asked for feedback on the webmall and here it is lol. IF you want to keep the current prices as they are... btw they are stupidly expensive as they are, but IF you DID want to keep them at the current price there needs to be a rework on the drop rolls. Remove this seemingly 99% chance of getting the worst drop in the box with a 0.1% chance of getting anything else in the box.

    Preamble out of the way. If you want the boxes expensive change the drop chances to something A LOT more favorable for getting the higher-end loot. OR each time you open said box allow it to increase the chance of getting better loot. And not just the second to worst item. Have it increase in percentage by a significant amount for the higher-end loot.

    However if you want another option drop the prices on all of the boxes so they aren't as expensive and keep the bogus drop rates as they are now. I see some of the "SALES" in game and it's painful to see that the "SALE" price is like 50 or 75% off. Seeing the full price just screams give me money we dont care about your wallet.

    So just my thoughts.

    I will make a slight counterpoint argument for a few tweaks that I'd like to see.

    What they really needed to do was drop the ranges on the SMGs and increase the AR's. The SMGs are the clear dominate KING of Ironsight due to the fire rate that they have, and half of them basically have the close to if not equal damage comparable to AR's already. The value of AR's don't really exist if we compare them to SMG's. There are a few other tweaks that could be done instead of adjusting ranges but thats a different conversation entirely.

    The other point I want to make is Snipers... Yes I know TOO many people are going to flame me about this comment, complaining that I don't know what I am talking about or that if my suggestion here is implemented that it would completely kill snipers. Yeah no it wont. And personally if it did I really wouldn't care either way lol BUT

    There really should only be 2 sniper rifles in game. 1 Bolt action and one semi. Example being 1 DSR and 1 SVD. The Bolt action SR should be a one shot SR HOWEVER it should be treated as an anti-material rifle. 1 Shot 1 kill, RELOAD, repeat. It shouldn't have a large ammo pool.

    The Semi SR should basically be the same maybe just a tiny bit more accurate. The whole point of sniping is to be a covert and lethal unit that picks their targets and typically pops a round in someones skull. There is no skill in a 5+ round clip that you can shoot relatively quickly one right after another and they are all one shots.

    Also I think lethal weapons such as throwing knives, claymores, etc. Should have a permanent purchasable option once you have them at Tier 5 Mastery.

    Oh and speaking of claymores and S-mines, they really shouldn't just instantly disappear the moment you die. Tying the life of the lethal deployables to character life is just lazy by design, sure it helps with the clutter maybe but it makes the deployables pointless. I can't tell you how many times I thrown down a S-mine whilst rounding a corner and dying to bullets that curve around cover due to the movement lag in the servers and obviously when I die the mine I just placed disappears, the literal second they would have died to it, MORE THAN LIKELY saving my life, in theory. If I can make a suggestion on the time they stayed deployed however... 2 options come to mind that wouldn't be too chaotic. They disappear upon second death or upon death they disappear after a few second probably 5-10 depending. And obviously purposefully dying to plant more either wouldn't do a thing till the old one is gone OR it would instantly replace it. That way there would be no death spam.

    Anyways enough of my rant. Enough said.

    Hey 2k players that works, GitS before nexon decided to softlock everyone out of their weapons and operators, assuming people didn't unlock everything beforehand, GitS had only about 1k players active daily. So if Ironsight gets 2k that's already an improvement in comparison. Besides the netcode will actually make quite a bit of difference, from what I've played in the PTS it is quite the improvement though I was only able to see the "improvements" the first few days of the PTS, since the servers weren't completely swamped with EU players yet.

    Well ....but you know that the PTS was located in Europe, don't you? ;)


    oh im well aware that IS pts was in EU. The first few days when the PTS was launched it is primarily NA players that populated the servers. So For what little time that lasted I was able to experience what it would be like when the netcode is patched. Shortly after however the servers were flooded with EU players that had a huge ping advantage, which basically made it feel like the current TCP netcode... cept far more people that were slightly harder to kill than normal.

    But yeah I'm still hopeful for the patch from what I saw the first day of the pts.

    Doesn't matter anyways, the game is dead. The netcode won't really fix the situation, because everyone will see that they don't have anything else to release and when they finally release all content from the Korean game, they will just release skins and lootbox scams until the game shuts down. And that Steam release (if it ever happens) will be a huge disaster, actually, it may help shut the game down even faster. The reviews will be between 40% and 50% positive, there will be about 1000-2000 players who will check the game out and subsequently leave in 2 weeks and it will be a ghost town with bad reviews and no new content since February 2018.

    What a pathetic joke.

    Hey 2k players that works, GitS before nexon decided to softlock everyone out of their weapons and operators, assuming people didn't unlock everything beforehand, GitS had only about 1k players active daily. So if Ironsight gets 2k that's already an improvement in comparison. Besides the netcode will actually make quite a bit of difference, from what I've played in the PTS it is quite the improvement though I was only able to see the "improvements" the first few days of the PTS, since the servers weren't completely swamped with EU players yet.

    Love how all of you "programmers" apparently never learned any slang but fine I guess you guys are just too important in the world so how about you keep working then. Since anything else I can say will just be attacked on the basis of how much you like the idea or not and then get your friends to support your personal beliefs. GLHF with your personal contributions.

    Jesus christ, you're so pretentious it hurts. You're pretending to be knowledgable about topics you're obviously inexperienced with. I still don't understand how the name of the type that is used to represent text matters here, but I find it to be more likely that you were just dropping names you missunderstood from your extremely limited knowledge about programming.

    A bit on my background to disprove your nonsensical accusations - I've been programming for seven years, with significant projects including an educational IDE for the lambda calculus, an indie RTS game, the ground station and the satellite implementation for an atmospheric satellite and a networking library that is now used in a popular cloud OS (CoreOS, it's not unlikely that you're running some of my code when using the internet ;)), having contributed to some important open source projects like the Purescript programming language or the Rust OxideMod (now uMod) project. Right now I'm pursuing research in formal verification and starting my thesis.

    As for my FPS skills, I'm sure most people here that have played with and against me can attest that I'm doing quite fine.

    I'm not gonna read the rest of your post because you're not worth my time. For you I hope that you eventually grow up and think back to this, cringing at your own stupidity when you were younger. If you don't, good luck in life - your kind needs it.

    Oh Snap this guy is a GOD in the world of programing. He's done this and that, and this and that, sprinkle some of this in there... Well considering you seem to be so angry and totally not remaining calm in any way shape or form I can assume your just blowing words you picked up trying to win that keyboard warrior contest you started. Though I can't guarantee I am not using some of "your" supposedly created code whilst on the internet but OH BOY your so important. So... I never ask for any of your life story which since it is on the internet I can simply conclude that is completely bogus in the first place. As for the context of knowledge.. you have never heard the phrase, "a string of code" simplified down to a "string"

    Sure if your this all powerful 7yo programmer you might consider what I said not EXACTLY accurate on the basis cuz your looking for an argument.

    Anyhow how about you actually do quit reading the posts this is what the 2nd, 3rd time you claimed you'd quit reading but evidentially you just love having the last word and try to flaunt what you might have for experience under your belt.

    LONG STORY SHORT, if anyone else is curious about the posts, all I have ever mentioned was some minor changes and defended my stance. With some minor harsh back to back after insults.

    heh you can claim any and all FPS games to be an arcade shooter so your argument is bunk.

    lazy coding is simply that, lazy coding. As for the string. I am now 100% confident you have ZERO experience with programing and any form of terminology no matter how lax the terminology is.

    The "kickback" as you call it isn't all that "extreme" in Ironsight as you seem to believe.

    I'll give you a point I guess I did leave the contexts for your "Lucky Hits" a bit too open and rather vague. But again still the kickback isn't all that bad.

    The situational awareness is quite PAINFULLY obvious. If you have eyes, remotely in your head the claymores are obnoxiously visible, furthermore the S-mines blink bright enough as is so if you cant see them... well... your either VERY old or too dam impatient. Which this crack about you being old brings me to the final comment.

    You either are very old and you had a very hard life if your simply calling me an insufferable brat just because I shared an opinion of a game that I would like changed gave my reasons and then tried to further backup my reasons after your first post. Then finally after you couldn't BARE the thought of someone posting a change you desperately fought back and I made a simple comment which is perfectly plausible and accurately used in the context in which it is given, in which you can simply ignore or defend yourself, but instead you go on the offensive and start the name calling... I'm sorry but I take back the first part about you being old. That was rather rude of me. I see now that your probably under 20 and still have room to grow as you so far embody your own label you tried sticking to me. Finally if it wasn't worth your time why did you even bother responding back if all you achieved is a keyboard warrior title?

    All in all, TO EACH THEIR OWN. You play IS the way you wish to, and I will play the way I wish to, the devs more than likely wont even change anything involving their core game since they are preping for the new netcode and soon "hopefully" the steam release. GLHF;)

    oh and one last thing I'd like to amend one fact that you sqroot seem to assume I am wanting.

    I do NOT want an infinite number or limitless mines. Like Blood mentioned there is obviously a limit 1 without the perk 2 with. A friend of mine mentioned to me in discord after I made a comment about this post and was talking about... "How about the miens just stay there until you actually revive yourself. Cuz in TDM you click F to respawn and in the other gamemodes you either hit F or wait for the timer."

    Which he has a point this would make the mines a lot nicer to use and "actually" be useful to run and gun players. But honestly though I would still like either a 2 player life limit or a timer after death. For example, lets say a 10 second lifetime after death OR until another was placed. Honestly from a developers standpoint the timer is probably easier to manage if they take into account the gear pouch and placement times.

    BTW speaking of the Gear Pouch there is a VERY ANNOYING bug that needs to be addressed with it.

    So I've been mastering Throwing Knives and Axes of late. And I have noticed if you throw one axe of the two that you have, doesn't matter if you kill someone with them or not, and then you prime your second Axe to throw the moment you see another person. If you happen to walk over the first Axe you threw you obviously automatically pick it back up and you have your two Axes again HOWEVER the second Axe you have primed to throw is now stuck in your hands and will not throw until you switch back to your gun and back. You basically become a statue holding a throwing weapon. I can't tell you how many times I have died because I picked up my old Throwing Axe the instant before I try to throw the second one at some dude.

    Due to the pointless flushing of GP courtesy of repair costs which currently don't do or mean jack atm, the total GP someone can acquire is kinda finite. Sure you get GP per match but IF you repair your weapons quite a bit of what you earned that one match is gone.

    This is verifiably and objectively wrong, no clue where you got that idea. Since I've played for some time I'm not really finishing any achievements and I'm still getting shitloads of GP, despite having to repair my (few) guns. So much GP that I don't really know what to do with it except for blowing it on gold skins and wasting it on supply boxes with insanely low drop rates.

    mind if I ask what shitloads of GP is based off of a single match? Oh and on't forget to do your repair costs before you calculate. OH and I'm also not stating that it doesn't inevitably pile up however to a new player the road is far too long.