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    You can't quickscope like in MW2..

    You need to quickscope like in Black Ops 1.. Try to adjust the aim as you're zooming in, you can see, which direction it's going to end in.

    In other words... SNIPE MOAR.. you will get the muscle memory

    OK, I hope they investigate it thoroughly then

    There is one, but only one issue so far that I very sure must really be a hack! And that is someone being all across at the other end of the map while firing at me through numerous buildings and hitting me with a fast firing AR about once a second four or five times until I die, even if I move around some.

    Are you sure it's not his wandering drone what killed you? Killcam shows the player at the other side of the map, it happened few times to me.


    game suddenly isn't starting...

    After I click on icon, launcher starts, [GAME START] button is active (at least it looks like active):

    1. I click on it

    2. Launcher goes unresponsive for 5 seconds.

    3. Nothing happens

    - Changing the region doesn't help

    - Located in Czech Rep.

    Yesterday, I played without problems.

    I've already tried this advice here, didn't help: Game not start

    I'm thinking about the reinstall, is it worth it?


    OK, now I see the big info "Maintenance in progress".. Hmm.. My fault, please, delete the thread.