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    Good to know, don't have to wonder if my account got hacked/stolen now, thank you for posting that.

    Guessing that was posted somewhere like discord since it's not listed in the maintenance section?

    Long story short, I went to buy some AP, tried to log in, wrong password, (don't know how, it's saved in browser, and I could log in here fine), got an error after a couple times, and I'm locked out of aeria's website now.

    No notifications in email, so how do I fix this? And I can't figure out how contact aeria's support, because you have to log in to submit a ticket lol...

    in my case the situation changes a lot, I have challenges made that I have no desire to do them again, and challenge that maybe many are not going to dedicate themselves to doing as all the drones, or all the secondary weapons made or almost made, besides to lose the title and emblem, bowei or even ax to gold again are two knives very bad and for play they bug a lot, and I have the titles blocked, of course this hapen because I am level 450 and not 50 or 100.

    Yeah, I'm almost 300 and lost pretty much all the drones, modes and about 3/4 of the weapon achieves. It would suck to do them again, but would rather have it fixed and grind one time again than see multiples of the same achievement and random ones disappearing every patch. If this wasn't beta I'd be a little more annoyed.

    Worst case scenario, I'd say find a way to just remove the duplicate achievement listings and can grind them again.

    For example, I lost the aug3 mastery 5 but currently have aug3 mastery 3, 4, and 5 being worked on all at the same time, even though it's level 100 and I have like 18k kills with it lol.

    I'm not happy at losing most of the acheivements I've completed, but would do the grind again if that's the easiest/best fix.

    Yes, it's sad, but not for the reason you think. You should know what you are paying for on Every. Purchase. You. Make.

    This applies to everything in life, not just online purchases. Know what you are buying before you purchase.

    Sellers never want angry customers or ones that regret their purchase, but they can't save you from your own bad choices.

    You wronged yourself by deciding to blindly purchase without bothering to look at what you were paying for.

    Toxic people like that are why I make heavy use of the block button. That said, I hope you reported this? (with the names uncensored of course)

    And kudos to you guys for not resorting to trading insults. :)

    (Quick edit, had wrong smiley face.)

    That 'little tiny something' gave 50 chips, which then got a celebrations mp5 out of a superior box... that resulted in buying some chips for the treasure famas, and voilà, one old man ak47!

    KiraJava In case you missed it, we have a new code that you can get from here. Has a boost and some GP, should allow you to play as usual : )

    Yep, I used it, and it was really nice of you guys to do that btw, quite a few companies would duck their heads and wait for it to blow over instead doing something like discussing things and handing out passes.

    I simply can't pass up that kind of saving on repair costs lol.

    Every day, I dislike the loadout screen more and more. All because of the drone changes. Anyone who's played with me knows I'm a collector of cosmetics (can't remember the last time I used a green or blue gun lol), but having a character setup instead of drones for each loadout to at least to me, is pointless and seems like a step backwards in customization.

    Yeah, I know, you now can change guns without losing drone progress, but I'd rather lose drone progress and keep the ability to have different drone setups. Having both would be ideal, but one drone set for all loadouts is really, really freaking annoying.

    As it is now, I really regret getting the extra loadouts. There's no real need for them anymore. I have my tdm setup, general/secure point/resource setup, and snd. The other two haven't been used since the patch.

    I don't (well, didn't until now) use the same set of drones for every mode, but character skin and taunts? Yep, that never changes.

    And as far as I can tell, everyone I see regularly uses the exact same character cosmetics (and taunts) for every loadout, everyone seems to 'set and forget' the character look.

    So I'd recommend switching drones and character screen, something like this. (mediocre image mockup)

    My other suggestion.

    I like the layout and idea of the webstore, with one exception. Yeah, I know, it's new, so I have some thoughts regarding it also.

    The button banner with the three/four deals at the top, why is that the only place those deals are shown? I imagine it wouldn't be that difficult to add those as individual items like the rest of the items shown. And it would make the webmall look less... empty.

    Right now, both the featured and starter sections have the banner, and 5 listings. It'd show a lot more options if the orange banner was expanded and put between the red and green sections.

    Also, I'm not saying remove the banner, but keep it there and perhaps in the future have it show more than just the timed deals, something like update news or upcoming specials.

    The people screaming hack aren't going to believe a tag saying 'clean'. Especially since everyone playing in the game would have that tag. If they're cheating, they're banned.

    Getting called hack is a badge of honor lol, I screenshot it, and put those that start whispering and harassing via PM on block with a screenshot of that reported in.

    Heh, challenge time! Any other whales out there that's got over 15?

    Royal Jester PP-90

    Red Bullet AK-12

    ZA SA58 OSW

    FOV ARX160

    Dragon Fang SG553

    Zulu TAR-21

    Chapeau Bleu P90 TR

    Pietro Vector (which btw, the special silencer for it can ONLY be used on it)

    WS PDR-C

    G&S MP9 (G&S Long Eye Scope description is a lie, it can't be used on all G&S guns, just any gun that normally can use it, aka snipers)

    Salta LWRC 45

    G&S Blaser R93

    Metal Blood CFX-X50 (Probably my favorite skin in the game lol)

    Dragon Fang PSG-1

    Bulldong Ultimax 100

    Sooooo..... currently 15 special reload animation guns (unless I missed one), and I'm not even going to count how many of the orange and blue guns or the scopes lol. Don't know what it's cost so far either, I'm not going to check my bankbook to see.

    I'm having achievements trigger that I completed long ago, but they're listed as completed. (i.e. I just recieved 'Dude that's my kill! 3, and Titan 1, yet on the list shows the 5th level for both completed like it should be.)


    I don't like the Old Man AK though. Well, I DO like that it's a decidedly different and creative look instead of just a fancy colored barely different skin, I simply don't like how it looks. Not my taste lol.

    The reason I'm quoting you instead of making a thread, is you've pretty much summed up my thoughts and I'm seconding them, but I'd put the drone loadout change into the horrible section.

    It's pissing me off beyond reason having to choose a loadout, then choose the drones I usually use with that loadout, then pray that the game type and map is what I set it up for. If it isn't, then I have to pray that there's enough time to change it or that I don't get dropped into a game in progress.

    Nope, as I had said, the account page. Until you said it, I didn't even notice the one on the home page was that way since I'm never on that one lol.

    When in game, in the lower right section of the accounts page, it used to show three achievements that were almost complete, now it shows three that are farthest from completion.

    For example, now it shows Paparazzi 0/15 and two others at 0/15, instead of showing Dam 147/150, Bio Lab 144/150, and I forget what number the sniper headshot one was at, finishing up lvl 5 of it though.

    On the account page, is there any way to change the achievements back to showing what you're almost done on?

    I couldn't care less what one I have the least work on or haven't started, I would really prefer to see the ones that are almost completed or I'm currently working on and trying to finish.

    Aadi888 Yeppers. Half the time it's what SnD games become anyway.

    It often gets called deathmatch, so I wanted to avoid any confusion of people thinking I meant a FFA.

    (Edited to clarify who the reply was at.)

    I like the game, and will admit I've wasted quite a bit of cash so far to support them, but this event/sale was really misleading.

    No hint at all on the easter page choices that there's other items in there, you only see that when you open the choice up and then it's like ... oh... nevermind, not going to drop a decent amount of cash to try and finish up the set.

    From the little I did spend and what I got from them, I'm going to guess 90% or higher chance for 30 chips.

    (And putting a limited stock on the gun packs is a total load of bs, especially when you're chasing after 2 or 3 specific skins/weapons. Come on, did the hard drive run out of room when saving the code?)

    I'd love to see more attachments, split them up into dedicated categories and have at least one more slot.

    Like, for having three attachments I'd split them into barrel, stock/grip, sight. Then there could be a bit more variety in what people use, especially if there were increased pros and cons to each attachment.

    Keep in mind that the game closed is due to low player base overall and they just cant make it popular (or at least compete in the market)

    According to mmorpg_4646 above, the game seems to have failed due to "poor netcode, poor hitreg, poor performance, memory leaks" combined with some "totally uncalled for" changes that "nobody asked for". :/

    Combination of all of it. Call it low player base, caused in part by the netcode, hitreg, etc. And yeah, some of the changes were nobody asked for, the biggest one was when players wanted bugfixes and balance changes, instead got a conversion to a hero shooter.

    Had a blast playing GitS though, one of the little things that made it stand out to me was each gun had a different sound, even when using a suppressor. You could pick out who was who just by the sound of the gunfire if you paid attention lol. Suppressed gunfire was more than just clicks that sounded the same for all guns.

    A couple of us in game were joking about needing skins for the drones and that the reaper needs a fuzzy teddy bear skin. After a bit of chatting and getting typekilled, didn't seem like a bad idea, well, for the timed ones. The ones like air strike, zeus, or blade drone wouldn't really be seen much, but the stationary drones or the ones that follow could have patterns like the guns and knives currently have.

    I prefer it as it currently is. When the time's up, it's done, you had the entire round to push and take the point. No sense in rewarding bad tactics and penalizing the team that focused on the objective.

    I'd hate to work at holding the point all round and having the points solidly in my team's favor only to lose because the other team goofed off/camped a random corner till the end, then got on the point at the very end and instead of winning it goes into overtime. The losing team should've pushed sooner.

    Are these allowed or no?

    I've ran into a few people using them with the semi-auto guns like the AN-94, turning them fully automatic.

    If it's allowed, is there going to be any adjustments for them to bring them in line with the other guns?

    (Wasn't sure where to ask this, my bad if this is the wrong sub-forum.)

    I think the crosshair is alright, if anything is done to it I'd say it needs to be more open when hipfiring. Right now it's generally not worth it to aim down the sights, unless you're at range. Opening that up more, or increasing the randomness of the spread would help balance that and encourage more than just point and spray play.

    Sprinting in sf2 looks like they're lag sliding and not running. What I mean is there's no sway at all, just a guy wiggling the gun while the movement looks like it's a google map zoom. Way too smooth and looks fake as hell. Going to try playing it in a few mins and see how it feels though, a lot is lost in translation when comparing a video to actually playing a game.

    Played Ghost in the Shell before it closed, one of the things I loved about it was all the weapons had different sounds, sometimes obvious and other times minor. With a little bit of familiarity, you could tell what weapon was being fired, which was a great little touch that a lot of people never seemed to notice.