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    Things I feel that should be added to Ironsight

    This is a game that has alot of potential, but I feel it needs a few fixes that could help the game out alot. Here are the suggestions that I feel should be added into Ironsight:

    • I feel that there needs to be not just american and european servers. I'm from Australia, so its hard for me to have a pleasent experience in the game. I feel this would be the next game that i would binge play if I didn't get 200+ ping every game. I personally think that there should be oceanic and asian servers. This would broaden the range of players to this game.
    • There should be more slots for load-outs. I personally love the guns in this game. They feel very balanced. (except snipers) But I feel with just having 3 load-out slots in kind-of limits you to one play style. I feel that there should be around 5 gun load-out slots in the game.
    • I feel like there should be boosters for the in-game currency. It would make getting skins/guns a little easier.
    • The last thing that I would like to see implemented into the game is Voice Chat. It would make the ranked part of the game alot better as you could make call outs to your teamates and have a more fun time in the game.

    I hope that eventually that all of these suggestions are implemented into the game.