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    now i only see alot people just hardscope camping at their base or behind some corner waitin for ppl to run into their scope. id rather have it so the hitbox u 1hit kill with sniper was smaller and actually required skill than making it slow to scope

    sounds like just bad excuse to get some advantage. finding people easier to play with should be good enough for being part of clan and you already got huge advantage as premade team when you end up likely playing againt unexperienced players

    atm u can just 1hit people with poor hit, might aswell start calling this rocket league 2 with all noobs just spam gr launcher as primary weapon when running around

    no1 forced u to play with team, so i see nothin wrong on making people pay with more waiting time if they want advantage of playing as group of more experienced players vs teams usually half full of noobs

    its some server lag i believe, i used to have similar always after games for a while so i couldnt change loadouts right after games and i had to wait minute or 2

    id say it is very hard to get this type of fps games work when server is many countries away from the players with 50-200pings average compared to games that have 3rd party server hosts in every country (most battlefield series) that players can moderate themself by paying the monthly upkeep fee. even with this type of netcode it probably wouldnt feel as bad.

    its actually alot of cancer when these asian people come play to europe server with red bar ping and shooting u before even appears on ur screen as they got bad uploadspeed on their internet (unstable update of player location to server and forward to other players)

    if u ever want the game have any e-sport value, good players have to own the bad players ingame, not any kill trades between player, just cus some1 is playing from north pole with 5k ping

    the current netcode basically gives the player with high ping as much extra time to kill the opponent player as their latency is even if they are already dead

    its more of pay to get ur favorite gun fast and in red paint without need of grinding games. would you rather pay for the game instead

    stupid idea, just because its different type of weapon better for camping in some corner or chokepoint doesnt mean u should get more points getting kills with it. also sniping on this game is far from skill compared to some huge bf maps where u need to add bullet drop and advance of movement on ur aim on far longer distances into smaller hitboxes

    you rarely get guns from boxes, its always same useless scopes. could atleast lower the likelihood of getting stuff you already have by like 50% instead of just blocking getting duplicate. also more cosmetics into the game and more chances of getting guns from boxes. i had like 90% of all the scopes/vests etc when i reached lvl100 and considering max level is 1000 that point came pretty early on.

    its way too common that people try to raise their own kd by camping and killing enemies who are going for secure point and leaving others the hard work of tryin to capture point to secure win. often there is like 1-3 totally useless campers on teams with like 0-50 point captures from full round.

    i thought soft point gives small punch on impact, doesnt change the damage multiplier on legs.

    id rather rather have them free rather than paying 1,1k w.e per day to use them and let people focus spending money on different guns and skins (you need to make more!)

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    i agree ak 12 is total garbage and recoil is probably worse than what LMG's has. sometimes i cant help but wonder have devs tried these weapons themself at all.

    Who cares? You can always download a program that acts like an overlay crosshair, put the game in borderless window mode and still have a static crosshair.

    Already tried it, didn't get banned. It's literally a graphic that stays on my screen, if you really think that an anticheat can detect such a thing, then I don't really know how to express what I think about it without sounding insulting. Anticheats detect software trying to inject code into the game or that kind of thing. Next thing you know, they will start going around people's houses inspecting their monitors if they used a permanent marker to draw a dot in the middle and ban them if they did...

    just cus something wasnt detectable by anticheat probably doesnt mean it was fine to use

    having crosshair that doesnt show the exact spot where ur aiming is suposed to make it HARDER for u to shoot hipfiring and force u using ur scope if u want to see red dot etc middle of ur screen to see where u are actually aiming at. for same reason some games have removed whole crosshairs on their hardcode modes, bf for example

    what does internet explorer have to do with updating ironsight?

    Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11 contain security features which prevent unwanted and often unsafe actions from occurring. These features include the Windows Firewall and Internet Explorer Popup Blocker.

    While these features work to safeguard your computing, their default settings also prevent legitimate applications from working correctly.

    this is copypasta i found, maybe it could answer ur question