Posts by Europe vs America

    like warface from or blackshot from papaya play. although you start these games through steam you still need to make account in aeria games to play. that way you can have players on your site as well as bringing more players. we need to expand this game more and more. replacing blacksquad and warface.

    but before that can you make 16vs16 epic "destruction mode" with more dynamic maps. btw destruction mode is in blacksquad but don't ever follow their maps. they say bs maps are not good.

    and "capture the flag" or "domination mode" something like game called line of sight. los shows good example of those modes.

    and please make all these things happen faster. bcuse there are no f2p military fps to play now a days. i heard some are just waiting for CrossfireHD to come out. but i don't know when that is going to be. and crossfire is non zoom, sprint game. so i hope ironsight will expand more and more.

    upgrade your computer system, accessories and better internet connection. I also found out that lower pings always have advantages if you are in same conditions. if high pingers have better computer and internet connection environment and you lose although you have lower pings simple matters. if same conditions are met then lower pingers have advantage. I am pretty sure you are not really good against same pingers or lower pingers because you will get eating shots against them too.

    I say NA do not touch this game for at LEAST 2 months too many problems and ranked is dead and EU already has cheaters in ranked, As such this game is a Korean Free to play its by default wont do well as NA players hate Free to play Korean shooter clones. Plus its Korean version is being fully shutdown this 19th so clearly they failed there and are gonna try to NA and EU. I give this game 4-6 years tops before it closes as well on NA

    hey dude one thing to tell you. my korean friend in gaming industry told me those games failed in korea is not due to lock of contents of the games or the game itself. in korea only sudden attack1 and special force1 (counter strike 1.6 clones) is full of players. and execept these two games other games are all dead. for example black suqad is dead and closing service in korea. they even had black squad pro gamers league airing on television game channel. but now it's on steam and it's working fine. even point blank or crossfire they have huge popularity in the world but not in korea. so don't ever judge a game whether it's failed in korea or not. do you think sudden attack1 is great game because it's success in korea? holy shhhhhhhhhhit never ever!