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    This is a great idea! Especially combined with being able to change the size and perhaps even the color (for us colorblind people).

    I haven't checked, but it would be nice if it was possible to change the color the sights (and maybe also as a cosmetic to change the look of the dots!)

    I do like the Idea of re-coloring possibilities or having an option to have an colorblind option like pubg does.

    Hey !
    So I'm going to try and make this short and as direct as possible.
    The title says basically everything about this suggestion.

    Idea :
    Idea is that it would be really amazing to have an option to re-scale/position your hud (radar/map, drones, ammo/gadgets, time/score).
    I believe Cs:Go has an option like that, where you can position your hud closer to the middle of your screen. Not separate parts like only move your minimap/radar but all the hud overlays you see. And I don't mean to make them smaller or anything , just moving them closer to the middle. Don't get me wrong.

    Usage example :

    Imagine playing S&D and your teammate has an spy drone or recon up, you want to check the minimap/radar for enemy location and once you take a small peek at the map.. BOOM... You dead because you took you're eyes off the center point of the screen.. ^^ Now if you could re-position hud so that the map would be closer that would help a lot..

    I know this is a weird and useless explanation but that's all I have. I just really would like to have this option in the game 8)

    Hey there everyone !

    Few days ago made a non competitive clan. More like a community club among the other clans.
    It's called "Pancakeclub" ! Why pancakeclub ? Because boy do I love pancakes :love:
    That was just an idea to have a silly clan somewhere in between all those pro aimed clans.. you know, for fun...
    Anyway , it's open and everyone who loves pancakes can join.
    Oh, and one friend of mine doesn't like pancakes that much , so he created a Waffleclub ^^
    If you prefer waffles over pancakes , you can join there.

    That would be it from me for now , cya all in game and have fun 8)