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    The python seems to have an issue where it doesn't shoot every time you click. There seems to be a lot of clicks that don't register. I haven't noticed this problem on other weapons so it seems to just be the python. Sometimes if you click too quickly the weapon will stall and you wont be able to shoot it for a bit. Its kind of hard to explain but it makes using the weapon really choppy.

    The M79 grenade launcher has a common bug where when you shoot it the grenade projectile will become suspended in mid air and will not be able to detonate. This bug happens quite often and makes the weapon incredibly inconsistent and almost unusable.

    CFX has a chest multiplier of x1. Blazer has a chest multiplier of around x1.2 . As a result, Blazer does more damage on chest than CFX.

    edit: I such a slow typer. An entire conversation happened while was typing that.

    That's good to know I was very confused however they should really make these multipliers transparent

    It's not really. It's due to different guns having different damage multipliers. The actual damage is the same for both weapons if you shoot someones leg because legs have a 1x damage multiplier. Shooting elsewhere will be different on other guns because each limb/body area have a different calculation made.

    If that is how it works I think the different multipliers should be displayed on the guns stats so you could calculate how much damage the gun would do depending on where you hit.

    So I recently bought the CF-X50 since I saw that it had 90 damage per shot which is the same as the Blaser R93. The Blaser R93 is a 1 shot to the chest/torso but a 2 shot to the leg area. I went into a custom game to test out the damage on the CF-X50 and noticed that it couldn't 1 shot body shot despite it having the same damage value (I tested this multiple times to make sure). When i did happen to one shot enemy's with the CF-X50 it was because they already had low health. I also tried changing the bullet type but this made no difference. The damage value of the CF-X50 needs to be updated to better represent the actual damage it does in practice. The current value is very misleading.

    I cant see any reason why they would make it so that parties cannot play ranked together. It really just limits how competitive ranked is. Without a voice chat system implemented communication is very minimal even though communication is very important in ranked play. Not allowing parties to play together only limits the communication more. Some might say that allowing parties to play together would ruin the balance but if a voice chat system was add this would essentially level the playing field since strangers could better communicate with each other just like members of a party could. I could understand the requirement that party members need to be similar ranks to play together but outright banning party play in ranked seems ridiculous to me. Hope they change this soon.