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    dude how many times i have to repeat to you , i was just fking ansear to you things why they are like that , you act ike its my fking fault , why you keep blambling about this over and over again? i got your point you got mine (sems not) and that`s it , after all we can fight as long as we want its not up to us.

    do you really think i like everything , but i cant complain about that because that netcode is confusing all of us and make us asking for useless nerff and buffs , wait to be fixed then we can see exacly what needs to be nerffs or buffed , is so hard to understand?

    look around buddy what community? they want something they provide , and start complain again and again , its a beta , you didnt take the time and you didnt imagine everything new is gonna come with bugs , that`s why i never wanted this, because you community start complain again , all i wanted is netcode fixed first , then we gonna see , but seems you are limited to your own imagination.

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    And i just answear you , again you dont read anything right...what i just tell you? Because things are permanently buyed , was nothing that made me play more then 2 games , if there was something to buy i would have played more then 2 because i had too like my favorite hero again , in this case , ammo , grenades etc. because players have use of them , if they wont get the points to rebuy them , the next day they wont have them and again they will have to play some more to get them.Dear god you are heavy heads , thats why you dont get anything right.


    Read again the last part because im tired of you , now stfu because now im getting bad attitude.I should make a signature wit hthat dear god.

    And what did you exacly expected from a new map , new mod , on a beta game? everything to be just fine? before you ask for something , think what you may can get or downsides and so on.

    Why do you think i was against this , because i thin and i knew it wont do any good , all it does is to make the situation even worst.

    And you talk about flanked and so on , and what Clound9 is providing?

    Ofcourse you can called me for long and much as you want salty , rage on , maybe its true.

    Sure buddy , let`s go for it , we attract more attention on a game with a broken netcode , that will be so good for this game.

    No really , go for it , i double dare you!!

    With the current time to kill then it'll never be ready for eSport, eSport is skill based games where ttk is to high will and can't be a eSport

    Reason bf3/bf4 cod never became eSport even after they became so huge devs spend money into tournament but never became anything also reason many pros of BF franchise left for new games like r6 due to the eSport potential which became a thing.

    Even cod pros left for r6 because there was 10x more eSport potential obviosuly Ubisoft messed that kinda up some seasons

    Dont get me wrong you right somehow,

    But games like Rainbow Six Siege i guess you mean by r6 , games like that cant go on eSports , its just the way it is , i find them way with to many things , drones , braking walls , make walls and so on , i watch so called PRO league games , there is so much camping and planning omg , its a shooter game for god sake , that`s why simple games like CS are always welcome there , people want to see players shooting eatch other for show , not to watch 10 min of camping and planning.

    Games like Rainbow are just for fun with friends with clan members , that`s why i keep fighting you all , the more changes you make the more SF becomes the more hard is to get there , to eSports , those tones of things they may want or you may want , those are more bugs to come and trust me , not all of them can be fixed.

    This is what devs have to decide if they want eSport or a game where people have fun , at this moment is non of them.

    Like i said sorry for my bad english (in my days schools didnt teach english i had to learn it myself) , so i write how i can best , sometimes may sound rough , sound or complitly je.rk , sarcasm its just me :D

    And dont talk to my about LoL i played that game so many years , i got to that point when i got everything and i was bored played 2 games max.And league made money from boosts and others things like the BIG fking competitions they have.Again another fail attempt of exemples and excusses.That game was released in 2009 , we are in 2018 its almost 10 years , with this kinda technology i expect some more , but we get less , and people didnt learn anything from the past.

    When i say most , that mean most played , AR-47 and...nvm i dont even bother anymore.

    And again..who put pressure on devs with bigger maps? Oh...right was me , im such a je.rk sometimes , they proved one in a bit of a hurry to be fair , still now after they did what you want , new map , bigger , nerff snipers like alot , you are still not happy and complain , because map its to big , fps drops , snipers are op there and so on. (and yeah i complain because i have the right to...i didnt ask/agreed from the beginning with this) , so stop being such a about it , enuff , what is done its done because of you players , now move on and get over it.

    Right...all i said above its not addressed personally to you , i dont need to add another hater in my account.

    Here we go again , its a sniper for god sake it supose to 1 shot you , play one and you will see how much hair you gonna tear apart , 40% of the time its not one shot , for me that its cr.ap , its a miss when clearly its not , this could be netcode.

    Stop with this nonsens dear god , its nothing wrong with wepons enuff.

    Snipers good side

    - most of the time its one shot , because its a sniper.

    - quickscope close range (shotgun) that req some skill

    Snipers bad side

    -5 bullets

    -quickscope (shotgun) close range you miss and you will miss sometimes (exept hackers) or its not one shot , palyers still have the chance to kill you

    -bullet recharge thing that takes time even with the attachment 1 sec you again have a chance to kill if anything above happend.

    So where is the problem and why you keep crying about Snipers , this thing can happend to you with any other weapon for close to far range , bad luck less skill bla bla bla you gonna die anyway , just because its not one shot and its multiple.

    SMG good side

    -most cases 50 bullet

    -faster run

    -faster shooting

    SMG bad side

    -just a little less damage compare to Assault Rifles ofcourse (i consider those to be in the middle)

    -a less max range for this maps its not a big issue

    Where is the problem , i cant see one , what balance are you keep talking about? I wont play this game ever again until they undo everything they did.

    Ammo allows you to shoot some one trough a wall , exemple if someone its in a container on Ocean map if you shoot he dies (armor piercing bullets)

    for soft its more impact to player itself but doesnt allow you to shoot trough walls.

    Why you cannot fully buy something , answear: That makes you play some more that day because you have to rebuy them , why again? Because it keep the game running , if you dont have anything to buy , you just gonna say after i dont know 2-3 games "well im done for today" , that mean less players.Not the best description..oh..well.

    And btw everything seems unbalance when the game cant count bullets , as you say , i shot half magazine why isnt dead , because game actualy doesnt count all those bullets going into the player , hard to explain.

    Everything will be fine when they are fixing the netcode , well not quite everything , im sure some things are still need some attention , the point is then we can actualy see how things truly are.

    This days , in games , forums , normal life as well , everything is driven hatred and envy , not rational thinking.

    Well still counts because this update just put more pressure on network team , there are post with disconnect issue also , so i guess now they priority is to fix that so players can actualy play dont you think? That mean no more working at netcode or not fully focusing on it. If that is the case just saying , now im the one making du.mb assumptions , but how the game works right now , even i started to make assumption , this is not good at all , i need a break from this forum and game.

    Dont get it wrong like others , im not saying your not right or anything , like i said just du.mb assumption.

    Aye what a surprise just like any F******* Game that stops supporting their community they dies fast, been so many of these cases lately

    How can u support something that was broken and they made it even more broken , i just got out of the game because i gets me so angry , this is not fun anymore atall , this game just become unplayble , any tru FPS player/gamer can figure that out and it cannot accept this kinda gameplay and you "pro players" talk about eSports , hahaha good one , neffed gun and buff others just because du.mb people so "called pro FPS players" think they are bugged , you dont understand every weapon has a good side and bad side etc. ,skill counts too , hackers as well , when actualy all to blame its netcode.I cant play this game anymore i get mad when i died because this du.mb thing , what is more enoing is that every noob talk trash like "ez" , campers ,hackers , bad maps like the new one , Clound9 that map should be deleted.

    And you have the ba.lls to talk about community? Look around , you community ask for bigger map , they provided one and you still talk trash again , you are full of ,because this community , this game become so unplayeble , devs should have never listen to community period , defend and come with how many excusses you want , you cant change the truth or the fact you s..k at giving ideas , what is what or it works.

    What is worst is developers actualy listen to your du.mb ideas , that is what gets me even more angry , no brain at all , sad , this game started pretty well , i was excited that is an actualy game that i can play , i was excited for a f2p game was kinda good , well good for them its not anymore , keep listen to this kids see where you going.

    I was against this change from the beginning , all i wanted is fix the actual game , was actual game is not anymore , all you did is making even more du.mb assumptions , bad ideas and so on , because you dont take your head out of your a.s.s and actualy use it.

    Oh btw i wait that Account Ban like my other 4 accounts.

    We have been asked some really off the point and irrelevant questions in the last public survey, a lot of them are driven by money. Adding more skins and boxes will not keep this game alive.

    Agreed , after they fix this netcode , then yeah sure , they can make skin etc. , afterall they need to earn some money too , like everyone of us , they need to eat too.

    And i found a problem in they way to approache things , they will never be able to fully focus on fixing netcode if they keep making updates where/and people are getting more issues , cant login , disconnect etc. . they need to stop that if they want to make a real progress with netcode.

    The game will be balanced for god sake if they fix netcode , you still dont get it , you still try to find some du.mb excuses because you dont like some stuff , players will always be like this , devs cant never satisfy everyone , there is no game out there that can do that , always will e haters for some things , thats the way it is a game , how many times i have to say same thing over and over again , nothing is OP , nothing is BAD from weapons point of view , they are all have good sides and bad sides , they all have a strong point where is overpowering some other gun , same as a weak point when it is not , ofcourse in some cases its about skill too , like i said 10000 times , you cant ask for SR to do what a SMG does or a SMG what a SR does , just because players shotguns you with a SR because skill/netcode/hacks sometimes , doesnt mean they are OP , i told you im a pretty decent player with SR close and range play (i was , now i practice again) , i got my a.s.s kicked by a dude with an AR-57 (not just him others too , but this guy) from a very long distance in short time , i target , i shoot , i missed or not one shot and i didnt have the chance to shoot again because i was dead , now what should i say? Nerff AR-57? No away im goona do that , do you think i always play SR , no , i got shotgunned with a SR too , so many times that sometimes i was about to throw my PC out of the window , because i know if wasent this netcode issue that will not happend that offten , think how many times happend to you , to get killed with AR , SMG way to fast , compare with how long sometimes take you to killed someone , think how many times a player start shooting you from behind (im sure he was shooting like Rambo) , you just turned and kill him ,do you really think that was just your skill or others skill , that netcode , that delay thing whatever you want to called it makes this thing when the game its like doesnt count bullets right...i make a double kill , triple , whatever , the game recognize that after 1 sec , and so many other exemples...i dont even know how to explain this anymore because you gonna start again talk nonsens , mokings etc.

    then you wonder why im a je.rk sometimes.

    Ofcourse there are some balance things if i can say so , but that is not about nerff or buff guns , attachments , perks there are other things , for exemple Blade Drone , i dont know if its just me or some else notice that the impact area is smaller then Frag Grenade and that is a big a.s.s rachet :) just saying maybe that rachet driving bla bla just coffusing me at impact and made me think its smaller.

    Just out of curiosity , when you installed the game , did you aprove it? For me when i install the game , the game itself ask me for some kinda permission as firewall/windows defender too for using the internet , public and local , something like that.

    If you just close that its like you ignore it and i guess the game or firewall takes that as a no , dont use the internet , just saying.

    Oh look im an I..ot :D , the post name says everything , well this is happening when you read but dont process what you are reading :D , sorry for the "offtopic" kinda thing , i had to... :D

    Nice advice there Aadi888.

    If the error is "Disconnected from server" still, the its more likely to be an unstable connection. I get this error as well, but I see everyone becoming ghosts (phasing through walls) before it happens. I think its continuous packet loss that makes the game/server think you have lost connection, giving you the error. If its not too much to ask, could you try running Task Manager and go to the wifi/connectivity section and look for sudden "drops" just before the disconnect?

    Also, this is often neglected but works at times: Try restarting your router as this causes the router to remap your connection route to get the optimal connection. Because disconnects can also happen if any route your router is using gets blocked/broken and can't find a new route in time (disconnecting you in the process).

    Jackhammer is nice. I'm not sure how to use the spas though, feels too slow for me, either that, or I'm not using it right. How do you use the spas?

    Also, the hydra feels fine. Just put it at a corner and watch your kills stack up, because no one checks their corners in this game XD

    Hydra x Storm Shield x Gorgon all in one spot = 99.9 KD yay!

    That is one of the reason why i die :D getting dizzy looking in every corner , by the time i finish someone is getting from some random direction :D

    About the SPAS , i play it once when i start to play this game , i shoot like 4 time with it , then i saw Jackhammer and i like how it looks and took that , then i quick it because of this delay thing , so im not really in a position to give any advice im affraid :D

    I dont know what issues do you have , i encouter a few but i figure them out myself , they were : game minimize randomly ,for this was some extern sound drivers , i use drivers for win 7 for win 10 instead of those for win10 to fix it , crash with that program stop working "close" error , for this one was my video card option for Display more exacly GPU scalling mode was Preserve Aspect Ration and i change it to Full Panel.

    I dont know what say , what i did is to run the game windows mode and watch Task Manager for anything that runs/act or lost process suspicious.

    On that part with windows 7 drivers working better then those for windows 10 throw me off , you may never know , PC`s can always surprise you.

    Oh and forgot that Video Thing solve a little issue , not that bad , my TV was getting these total blackscreen image for 2 secs once at a few hrs , guess the new driver version wasent that good :D

    Then you didnt try Jackhammer , precisely any shotgun , i dont have issues to kill someone with a pistol , actualy you have no idea how many times that pistol saved me and made 2 kills with it , the only issue that i have is deagle and shotguns , because of netcode/delay whatever , refuse to shoot sometimes.

    About buff Hydra , whatever again , with buffs no buffs , same thing for me as long its a balanced buff , take something give something.

    About permanent things , in my point of view its like this , i better give 4250 and buy for one day and no repair , then buy it permanently , play 40 games and pay kinda same price for repair , that if your not someone who playes alot , then you gonna lose ever more , i made 140K in 2 days like this , and i dont play that much , my last games today were 4-5 hrs ago , were like 6 games , ofcourse im gonna play today again and bonuses etc counts too.

    You are all full of .... , the netcode/package lost that delay/lag/frame rate , whatever you want to called it , its the problem , that mean you are behind with what is happening for SR that is an advantage right there , you dont have full time to react not only SR in any cases with any other weapon , just because you didint take the time to notice or you just cant , ofcourse with a SR its much more easy to accuse and complain because its one shot , for other weapons its more then just one...i dont even know how to say this so you do what you do best and ask for useless nerff and useless buffs for other weapons.

    What is sad is de developers knows this issue very well and still they accept du.mb opinions and nerff.This game is not gonna go anywhere like this , keep dreaming about that eSport long and well because is not gonna happen for a long time.

    And dont start with "your internet" because my country maybe not the first but its in top 3-5 with best internet speed , peer-to-peer bla bla bla.

    It was only an idea, why are you so mean about it? U dont like it? Sure no problem for me. I thought that it would fit the whole gameplay.

    Dont take it like that...its just enoing to see everyone compare and try to make it COD...bad time for you to post i guess , nothing more , dont take so personal because it isnt , love ya buddy relax , we are still friends (no sarcasm or anything) :P

    Stop with this nonsens , its not ready , not even close , not with that netcode/package lost bla bla bla , how people can play toe to toe if some(most) of them are already in disadvantage , how can people play when after this update , i see more people going through walls? you see them coming twords you , you start shooting and suddently they make left/right through a big wall , funny thing hes not even there is behind you/left/right , and i know why i was wondering from where i get some random dmg when noone was near me , how to play when you keep asking for nerffs and buffs useless.

    The game at this moment its disappointing.

    Well for some people that wont be a such of an issue if they really like the game , for donators im sure they can find a way to make them happy.I i dont understand what is so hard to take it allover again , its not taking so long at all.And like i said no one force you to play steam only , you can keep playing on non steam , if that is so much problem for you.

    Oh sure my friend , because so far you people had great ideas that lead this game to more compleining on this forum , if they listen to you its not good , if they dont its not good again , come to your senses , this game is not ready for that , that was rude? You have no idea what rude is kid , go back from what whole you come out worm , this is a bit rude , i can make a full description of the meaning of rude.

    Im that one who plays with people mind , sad my english is not that good (long story) , because i use sarcasm and write how i react and feel at that moment doesnt make me a bad person my friend , i agreed with people with good ideas , this was not bad one , just a bad time...and i wont bother to explain more because you dont understand anyway , low brain..again a bit of RUDE here , its how i like it.

    Even my Icon picture agrees with me...did you took a good look , try again and tell my what you really see there? :) (no sarcasm , no rudeness no jokes , just take a good look :P)

    No you are just bad at it , i saw 1000 people with AR-57 kicking my a.s.s from a very long distance in a very short time , you can called them hacker , skilled , blame netcode again , i dont even care , i blame sometimes the game just because its not my day , or im not focused enuff on game , doesnt mean everything in this game need buffed or nerffed , in most cases its the map or the enemy game style that makes yur gun useless , that`s why we have loadout , me for exemple , i start a game with AR because that is what i want to play , but i might change because of the enemy gameplay style , to smg , for fast run behind enemy lines , SR if there are enemy camping at some windows in a large area , every weapon has a upside and a downside , you want 50 bullets , rapid fire and some god know what other buffs , sorry you cant have that , everything its up to you players how you play them , dont blame others because they have more skill.

    You dont realize something yet , a corner , me SR you random gun , SR , SMG , dont care , we meet face to face , me with SR i might miss or it might not be on shot and you can kill me , you have more chances , imagine now me with a Jackhammer , this gun have more bullets (8) , way faster shooting , it doesnt take a long as.s time beetwin shots (bullet reload thing) , i oneshot you worst scenario 2 shots you , then you gonna cry again , in this case i rather have someone with a SR in that corner. Not the best description , im not that good explaining things in english but it counts.

    Yet again you people and devs fail , you think everything is spinning around SRs , devs because they listen and nerff them and again even with this nerffs you get killed , that prove how skilled you are.I find players who complain about this kinda stuff noobs , no skill , haters when other have more skill then them.

    Dont get me wrong i dont defend nobody here , this game is still broken and not in they way you du.mb players think , they need to fix that little delay/lag (some are said its netcode/package lost etc. , ok sure) that is what need to by fixed , then suddently all gameplay will be better , guns/buffs/nerffs , have nothing to do with those "bugs" as you called them , stop associate your lack of skill/netcode/oackage lost etc. with bugs everytime , bug is when you see someone going trough a wall and not jumping the windows like a normal player , bug is when you reloaded while you aiming.

    Total agreed with you , what`s the point if you cant play with friends or clan mambers , this is what i was speaking about good ideas , this is what competetive is all about , not random bad ideas , good job my brother i really appriciate you , very good.

    i really hope it doesnt come out on steam but rather that it should stay on its own web page...

    the reason im saying this is cause my dad wont let me download steam on his PC and i have been looking for games that dont require it.

    Relax that doesnt mean it will be steam only , the point was when it will be released on steam too (both steam and non steam for your understanding)

    Hey there!

    As we said in the past, we would like first to polish the game and fix our main issues before going on Steam ;)

    Therefore, stay tuned.

    Finally a good and honest answear +1 and a PM will be great , we have something to talk about :)

    1.Agreed with Gun Mode , for me the new mod and Secure Point/Resouces Takeover are kinda the same.

    2.You hate SRs because most of people/60% of them are using hacks , long range ofcourse SR win in most cases , close range if he miss hes dead , so where is the problem? Its like i take Jackhammer and il still oneshot you anyway , even SRs in 40% of the time in close or long range its not one shot , what was the problem? You are just bad and you cant take it and move on when someone is skilled then you , you brain just cant handle that fact , im a stubbern one too sometimes.

    3.New map its just way to big , i dont know why you people ask for bigger ones , no reason or you dont have fast eyes and hands to react? I find difficult sometimes to find someone for 1-2 min on this maps as they are , i run allover and nothing.

    And yeah...go cry to mommy because SRs , instead you ask AR and SMG/AR-57 to be buffed because you like them more , because you have no skill to play SR , because you hate to see a bad score while you learn to play SR , i know ive been there , everybody is loving big numbers on those kill scores.

    Sad devs listen to your du.mb complainings and nerffed SRs a bit (that is alot but nevermind) , they should have never listen to you and make a bigger map combined with they ideas , bad combination , now whos to blame? Devs? No its your fault you asked for bigger map , move on and accept the fact you are full of bad ideas , let the Devs do theyr own ideas , im sure they have , otherwise they didnt made this game.

    This game was great as it was , its not anymore good job.

    This should be a lesson to all of us.

    This new patch is just useless , new map a abomination , same as new mod , they really cant do anything right? What kinda mod is that? For me Secure Point/Resources Takeover and this new one are the kinda the same.

    Map , way to big , people were asking for a bigger map , again for no reason , because they dont have fast eyes and hands to react? I find this ones sometimes big , why? Because sometimes i run all over the map for 1 min maybe more and dont find someone , why again? This game seems to encourage camping , nerffing SRs result more camping in some god know what forgotten whole/windows in the other corner of the map , i disagreed with Prone , that is just du.mb , just because some game come with that idea doesnt mean everybody have to.

    Shooting mechanics is bad , very very bad , maybe its netcode , maybe something else who knows.

    To be honest i was expecting some more from this patch and for 8 hours of maintenance they did so little , fixes , what fixes? more bugs maybe sure.

    This game is going in a wrong direction , in this way and state hes not gonna make it in eSports or whatever they want to.

    I really starting hate this game...i meeting many times same players with some cheats on/Off and they are hight level

    This is the reason why people hate SR :)...60% of them are sure using some of those way to use then with a SR...that`s what il doing it , if i was gonna use them...just saying.

    They nerff SRs because people say so , because they are haters , they dont like SRs , what was the problem anyway? At long range ofcourse SR vs AR , SMG etc. in most cases win ,close range if it wasent for cheaters with an SR if you miss you die ,where was the issue? People are du.mb , sad dev listen to them , and same people who asked for SRs nerff , now they ask for AR-57 (saw some dudes) and AR , to be buffed , now why is that? Because you like more and you can play AR or SMG better them SR or you dont have the skill for it , and again ofcourse its sad to see your bad while learning to master the SR , everybody is loving Big number on those kills =))