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    explorer_2018-07-07_17-40-11.pngOkay so I changed full screen to false and when I launched the game nothing happened at all. I didn't even get a crash report. I have the latest version of .NET framework. When I go to my control panel I don't see the options you mentioned

    Sorry for the late reply, went out to eat. Lets switch back Fullscreen to true and go into ironsight_local.ini and change full_screen to false. Let me know what happens.

    go into your ironsight.ini and change full_screen=true > full_screen=false and see what happens. I'm assuming switching to full screen is accumulating a lot of intensity to your GPU which sometimes causes the problem when starting a game.

    Ensure you have the latest .NET Framework.

    If it doesn't work, your computer might be using an incompatible color depth. Using 16-bit colors has been known to cause our games to crash. You can change your color depth by following these steps:

    1.) Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

    2.) In the Control Panel window, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.

    3.) In the Display Properties window, click the Settings tab.

    4.) Click to select 32-bit from the drop-down menu under Colors.

    5.) Click Apply and then click OK.

    yo, I'm disband aka jimmy. I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur. I used to be a Software dev for ESL wire until I moved on to Marketing and working on my own business. I've been playin' Iron Sight for a bit and hope I can make something out of it.

    I'm going to go on a lean and say this is a problem with Ironsight. Flloyd Check this.

    I believe their central server could be the main focus on this. Peer to Peer computing or networking is a distributed application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers. Peers equalize participants in the application, for instance, Iron sight.

    Is there a way we can make a resource to make a client-server model and supply resources on a shared base instead of playing on a central server?

    I'm asking, could Peer To Peer fix the problem, Flloyd .

    I have money down it's a routing error. Unstructured networks do not impose a particular structure on the overlay network by design, but rather are formed by nodes that randomly form connections to each other.

    What does the game need more exposure for? So it can gain a larger viewing on other players aspect of view on the game? So it can gain a larger audience just until people grow tired of dealing with latency issues and drop more. This game Rates will climb for a few weeks/months and then drop harder. Line of Sight had the same issue with their latency - March 2017; 2,000 players capped every day.. June 2018, 150 players capped. I'm not assuming a patch won't come out one day for their net code extravaganza, but going to steam isn't a priority that is needed. A new map update isn't priority, new skins aren't priority. Communication and the server to client issue is priority. They've already taken affect with the community survey which is a big hope. We'll see what happens.

    Right, lets release the game to steam so it gains more attention it needs with the current state it's in so it can get trashed to the public on social media.

    The player count will drop from the back-lash it's getting to the public. The 'Netcode' (which is the dumbest blanket term) is horrific. A single update of a game simulation is known as a tick. The rate at which the simulation is run on a server is referred often to as the server's tick-rate; this is essentially the server equivalent of a client's frame rate, absent any rendering system. They need to compensate for this issue we all struggle and maybe once it's buffed up, should they think about releasing to steam.

    Survey could be better, yet you contradict yourself by not explaining how? Irrational reply.

    The survey is great, it has what we are asking for. We can't pretend like they're not listening because they are.

    Marketing/Business Idea

    Hey, I'm Jimmy. I'm a competitive player, and a retired ESL wire software engineer.

    I'll keep it short and simple. This is just a poll for a Marketing Idea so I can get a rough idea on what could possibly come up.

    Little background of the question asked in the poll;

    New ESports Organization limited to Iron Sight. Cash Prize limited, professional company ran with impeccable experience.
    Is the game basically ESport ready? Could a new ESport Organization get a lot of attention?