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    My first suggestion is:

    Add more Loadout Presets ( Could be unlockable with GP or Chips ) Basically make the Presets 5 in total.

    I think most players would agree that only 3 loadouts is nowhere near enough, i myself use 1 for sniper, 1 for Scar and the last one is a normal assault rifle.. i can't have an SMG or LMG.

    Second Suggestion is:

    Make it so we can add attachments to secondaries, i think lasers and sights would be good enough.

    Third Suggestion is:

    Make it so we can unlock a skin for our weapons every 10 levels or so, as the gun level cap is a 100 levels, we would have 10 skins for a gun if we max it, or depending on how many levels you choose to make us get a new skin.

    Fourth Suggestion:

    Capture the flag mode, we all know the good old capture the flag mode from many different titles, each team has their own flag and they have to grab their enemy's flag and get it back to their base.

    Pretty simple yet very fun and challenging and needs a lot of strategical planning.

    Thanks to the Devs and Fellow soldiers for reading.

    Have A Nice Day.

    My first suggestion is: A FFA (Free For All) Game mode.

    It's self-explanatory, it's a chaotic game mode where everyone is against everyone else, no teaming, just going around killing others, it should be a fun mode.

    My second suggestion is: Adding custom matches, a match where it's customizable that you allow certain types of weapons, such as SMG's only, Snipers only, LMG only, Assault Rifle only etc.

    We also should be able to set the time and kill requirement to win by ourselves..

    i think this is a great idea because in TDM a lot of times i'm playing snipers and get rushed by a Hip-Firing SMG guy, i have no choice other than dying haha.

    so yeah these were my suggestions.

    Thank you for taking the time and reading them, have a nice day.

    Hey fellow soldiers and moderators.

    i have an issue and i can't seem to get around it...

    the issue is that after the update it has to download and extract the files.. i had the game installed so i hit Game Start, it downloaded and extracted a little bit and then got stuck.

    then i saw a thread saying "manually download the game, fix for corrupted files" by the Moderator Deadpool.

    so i downloaded all the .bin files (1-6) and downloaded the .exe file, put them all in one folder and ran the .exe file and waited for installation.

    once it has been installed i thought my problem is gonna be fixed so i hit Game Start and it's started downloading the latest update files and extracting.

    and now its stuck again.

    please help me :(

    ok, so i have a question.

    is the game gonna be released on steam?

    i think if it does it will get HUGE attention in the gaming community.

    it just needs to be covered more.