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    The streaks arent bad becosue they are shooting. They are bad becouse they are round defining.

    Imagine a situation in cs:go - a terrorist team is faking attack on B bombsite. They are throwing smokes, ct doesnt know what is happening, so the call in UAV. And guess what? They now completely know whats happening and all rotating to bombsite A. There was no thought involved, no strategy, just simple click of "4" number. Whats more it even says that making any strategy is ineffective, becouse using a UAV counters every one.

    Another example - TT are rushing bombside B, where they place a Hydra. They planted the bomb, but got killed - 2 cts survived. They enter bomside, aaaand...They get killed by Hydra. Again there was no thinking nor any strategy involved. Just "Rush B, plant bomb, now we can all die cuz hydra will take care of remaining cts'

    As you can see the streaks are wayy too round defining. Having a round countdown like in MOBA wont help, becouse the streaks still will be there. Draft system also wont work, becouse i already know what drones will get banned 99% of the time: UAV, Spy Drone, Hellbird, Metal Reaper, Zeus, Support Drone (I dont remember its name), Blade Drone and Jammer.

    What we can do is to just "delete" all shooting streaks and streaks that give vision of enemy team on minimap. But after that we are playing comp mode with only 15% of all streaks availible.

    So, we have only 3 options:

    1. Delete All streaks; (Which i support)

    2. Delete streaks that shoots and that gives vision of enemy team (But, as i said before, we will end up with just 15% of streaks to use)

    3. Nerf them to the oblivion (like make UAV cost 7k points, and make losing team earn more points, like in cs:go. After that we can think about drafts)

    So that was my 2 cents. Hope that i will get answer from The Director in some way.


    So this poor guy watched his video removed because there was typed "hacker" in the name and he also had no information provided and no warning before removing the video? Are we kidding, poor boy, he's trying to make some content for this dead game and some haters are hating him so much to reach this? Removing his videos? Incredibly childish, my brother told me that this community was toxic but I thinked he was talking only about players instead this is much more worse !!!


    I am a comp scene member from november last year and i must say that community tournaments wont bring ppl back. To this time our rquests has been ignored (for instance no killstreaks in ranked mode). We had some leagues but they weres sponsored by ourselfs, the prizepool was our money. Add to that almost no communication from devs and you get a nice picture why most of comp scene players quit and dont play ironsight anymore. If you want to bring them back you need to organise actual tournament with actual money as a prizepool, not bunch of boxes and gp, a real actual money.


    At the indicated time frame, about 1:09. Enemy enters through the Mart A objective door and moves towards the stairs hiding behind a shield.

    Its a gorgon system streak, not a shield.


    There are now 193 different charms.

    Most of them being country flags.

    We have them too.

    So, i have played a bit of this new update and i want to share with you my feedback.

    The Good:

    • Revamped maps are really good. It makes ppl more visible and easier to spot
    • I really like the TTK changes. It makes a gap between good and a bad players, and finally i wont get frustrated about a guy that rushes everyone with smg and has 30 kills, and he kills you before you have any time to react. Also this makes the game overally more competetive - headshots are now much more valuable
    • The overall system of Ironpass is good, however pass itself isnt really worth the money
    • I really like new UI, your score not reseting after changing loadouts, and ability to change your loadout while the map starts. Thats some great quality of life improvements.

    The Bad:

    • The concept of battle pass is great. I really like that you giving out a permament skin for ppl that dont want to buy premium pass. I also like that you dont need to grind all day to get to the max pass level, However the good sides of pass ends here. There is no point in buying a premium pass, becouse only thing you will get is one HK skin and a bunch of boxes, and you wont get anything out of them becouse of horrible drop rates. That means that for paying 10 bucks u will get around 300 chips, 10k gold, 1 special weapon and 1 blue weapon. Maybe that isnt that bad in terms of value, however look at the other games - they give out a lot of more stuff for the same price in their passes. In my opinion you should give us more permament skins, maybe some special charts, things that are unique. Whats more, in fortnite and apex you after finishing your pass you wil get enough premium currency to buy premium pass next season. There is no such thing here. You should also add some more steps, and make some weekly challenges (for instance kill 500 enemies with smg) that gives 5 medals after completion. That system would be much better than courrent system - you get 1 medal per one daily challenge.
    • The ranked system. It hasnt been changed at all, just a few ui elements has been added. Ranked does not feel at all like ranked - it feels like a regular snd match. No punishment after leaving, 6v6 matches, and even streaks. Please, remove streaks. Ranked should be all about skill, not about who gets uav first wins the game. So much ppl want that, especially the competetive community. You can ask single one of them and I am sure that 95% of them will agree that streaks should be removed. There is even a thread somwehere here about this topic.
    • And last but not least, why didnt you realese a new map? Last one was reales 5 months ago, and the game is getting a bit stale. That jungle map from korean version would be amazing.

    The Horrbile:

    • The repair cost incerease. Its such a horrible idea. I know that this has been adressed, however the values must go back as they were before the patch.
    • The bug that makes ppl undable to shoot while sprinting. I dont know what a person that thought that realising a patch with a that much gameplay affecting bug is a good idea. No, its not.


    e worst for my playstyle is the delayed ability to shoot after jumping, sprinting, vaulting and so on.

    Thats a bug, it should be fixed soon, check out known issues

    I dont know who tought that increasing repair cost by 3 would be a good idea. This destroys economy in the game. New players wont stick for too long becouse of unbelivable grind. Competetive players will quit becouse we are playing pugs on custom servers, we dont get any money from it, however we need to still repair our guns. Good players will also quit, becouse the game punishes you for being good at the game (as Sor3y said before)

    I hope this will get rolled back in 1 week. If not, they game will die faster than killing someone with ar57

    Battlepass is an interesting idea if done right:

    -The speed of earning levels have to be based more on skill than playtime

    -If its paid, by reaching max lvl you should get enough AP to buy battlepass for a new season (like it is in Fortnite)

    -To not get players mad, this thing should be implemented after netcode and ranked fix.

    And I dont see any difference in graphics on Oceanfront

    Hello. So I wanted to play Ironsight today and after a few matches I discovered something odd - i got an absurd ammount of exp after the game. I thought that was some kind of bug - and move on to play another match, but after this i again got the same ammount of exp. So I decided to leave the lobby start recording, in case this thing repeats. And it did. After that i restarted Ironsight, and the situation repeated again.

    I have 2 videos, but since i cant post them, you can download them here:

    <downloadable links removed>

    I dont know if its intentional or not, but since i dont want to get banned i decided to post about it here.

    EDIT: that might be a visual bug? As you can see i sttll receive around 300 exp after each game, but the graph shows that i have received much more

    Ok. I know everything and its pretty hilarious.

    So i got banned for "advertisment of hacks"

    How that happened?

    Its simple: I was playing with my new friend who was doing pretty good and one of the enemy player called him a hacker. So I, pretending to be funny, writed in chat "Best hacks on! Subscription only 4.99$ per month!" So yeah, i would advertise hacks, but...

    The website like that doesnt even exist! Whats more, there is even no website for and .net, so yeah, Aeria made a very good facts cheking.

    The moral of this situation is to beware of everything you write, cuz it can turn against you.

    Thanks for quick response. I already sent a ticket of admin problem with account type (is that good one?)

    And also i dont see "use anti-cheat comaptibility hook" in my obs settings, i think i am using newer version and i didnt click it, maybe that can be a problem

    A couple of days ago i started to have problem with loging into the game. I had to restart launcher few times or spam play button to get into the game, but now i got a information thatm my account has been suspended for a unknown reason. I read that someone get banned from using a replay buffer software that wasnt on whitelist. I used that kind of software too but it is OBS so there shouldnt be any problems. Pls fix this bug