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    Yeah been seeing the same bugs and some truly off hit reg. It's almost as if the netcode is on a variable drive that ramps up and down.

    Same issue with higher ping players taking no damage.

    FPS aren't better at all, still all the same issues and some are worse.

    Bug fixes would be nice. Performance/Optimization tweaks would be nice. Real Content would be nice. But at this point with the TOTAL lack of communication( yet again) I am not hopeful.

    Whatever comes i am sure it will follow the same pattern of fix 2 to 3 things while breaking 4 to 5 other things.

    Then i am sure we will see another "We need your feed back! fill this form out ." HQ report..I am sure everyone will give great feed back as they always do, and 6 months later we might hear something on the matter.

    I get that we have aeria games and wiple games working together. But in this day and age with tech the way it is, there should be NO REASON that theses 2 companies cant communicate better. No reason what so ever.


    It looks like you got sniped from behind and it didnt kill you , at the same time the guy in front hit you a millisecond after. But i dont see the guy infront of you till after you die, outta sync/lagger maybe ?

    This is just a guess tho from what i can see.

    Kinda weird

    no link in general for a particular file .

    But they do have a link for downloading the game in case of emergency.

    The default file your looking for should be in it.

    post by a mod on reddit. Hope this helps.…se_of_emergency_use_this/

    This may go without saying, but its good practice to back up files your about to edit. :)


    HQ Report #7


    Let’s begin with a few issues where your feedback is needed.

    First, in my last HQ Report, I asked for your opinions on our recently opened Game and Web Shops. Since we did not receive a lot of responses, we’re once again asking that you make your voices be heard by completing our short questionnaire which is available here.

    Tell us what you'd like to see again, see more of or see never again. Keep mind that we plan things ahead of time and need to carefully consider your feedback and various thoughts on the matter. For these reasons, changes will occur incrementally over time. But I want to let you know that improvements in this area are one of the hot topics amongst our team.

    We've been making our voices heard sir. Here and on other social media sources. More often than not it seems ignored, brushed off or even attacked in some cases. It takes only a few minutes on any of theses sources to see that the majority of the people are unhappy with said Boxes and Shops. Some would even go so far as to call it criminal and borders on illegal .

    Honestly as an old guy it almost seems as if the Questions keeps getting asked until YOU get the answer YOU want, and everything thing else is or will be disregarded.

    With the change to repair costs , i hear tons of complaints from new players that it takes forever to earn enough to unlock a gun/skin they want. Which was the point right ?? That most of the items seem to be locked behind pay walls and cost way to much. Hop on and watch new streamers trying this game out, it gets mentioned almost every time.

    I get it, your a business. Your goal is making money, and rightly so. But i have to ask, is your goal making money or pushing away new and old customers? You ask for feed back and yet you have a 6 page thread here and COUNTLESS others acrossed multi sources about this very issue .

    I've already accepted that Bug fixes come and a snails pace , that updates that have real content are rare, that core gameplay mechanics issues rarely get addressed, that technical issues get fixed in a timely manner..

    It's a taken 8 months to a year to get some issues even addressed.

    In Spite of ALLLLLL of that this game still has a player base. How much longer that will remain the case is anyones guess.

    Sooo Maybe Just Maybe, we can address THIS issue here, in a FAIR and timely manner. Maybe we can all come to a point and agree on at least a direction for Boxes/Shop systems that arent, well so Horrid and over priced.

    Cause as stated getting anything else fixed seems next to impossible at times.

    Thank you for your time.

    Many of us have been waiting Patiently for optimizations, tweaks, performance fixes and the like for some time now. So far it's been alot of lip service with little to no substance.

    If you do get someone to talk to ,99% of the time they blame your rig or in one case your choice of cpu's . I hate to be this guy, but i am not hopeful that ANYTHING will get optimized at this point.

    The number of people that complain while playing is getting higher and higher from my pov, complaining from everything to performance to the netcode. This from new players, shame too cause it turns them off to the game. They seem more concerned with selling loot boxes and skins .

    We seem to take one step forward, but 2 steps back at every update. Not hopeful at all, not one bit.

    My only issue with the game mode is the performance of it during the second capture area.

    Soooo many complain about the performance of it too.

    It would make a great free for all map too.

    Anyone else noticed this weird bug.?


    Repair everything first.

    Loadout 1 Daily login gun ( Dragon fang)

    Loadout 2 smg

    Loadout 3 sniper

    Go into a match, while the timer is counting down to start. Pick either Loadout 2 or 3, or cycle thru doesnt matter. Before the match starts, then Select Loadout 1 (dragon fang). Play the whole match with this loadout.

    Then look at your repair costs for Loadout 2 and 3. not only do you have to repair, but its higher than normal.

    Also it seems the perks are getting confused too. Double time, Marathon and others are crossing over from loadouts . Example loadout 2 marathon, loadout 3 double time. Start with loadout 3, before the timer counts down and match start change to loadout 2.. Now sprint....your sprint time will be that of double time not marathon.

    You can Hit your loadout key again and it seems to fix it..

    This update has really come with ALOT of bugs that are super frustrating.

    I wouldn't mind an option that allowed us to do both. If you want 1 set of drones across all loadout's, or to have customized drone per loadout as before.

    I'd love to have that option.

    I guess that explains why i see in the Asian streams they get TONS of tactical/lethal/bullets stuff All the time.

    If i had to guess and guess based on what we get in general i'd say these's aren't the same rate's as ours.

    Something else i've been noticing and wondering, is the drop rate specific to region/person ? Cause i see ALOT of new accounts with epic skins, while alot of people that have been playing over a year nothing.

    Anyone else seen a similar trend?

    Hmm this is good that they did this , gives a some hope.

    I have the same issue and being able to save video settings too.

    What i did was go into my ironsight_local.ini and set my fov (camera_fov_tp=) manually as well as my video settings.

    Once i did that i found that i COULD NOT go back into the settings in game , else my changes would revert back.

    So long as you stay out of your setting menu in game, the changes will stay. Hopes this helps.

    in 800 hours i've seen 2 for sure doing live streams to promote there hack , and a few others talking about adjusting settings in team chat for there self coded detecting site autofire aim hack thing. lol whatever that is... A few macro users.

    Hacking Not an issue in this game from what i've seen.

    Just ALOT of really good players is all .

    Here is a Perfect example of what i am frustrated about.

    I won't even get into the crate with boxes inside craziness.

    Angry Monkey MP7A1

    You have a chance to obtain one of the following version of the Angry Monkey MP7A1:

    - Repairable

    - 30 Days

    - 7 Days

    - 3 Days

    You have a CHANCE?? to get 1 of the following?? Come on....

    If you could just BUY it out right that would be An Amazing DEAL!, HELL i'd of bought it in a HEART BEAT.. But no we have to GAMBLE for it. With boxes that have no drop rate's listed.

    I give up.


    I seem to recall a similar survey that was done just about a year or so ago. Everyone was very vocal and clear, while MANY of us didn't agree with each other we ALL agreed what needed or would like to be done for the future of game and community.

    1. Buying directly

    2. Servers Net code

    3. Competitive Play/Ranked

    4. Technical issues/bugs fixes/Performance issues.

    1. We still seem to be trying to get this, and yes Not everyone will be happy or agree. But what has been done almost seem like an intentional slap to the communities face. I don't know how else to say it. But it's been a Year and we are no closer.

    2. Yes, the net code got changed, and it was a happy day for many of us. With that said let me say THANK YOU. Now do i believe there is room for improvements to be made? Yes, BUT you've communicated to all of us many times now. I look forward to it.

    3. From what i saw back then, the Community stepped up and did much of the heavy lifting. Setting up many of the details needed to get this ball rolling. If i remember correctly they even setup PAYOUTS for the tournaments. Real money . They Asked for changes to Ranked that would make the game play based around a PLAYERS SKILL(TEAM) not drone usage. The people who fell short was on your end, both in helping organize and making changes needed. From what i saw .

    I am not a comp player, i like casual play. But i can tell you most of the successful games have a Solid Casual player base, with A Solid Comp player base. You need both else it just doesn't work. Right now the Comp players arent here because they gave up on anything getting done.

    4. Where to begin. We've had bugs like the Kill Cam and Kill By Play in this game for darn near a year. Just now have they gotten fixed. This new patch also introduced more bugs that i'd have to say are SUPER frustrating. Every patch something else breaks. It's almost as if they aren't double checking there work, nor does it seem like things are being tested fully.

    We got updates to many of the maps, which look good i must say. But with those updates we also took performance hits. Heck frontline Still is a laggy mess and hasn't been addressed in over a year.

    I was watching a new players stream just the other week. His new i9 and 1080 was dipping in to the 60 fps range , his 2 buddies had all sort of technical issues. In the end 1 could play if he turned off his stream, an i5-1050gt . The other guy couldn't even play with a similar setup.

    I've watched the Asian server streams. One guy on the reworked front line map was getting Half his normal fps, he runs a new i9 and a 2080 to.

    My point with this, performance isn't were it should be. With issues like downloaders and launcher and updaters always having something wrong with them. To the game crashing . There shouldnt be this many issues.

    I think about ALL the people turned off by this kinda stuff and wonder how many players did this community lose.

    Something needs to give. Yanno ?

    Anyways this was longer than i intended , sorry.

    I had a few ideas then i'd like to share. Allow people to buy things out right, whether thats with gp or chips or AP.

    The best example at the moment is the RED SKIN deal, or special deal that pops up. While in my opinion its not work 2.50$ It's still nice to have the option to buy it for a FAIR price. Plus i think its kinda ugly, but others Do love it. The other day the special deal showed me a mp7 multicam for 20k. Thats half the gp, Thats a great deal. Guess who has a new multicam skin mp7. ;)

    So here is the idea. Special deals that allow us to buy things out right. More of a micro transaction lay out.

    If a weapon skin is gp based allow them to buy with ap for a fair price. 1.00$

    If the skin is chipped based then maybe 2.00$ or 2.50$ to match the chip amount.

    If the skin is an UNLOCK skin charge 5.00$ , how many unlock skins are there?? That alone is well over a 100$ that could be made. People will buy them UP.

    45$ for a skin(skull M4) is just to much. Most of the skins are just reskins on the same model right? 1 with a custom reload? The only truly different one to come along has been the Old MAN AK47, Looks great by the way.

    You guys love to focus on art and skins. Why not try this out as well.

    Would you like a New Color for your quick shot . holosight ,clear site etc etc etc? green, purple , yellow , blue? 0.50C.

    How about a different Reticle ? 0.50 c.

    It may seem nickle and dime, but it add's up quick.

    Paying for a CHANCE to MAYBE win something that you'd have better odd's being struck by lightning , only to be constantly disappointed. Then take into consideration the bad word of mouth , people are less inclined to support the current model and tell friends anything beneficial.

    Sorry my grammar is terrible, i am old and redneck, lol But i think you get the idea i hope.

    So many ideas and options here that could benefit the player base and the Company as a whole.

    Agreed its hurting them , so many people i play with ALL have a negative view of the current box system. But they keep moving forward with it no matter what happens.

    I've given up on it after the Easter egg deal. No Sorry, No fix, No refund. Just Blown off. Let's not even get into the current Webmall shop, $45.00 For the skull M4, i can buy a triple A title for that.

    But yeah i agree, post the drop rate by the box is a Great Idea.

    I remember seeing a post by nopp where he opened like a ton of normal (common) boxes and apparently the chance of getting a rare skin is like less than 0.1%.

    I remember that as well.. I did a little test myself sometime back . I did a grind of gp and got it to 2.4 million and opened 500 boxes. Just to see and for the fun of it too. Video Here . Sad part is i could have just bought 60 plus skins out right.

    Ive also saved over 1000 chips and opened 100 plus Superior Boxes, didnt record that tho , nothing but duplicates.

    At my current level, plus daily's plus boxes ive gotten over this year, freebies etc, the number cant be easily counted. Yet nothing has dropped but duplicates or just chips ( angry monkey boxes) . To be honest, when ever i get something like a angry monkey box i am not excited, because i already know the outcome, 50 chips... Starting to think i have my Own Drop Rate lol , its sooooooo bad! lol.

    If you search around youtube you'll find people opening stuff , 1 comes to mind, the guy opened will over 50 angry and fire monkey boxes , plus countless other boxes. In the end he got 1 skin for over 60 dollars.

    Ive never liked laws being passed that take away freedoms,or imposes restrictions on companies, but the more i see gaming companies do this kinda stuff the more i get behind the anti-loot box bill.


    So i completed the Event and got my charm slot. Right after that i see that the game has sent me back to Operation Rebirth II .... So being unsure i played a match using the Aug again. It's keeping track of my kills.

    I would like to get out of this GROUND HOG DAY LOOP PLEASE. :(

    Also some of my drones and weapons(ak47 aug) are stuck in the loop of doom. I complete them per level and they get so high and reset again. Which i guess is good sense the gp repair costs are soo freaking high now.

    I am not sure what causes the reset either. Maybe the 24 hours? . Not sure.


    Yep, if your ping is low and your playing against 4,3,2 bar players the hit reg gets very weird.

    The running joke in game is 4 bars people are bullet SPONGES . It will take more. They will also hit you before you even see them coming around the corner, thats if they are 4 bars. 3 bar players are mostly at the disadvantage. 2 bars it will take a full mag at times and thats if they arent firing back.

    After this update things have gotten umm stranger too. People sliding on the ground, float as being shot. Yet it wont show that they are lagging.

    People ive been playing with for MONTHS who i know for a fact have 4 bar pings(100-199) are now 5 bar. Soo i think the numbers have been adjusted, to hide the fact they are lagging.

    There is a few groups,,,they run in packs of 2 to 4 each group. There names and clan tags will always be some sort of offensive term,name etc. Everything that they do seems questionable at best. You'll find they are from EU or NA in most cases.

    I have no proof , so i'll just say it this way. It could be a group of of pro's Trolling under smurf accounts.. Cause thats a thing in this game it seems, alot of smurf's testing things . One fella Admitted he was on his 17th account sense the beginning of open beta.

    Others again i have no proof, so i wont say anything on that other than this, as i feel i am already on some sort of list being punished for my options..

    Avoidance is the only course of action you can do. Recording and reporting them seems to do nothing from my point of view. Least thats what it seems like to me. "Shrugs"

    I usually get a ping around 15-30 and my experience is, that players with higher pings seem to have an advantage in their "time to react". Often enough, i start to fire first but the opponent is soaking up my bullets like a sponge, then turning into my direction an killing me with a short burst.

    It feels like there is some kind of "ideal" ping value, where the sync between movement/hit register/lag compensation is near perfect, but it's hard to tell, where this ping range starts or where it ends. Looks, like your 272 ping is already out of this range ;)

    But it's also possible that an expert for this stuff will tell my statement pure voodoo and i'm only a lousy player ^^ who knows ....

    I believe that range your talking about is within the 4 bars so 100 to 199. I'd guess close to 150. Everything you said matches spot on with what ive experienced as well.. We even joke and call them Sponges.

    Ive watched my buddies stream from Singapore and i can tell you his 220 plus ping doesnt help him at all. You can hear the hit reg delay, almost a full second.

    The odd thing is when they are in the red. All sorts of weird stuff happens. People with a variable PING!? is also just a pain.

    I havent played this patch all that much, to stutter and laggy for me on top of graphic settings not changing anything anymore. sigh . No point repeating what everyone else has already said, right?

    Anyways. Ive noticed that some of my drones and weapons have reset in terms of stat's. What once was a complete level 5 is now level 2 or whatever. Example The AUG, i had complete now its not.

    Thank you for posting this. Its been a running joking with friends, we call people SPONGES nowadays. Meaning they absorb hits with out dropping . Its really bad when facing people in 4 bar range and your in the 5 bar range. When people are in the 3 to 2 bar range you see alot of the above happening .

    As i stated before in a different post, its as if this new netcode is the same but in some regards More exaggerated .

    High pingers kill you behind cover ,still (4 to 3 bars).

    High pingers(2bars) warp , teleport etc.

    High pingers (all) still trade kill After youve killed them.

    High pingers (4bars) have an advantage , in that they absorb hits. Unless its straight on shot. I am leading some to make sure it hit regs correctly.

    Most of the time you feel like your being hit by 1 bullet and getting killed.

    We could go on and on. Ive been trashed talked just for even discussing this with friends openly.

    Sense the update and change over it does feel better in SOME ways. But Worse in others. Its gotten so that its frustrating to even play, enjoying a simple match a chore. When something weird happens, the first thing i look at now is HOW many Bars a person has. I shouldnt do that, because it shouldnt happen in the first place.

    I do understand that Updates are coming and tweaks and adjustments are in the planning. How much more damage to the community as a whole needs to happen before then?

    Just saying.

    Yep fell for the scam, didnt look into it more before i pushed buy. sigh . Totally disappointed in how its displayed and worded. That was the first time i thot hmm looks like a real deal this time.. ( HA! chips for you dummy HA!) .

    DROP rates in the game are just terrible, id have better luck getting struck by lightning . After 1 year and almost 700hrs, countless free boxes nothing.

    I have to agree with OhEmGee if we could buy something directly that isnt 45$ ! lol that be great. The red skin is a good example, do more of that for a fair price. Gawd not even triple A games do this to this extent. I honestly wish i could ask for a refund .

    But what can you expect from people that use gambling addiction to predatorily take advantage people.




    Pretty much SpartanMish said everything ive seen. Its always at the beginning of the match.Its been in tdm ,secure point and resource takeover game modes.

    I Noticed a small ping spike during the loadup, but thats a pretty normal thing nowadays, Always seems to be a spike during spawn or start of a sp round etc.