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    I believe that this is indeed some heavy news but will also have the advantage of a better game experience for having the servers nearby.

    unfortunately it is not. If that was any other game publisher instead of 4game and then yes, better experience by less ping and something else, like really cool game events that may happen each week in a month.

    But they gave project to 4game... Better experience? Forget about it. Green, blue, orange, purple grade skins for real money and rental weapons only don't mean better experience. It means "you are piece of shrakh" (pardon my orcish)

    Well, not gonna lie, as a matrer of fact they just sold us to tge shittest game publisher they might have found in Russia/CIS.

    How would I know? Well if someone of you played Warface or Point Blank/Project Blackout then you know what i'm about. For those who do not: imagine game publisher taking EA payroll model and lootbox movement implemented in most disrespectful way. The worst part is that they used this model long before EA invented it with last Battlefront installations, that's why a lot of russian abd CIS players tried to escape this madness and invaded other servers, where were agressively "welcomed" by ip-wall and holy banhammer.

    Please can you reach agreement with devs in this question? 4game will ruin everything that is so good in this game. And play2win model will turn into play2win in its worst.

    Aside from the AK-47 it is only the ARX 160 posses the damage of 33, but how do feel about the gun?

    Like any othe gun? It's just a gun, epiti-yopiti.

    You know... from my perspective, it really do not make sense to compare two rifles each destined for it's specific situation(s).

    If AK-47\12 (why the hell not) might be usesull as stopping power at mid-long range, ARX works better for short distance, bit worse for mid and bad for long ones...

    Personally, I find it strange that you can earn more chips through the 48 hour login refresh than you can by completing daily missions.

    Considering you may have 3 chips from this most of the time and get at least 1-3 chips every day... nah, nothing strange at all.

    or do i have to break every single paragraph into five more to get it through your pathetically thick skull?

    You'd better watch your useless tongue, since weapons buff\nerf crying been heard by me from almost every novice or skilled player, your idiocy looks even more pity than it might be. If you not smart enough to look at other threads there and to not get my message right - it's your own fault, not mine.

    And keep your raped easily breakable and too much sensitive ego inside of your mind.

    First people asked for nerf SR and now they ask to bring buff to them. Um, where the hell you all've been? uh right, you cried that Blaser and DSR are too OP. Well then take what you deserve.

    : Reduce SMG Dmg

    So... i know the P90 and AR-57 fire the 5.7x28mm Micro-rifle round but like... why? why does there dmg feel on par with every other AR in the game at any range when it should honestly feel like a oversized rock hitting you in the head at extreme range. yet anyone with any recoil control skills can probably leave an enemy with low health if not usually kill them with an SMG even if said lad is using an assault rifle.

    (Backstory: I love getting killed by an AR-57 from across the map after spawning in ten seconds ago... it get's even lovlier when there even more cleaver at spawn trapping.)

    Okay, I have suggestion too:

    Make all weapons deal 1 point damage.

    Why not, if you always crying about weapon damage, that some of them are OP (now sniping become garbage, thanks)

    Still waiting for russian localization and server. BUT, want to warm you DO NOT LET server be on run under Innova (4Game) and\or watch. Or things go nuts, told you. Many good projects servers I do remember were ruined by these companies.

    on other note: good report, glad to know we will have black UI theme.

    and yet again you have missed the news that they gave up the idea :v

    Oh thank god so my brother not go to jail for meme shize.

    Back on topic, as it was already said, the filter needs to be reworked. We passed our suggestions to the developer and are now waiting

    If they will need help with Russian they know we there, we'll help

    1. Like, every day someone should whine about "overpowered" bolt-action sniper rifles. People, don't be mad, these ones supposed to be killing machines, not your usual HK417. Christ... just stop already... please.

    2. I dunno. I played, like, 5 games on that map and haven't that feel of empty space. 10 vs 10 on that map is pretty legit deal...

    ah, alright. I understand.

    By the way this Downtown map remind me old good times when game called Point Blank existed. Oh boy...

    Also you've made EMP grenade launcher... you do realize now some players will use it not as intended, right? Like, not for drones and stuff, but finishing shot for kill enemy. What a pain to see such things...

    Well, let's see... hrmmmn:

    1. Yes it would be nice to have new server all across our Globe but, first devs need to complete all tech stuff, fix most of knows serious issues. It's pretty complicated and require a lot of time to made all right (but unfortunately when you fix one problem two new appear after, as usual. This game isn't an exeption of that rule)

    2. This game means to be somewhat like action-packed, fast-pased "Call of Duty that done right". That's why suuch spawn mechanics were implemented into game as I may suggest. It is not that bad, actually, since your imagination might to draw a picture of endless conquering of areas, taken from one hands and giben to another, endlessly.

    3. Just wait a bit more. That's all we can everyone do right now...

    4. I don't know... 4 att's - that's a bit too much, imo. Just remember CoD: Modern Warfare 1-2, where 2 attachments were more than enough.

    5. Never seen any camping boogie. Including me, since I play with DSR-1\Blaser R93 with Thermal Scope most of the time. Therefore I do not have such problem as annoying snipers in enemy team. I just run with Karambit for them. FUN.

    If you ever played any of CoD or BF games you probably know that bolt-action sniper rifles always have huge damage compared to other weapons (even semi-automatic SR like SVD).

    It'll be the death of the game the same way it's killing (killed, at this point) Black Squid

    That's one yadda-yadda shize talk, pal. How could Bolt-action sniper rifles kill whole game? you talk absolute nonsense.

    This game does not need such stuff at its current state, imo.

    It require polishing atm, so developers are busy on that.

    You'd better to not know (me better to not type there even) because you would be potential KGB target but anyway.

    Hi there. I'm Oleg, from Russia. I'm non-pro FPS player, doing some pictures and video stuff, period. Active Doom game series community member, Quake Champions Twitch powered Visor menace and big fan of Witch House music movement.

    I've found about this game and forum around a week ago. This game look fresh in terms of action package (TDM, at least) would stay there for some time. Would be nice to stay as Ironsight team parthner.

    1. I would disagree with you

    2. I would disagree with you

    3. GO TO SLEEP, PAL, YOU HAD ENOUGH TO DRINK. (MG require buff, not nerf)

    Dear Staff!

    As a player, I would like to be able to add my own clan mark.

    I did not see this option. If it is possible, I am asking you for help in this.


    Would be nice feature. But, just imagine those morons drawing swastika in fascist way . Or genitals images as clan marks. Ew...

    But if you mean people suggest their own creations for implementing into game then... would be awesome, since (I believe) there are lot of people who able to draw such stuff.

    Oh boy, here we go...

    1. ARs: AK-12\47, AN-94, SG553

    2. MP5A5, MP9, PP-2200

    3. Blaser1luv


    5. Crossbow. Because of how funny is this to kill enemy from long range and not even be sure you would kill someone.

    6. All attachments are good in their own way

    7. All for a bit.