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    Out of curiosity what's your ping in game?

    Also, the UDP change is only step 1 of the networking changes that will happen so by no means is this the only thing they will do to improve it so don't worry. Its already confirmed that they will only try to push a steam launch when the game is ready which they're well aware isn't right now ^^

    As a fun little comment from since close beta days, many people thought that the hitbox doesn't actually update properly when you're proning. Instead of it following the model, it instantly changes as though you were on the ground already but visually you're still in the animation of doing it which causes more issues.

    I still to this day have no idea if its true or not (never cared enough to do proper test or anything) but it did work some players up who believed it to be true x)

    I know im not getting much kills cuz ping (which increases my playtime to get to lvl 20)

    Kills don't matter towards account level progression. The only times kills matter is your weapon level progression so whether you go 0-99 or 99-0 but play both games for 6 minutes, you get 6 minutes worth of XP.

    Well be aware that since the PTS is just one server located in Europe, it's not exactly a TRUE representation of how it'll be on live servers or of the netcode "impact" itself. You will face a lot more lag-related issues here than there would be in normal circumstances since they'd be on their own servers.

    With the way it was last time we had the UDP change rolled out (on live), issues only occurred later when there were a lot of people on at the same time. With that being said, it's probably the reason why they opted to have only one server to serve more of as a stress test than a true representation of how netcode would be in live circumstances with players not connecting from around the world.

    I didnt hit stuff i should of, and when i aimed besides the model, i still got markers... was really strange for me.

    Same ^^

    Overall everything feels smoother (being a low ping player) there is less bullshit happening (deaths behind corner) etc.

    This change wasn't supposed to be some miracle working thing and I think a lot of players thought it would do things that don't even relate to it and are then disappointed by it.

    As said by Aeria staff countless times before, this is only step 1 of the netcode changes and plenty more will come to sort out the other issues.

    Tfw you want proper match making by maybe hidden mmr systems.. when the game barely has any players lol.

    Have fun waiting an hour for a match I guess?

    Please explain how a system that matches parties with other parties AND/OR higher ranked players will increase matchmaking times significantly? This game has more than enough players to do it. A team balance system that goes into play during the lobby won't even affect matchmaking times. Til that there are more matchmaking systems than mmr?

    The game doesn't have more than enough players though... that's the entire point. The game is pretty dead rn.

    Overwatch actually does boxes well but imo it's because you get them way more frequently since every level up = a box and level XP doesnt change per level, in Ironsight it does. They also run weekly modes to earn up to 3 etc etc. Overwatch boxes are also good because its actually not that common to get dupes so the rates are wayyyy higher than Ironsights.

    If changes could be made to both dupe rates and the chance to get boxes from other means (since I doubt a change to XP system would be viable), then it sounds like a good plan :thumbup:

    How do you guys feel about "lootbox" systems where there is usually one box type (or maybe a few boxes with rarity levels) that has a wide drop rate and almost no way of direct purchases?

    I don't think anyone likes that lol

    To defend my point, Aeria made a survey for both Development (Wiple) and Aeria touching on aspects of different elements of the game for community feedback. This survey featured a voting for changes/opinions about the current shop directly from our feedback and here are the results.


    This was taken directly from your HQ report #2 located here and as you can see, a ton of people want direct purchases and better drop rates. Since this survey was completed, there has only been very little direct purchase chances from promotional events etc and more boxes. Nothing else regarding this feedback was touched. I'm going to assume you as a Product Manager have already looked at this so I'll remind you that everyone had the chance to vote on this, not just the odd few forum users that comment here. Players that care voted and this is what your players want.

    we would like to report people, but see they dont allow you to do such things in game. They want you too have 2 accounts, one for forum, one for game, and go through all the loopholes to reporting. This game is dead if they dont get their heads out of their arses.

    Actually the game used to have an in-game report system. However, it used to cause the reported player to freeze up (cant move) for around 5 seconds because of some sort of bug. Players abused this and thus it was removed but it will be back once it's actually functional again.

    Thank you for the links. Russia can’t play regardless since their government blocked googles services in April 2018. And our version of Ironsight uses google services to host its servers. So it probably wouldn’t really affect our version ;)

    But I can indeed confirm that this is legitimate and we will communicate about it if there are any open questions to it!

    Er.. they have been able to play for a long time again now Sol.. . ..

    Irony_Sigh A lot of what you said is actually opinion based (maps, weapons, hipfire nerf, balancing). As you know I've been around for as long as you have and have actually been active in the community for almost the entire time (except a few weeks). I've saw what people complain about and what people praise. Quite a lot of people have said they actually do not care for new maps/weapons etc and just want them to fix netcode ASAP. Then on the other hand, others want frequent small updates like the ones we have been given over the past few months. Developers cannot please everyone and they can only meet half way. Even though I do agree with some, you can't expect your opinion/ideas to get implemented/changed in game. At the end of the day the developers have the last choice and not Aeria. It's up to them to decide whether they want X change in or not because they have certain visions for their game and they have every right to do so since they made it.

    Aeria do not forward every single suggestion ever made and only do so with things that have been brought up countless times or they see really big potential or strongly agree with them.

    To your point about skins, I don't even understand why this is EVER mentioned. The artists that make skins are artists... not developers. They can and will continue to keep working on new skins 24/7 regardless of what developers are doing to fix the game. They won't suddenly learn how to code and help out because it's not in their job description?

    Sounds like what every other player said back in CBT/early OBT "game will die within few months" every day blah blah same things, and here we are a year later.

    If you truly think the game is garbage/dead, why waste your time on its forums? Go play less "garbage/dead" games and be a positive impact there instead of being a negative one here? Since this "has no future" anyway, there's no point trying to make a point?

    But have you ever tried to play the map when the entire enemy team was camping at the back at their spawn covering every single angle you could dream of? I can tell you it makes you never wanna touch the map again since its so gosh darn huge you have to run 10 miles to even get there and they drag the match out for a year or two.

    I think there should be more rewards for ranked matches, because, at least in the SA server, it's very hard to find a match, players aren't interested. The game needs to offer something that attract players. Example: if you win 100 ranked matches, you got a special skin or something.

    Yeah at the moment ranked is just for ego boosters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Ranked has kill-streaks however the community have been asking if this can be removed or at least custom matches can have options to disable them. The mode is only available for players that are leveled 10 or above and offers only the Search & Destroy game mode. For now ranked is only solo queue but there will be clan wars in future. Recommendation would be to try to play normal Search & Destroy before going into ranked and don't expect too much out of it as a lot of the time you're either vs the highest rank player or a literal fresh level 10 player.

    nice, ty i have the game in spanish so i didnt know the translation XD other doubt, if i bought it on my m4 default, if i buy a m4 with skin does it still work? or i need to buy it again?

    It only works for the select skin you put the charm slot on. So no it wont work on other skins of the same weapon unless you keep buying another charm.

    anyways we just have to see what Aeria Games does because personally if this isn't resolved soon not sure my future with this game is going to be active....

    Wym what aeria do? I love that people complain about the game apparently being full of hackers :/:rolleyes: and then don't put in the work to report said players? Aeria's only job there is to ban from a positive report... They're not gonna monitor every game and lookout for them, that's what the anti cheat is for. Instead of crying about "so many hackers" be pro-active and do something about it yourself.