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    The netcode is actually great right now. If you're experiencing issues I'd assume you have high ping and don't play close to either of the servers which has nothing to do with netcode.

    The latest update will negatively impact those that play the game with high pings (which is the same in literally any other game ever if your ping is high).

    I guess you didn´t even read my post because i clearly said i have a 5 bar connection and an ping of 20-22.

    Mb ^^ must have skipped over parts since I'm used to random ranting

    Really not sure how you're getting issues though or if you're over exaggerating how often it occurs. Are you sure you're not getting any packet loss? I play around the same ping (usually just a little higher tbh) and its pretty smooth now since the updates.

    The netcode is actually great right now. If you're experiencing issues I'd assume you have high ping and don't play close to either of the servers which has nothing to do with netcode.

    The latest update will negatively impact those that play the game with high pings (which is the same in literally any other game ever if your ping is high).

    would it be possible to apply custom skins like theese ingame? like in league of legends for example that only YOU can see the skins and the rest of the players wont, nice work btw

    Editing game files like this is against terms of service so for now, no.
    However, they do host skin events that allow winners to get their skins put into the game.

    i think the TTK change is a very good step foward. beacuse now its requrie more skillz to kill .
    i hate campers but i think even the TTK can be more reduced and what it is now. beacuse somethimes a tihnk evrything go to fast and i cant react where the people are!

    w h a t

    >apex lootboxes

    are you even comparing a fair box system to the one we got on IS? Tbh, due the nature of Aeria and wiple,wigle (no idea tbh), I highly doubt they would do that. But to solve the problem, giving ap instead of chips, would be good enough for me.

    They really can't give AP back though since AP can then be used for any other Aeria game and would just hurt the company. That's why I suggested making it purchasable with chips instead of AP and then give back either all or a % of chips.

    Taking your example, I guess it works well on fortnite because they have a proper market, with skins that change every day/week or so. IS is different, we live in a loot boxe world, where anything you want must come through them, so I kinda dunno if this would work the same way in is as it does in fornite. But that s a good point nevertheless

    Well Apex is heavily loot box orientated too and they still give back the amount you paid for in their battle pass


    As a very long time player starting from day one I've had a lot of mixed opinions about the game and its future starting extremely hopeful and progressing into a bad outlook about the whole game. I truly started to believe that both the developers and publisher had given up and lost their passion for the game and I personally didn't want to support that. However, after noticing a decent amount of patches compared to how it was a long time ago (including the long anticipated netcode update) and this patch from yesterday, I see now that the developers haven't given up and really do just take a bit more time to try to get their product out there. Patience is rewarded and even though sure, the patches haven't been mind blowing or anything, the passion is there and I now believe that there is a future for the game after all.

    Moving on to the actual patch feedback, I strongly believe that there has been some great things added/changed but also bad things. However with the nature of patches, especially in games that have balancing, developers will never be able to please everyone so bare that in mind when you're thinking about things you dislike.

    The Good Parts

    Map Texture/Lighting

    Now I know not everyone will care for this and play in low quality with features disabled for better gaming experience or whatever, but I feel like it doesn't make the game feel like its from 2010 and has a modern touch to it. The only negative thing I'd say about it is sometimes things are extremely bright (when a room has a lot of lighting in it) and then goes much much darker when you run out of it which can be kind of off-putting.

    Weapon Balancing

    I have an unpopular opinion about this, but I actually like the weapon balancing changes. Without even going in-depth about each gun and whether I agree individually for those, people need to realise that its incredibly opinionated based and never in a million years will the entire player base have the same opinion about balancing. It keeps the game fresh much like meta changes do in other types of games, its a natural thing that will happen and in reality any game will never have a perfect balance.

    New Loadout System

    At first glance I thought what the heck was the point and wasn't a big fan of it but since getting used to it I realise now that its not that bad and makes everything more visible in the sense of ease of access and is generally streamlined to be more user friendly.


    • Room leader starts custom match games
    • Profanity filter actually being useful and not a hindrance
    • New box opening animations showing rarity of item via a colour
    • Transparent surfaces no longer hide the visibility of the allies name
    • Sniper Rifle Scopes have been modified on reticle thickness for better visibility

    All of these are pretty self explanatory and great for the quality of life for players, especially the room lobby change which was an annoying issue to deal with in comp games/events, so great job there!

    Things That Need Work

    Battle Pass

    Yes, I'm aware its new and most likely will change a lot in future seasons but feedback must be given. The thing itself is a good thing in many games since the whole idea about it is giving players more things to work towards/complete which is great! However it's not that great when its implemented in a bad way. The battle pass itself consists of levels (aka tiers) that players can level up to gain rewards. The rewards however, suck. Like really suck.

    If you consider the price you're paying for the battle pass itself, which is roughly about £10 worth of AP aka the same as other BIG games like Fortnite/Apex etc, you get barely anything in return. There are no ways to grind the full pass out to then get the next season for free which is a thing in other games for the same price.

    You are not rewarded for how much you play and instead forced to do dailies/challenges for using X guns or playing certain modes. This is crappy since a lot of players like sticking to their preferred weapons and game modes and quite frankly with the current state of the player base, (which I know may improve at the time but it is what it is), splitting people up so much and forcing them to do so hurts it even more and is just tedious to have to find matches in certain queues. In addition to this, the challenges themselves give almost nothing as a reward (aka 1 chip etc). This just seems like a joke to be fair. Challenges shouldn't be treated like a daily and thus shouldn't reward like a daily. Nobody is going to be motivated to do these pretty hard/tedious challenges for 1 or 2 chips and a slight progression in tier.

    The tier rewards in themselves are disappointing. Again, you must compare to other games with battle passes since you're literally charging the same amount as other games with them. You cannot charge the same price and then reward players with limited time rewards like gun skins with expiration dates on them. That is garbage.

    I'll now explain how I personally would fix/improve the battlepass.

    • Create exclusive skins that the battle pass will give to you instead of already existing timed versions of purple/pink rarity skins. They can be gold rarity instead and just be a nicely designed skin.
    • Add more tiers then change the currency needed to buy the battle pass from Aeria Points to chips whilst giving more chip rewards as tiers in the battle pass itself to then be able to be close to or completely pay for the next seasons pass. I have never understood why developers/publishers are still scared to do this since it works extremely well because you give back to your players and they're more likely to stay around for longer thus probability of making other purchases increases.
    • Increase the rewards for challenges! The challenges themselves seem decent so no need to change that.
    • Reduce the seasonal time for the battle pass to 2 months from 3 months whilst obviously balancing amount of tiers for this (again it just keeps things more fresh)

    Again this is just my ideas/improvements but they are heavily based on what I see work in this industry, there's no reason to take weird gambles to be different when there are already solid bases you can go from.

    The GP Gain/Repair Costs

    Now before mods/staff redirect me to posts about it being addressed, I am aware of it. It just needs to be included here.

    As you've probably noticed the repair costs have skyrocketed in price with the old price of repairing a 0/10000 (now 0/9900, not sure why that was even changed???) being 2.5k or something around that number to 8.4k. This is freaking ridiculous and I have no idea why this was even implemented/overlooked in the first place. Increase it by all means if you're worried about it, but not by literally 3-4x the amount? As mentioned by Sor3y in another thread, it is insane to do because it hurts players that perform well so much more than players who don't perform well because of the calculations taken for GP gain and gun durability. As a quick tl:dr for how that works, GP gain = time spent in a match (not how well you do) and gun durability = how many kills you get. It's so insane to completely overlook that. The amount either needs to be lowered to maybe x2 the original repair cost (if it even needed touching that badly in the first place), OR completely change the formula for GP gain per match to reward players who get more score than others (which also helps team play in other modes that arent TDM).

    Achievements Progression Box

    The little achievements box you saw on your profile page showed you which achievements you're close to finishing and was a nice way of checking what you should work towards doing. However, after the patch it now shows the achievements with the least amount of progress on. Again, not entirely sure why this was touched in the first place and I'm thinking it's most likely a bug or something but its slightly infuriating that it exists.

    Game Performance/Bugs

    I'm aware of every patch will usually fix a bug, but also introduces new ones. It sucks and the ones currently happening (like no sound or random reload noises and not being able to use items) are annoying to deal with but it is what it is. However, I've also gained some performance issues (as well as some other players I've spoken to) the game generally feels like its running worse to what I'm used to in some maps like Oceanfront etc. The game will literally stutter for seconds at a time with good specs just because of weird optimisation that has evidently gotten worse. Thankfully it doesn't happen on every map but when it does happen its frustrating enough to want to just exit the game/match because it gets unplayable.

    That concludes my feedback/constructive criticism which was long as heck I know, but if anyone actually read it all thanks for your time and please leave your own feedback too!

    Edit: Just want to clarify something as a friend pointed this out, when I say the challenges are fine I meant things like getting kills or headshots etc aka the things you can do in any game mode with any gun. It’s the things that limit you that I’m disagreeing with.

    So was it bug or an intentional change? First no mention at all in the patch notes, then a truly cringeworthy amendment claiming it was a bug that was fixed (huge PR fail, but it made me laugh all the same).

    Now you're monitoring the feedback to send to Wiple..

    Where would YOU, Aeria Games, like it to be? Don't you have a position on this?

    Well to be honest, since Russia got the same change with their game it looks like a developer decision

    Out of curiosity what's your ping in game?

    Also, the UDP change is only step 1 of the networking changes that will happen so by no means is this the only thing they will do to improve it so don't worry. Its already confirmed that they will only try to push a steam launch when the game is ready which they're well aware isn't right now ^^

    As a fun little comment from since close beta days, many people thought that the hitbox doesn't actually update properly when you're proning. Instead of it following the model, it instantly changes as though you were on the ground already but visually you're still in the animation of doing it which causes more issues.

    I still to this day have no idea if its true or not (never cared enough to do proper test or anything) but it did work some players up who believed it to be true x)

    I know im not getting much kills cuz ping (which increases my playtime to get to lvl 20)

    Kills don't matter towards account level progression. The only times kills matter is your weapon level progression so whether you go 0-99 or 99-0 but play both games for 6 minutes, you get 6 minutes worth of XP.

    Well be aware that since the PTS is just one server located in Europe, it's not exactly a TRUE representation of how it'll be on live servers or of the netcode "impact" itself. You will face a lot more lag-related issues here than there would be in normal circumstances since they'd be on their own servers.

    With the way it was last time we had the UDP change rolled out (on live), issues only occurred later when there were a lot of people on at the same time. With that being said, it's probably the reason why they opted to have only one server to serve more of as a stress test than a true representation of how netcode would be in live circumstances with players not connecting from around the world.

    I didnt hit stuff i should of, and when i aimed besides the model, i still got markers... was really strange for me.

    Same ^^

    Overall everything feels smoother (being a low ping player) there is less bullshit happening (deaths behind corner) etc.

    This change wasn't supposed to be some miracle working thing and I think a lot of players thought it would do things that don't even relate to it and are then disappointed by it.

    As said by Aeria staff countless times before, this is only step 1 of the netcode changes and plenty more will come to sort out the other issues.

    Tfw you want proper match making by maybe hidden mmr systems.. when the game barely has any players lol.

    Have fun waiting an hour for a match I guess?

    Please explain how a system that matches parties with other parties AND/OR higher ranked players will increase matchmaking times significantly? This game has more than enough players to do it. A team balance system that goes into play during the lobby won't even affect matchmaking times. Til that there are more matchmaking systems than mmr?

    The game doesn't have more than enough players though... that's the entire point. The game is pretty dead rn.

    Overwatch actually does boxes well but imo it's because you get them way more frequently since every level up = a box and level XP doesnt change per level, in Ironsight it does. They also run weekly modes to earn up to 3 etc etc. Overwatch boxes are also good because its actually not that common to get dupes so the rates are wayyyy higher than Ironsights.

    If changes could be made to both dupe rates and the chance to get boxes from other means (since I doubt a change to XP system would be viable), then it sounds like a good plan :thumbup:

    How do you guys feel about "lootbox" systems where there is usually one box type (or maybe a few boxes with rarity levels) that has a wide drop rate and almost no way of direct purchases?

    I don't think anyone likes that lol

    To defend my point, Aeria made a survey for both Development (Wiple) and Aeria touching on aspects of different elements of the game for community feedback. This survey featured a voting for changes/opinions about the current shop directly from our feedback and here are the results.


    This was taken directly from your HQ report #2 located here and as you can see, a ton of people want direct purchases and better drop rates. Since this survey was completed, there has only been very little direct purchase chances from promotional events etc and more boxes. Nothing else regarding this feedback was touched. I'm going to assume you as a Product Manager have already looked at this so I'll remind you that everyone had the chance to vote on this, not just the odd few forum users that comment here. Players that care voted and this is what your players want.

    we would like to report people, but see they dont allow you to do such things in game. They want you too have 2 accounts, one for forum, one for game, and go through all the loopholes to reporting. This game is dead if they dont get their heads out of their arses.

    Actually the game used to have an in-game report system. However, it used to cause the reported player to freeze up (cant move) for around 5 seconds because of some sort of bug. Players abused this and thus it was removed but it will be back once it's actually functional again.

    Thank you for the links. Russia can’t play regardless since their government blocked googles services in April 2018. And our version of Ironsight uses google services to host its servers. So it probably wouldn’t really affect our version ;)

    But I can indeed confirm that this is legitimate and we will communicate about it if there are any open questions to it!

    Er.. they have been able to play for a long time again now Sol.. . ..