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    methinks someone is forgetting that the mouse and keyboard have proven themselves over 50 years to be the simplest form of machine control anyone can adapt to,

    the amount of skill in a pc shooter games is being totally blown out of proportion especially online where ping matters more.

    The "art" of quickscoping is in my experience just an extention of the mentality that wants "cool" youtube clips and instant kills every shot.

    Quickscoping is so based in fantasy it should only be included in games with features like laser rifles and low grav or zombies.

    conclusion u have zero experience in shooter games , go play some more zombie games pls...quickscoping its sence 90+ when quick 2 was out , to not mention half life online , do u even were born those days?guess not...little kids try to be smart..good try =)) u keep coming with this kinda arguments...the fact is a fact and nothing more...after all devs decide if they listen to this abomination advice or not.

    dont worry about it :) all in time my friend...

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    even then...u cannot compare a real player movement with a target practice , not in a milion years....u have no idea how many bad weapons in target shooting can actualy be awesome in pvp situations.

    the only way to find ur "perfect" weapon its to try them all , thats why they are there and another thing why do u think they made 3 loadouts? so u can change ur weapon depending the map , some weapons like HK417 are kinda useless on map like island , now depends how good players u play against are , one game i was rulling the map with it , next 2 games i was last =)) so yeah u make the conclusion here.


    omfg u ppl dont get it at all...why u keep compare games? this a a new game , u want me to say it this way im gonna say it , new generation of game , even i "an old fart man" i adapt to new games mechanics and stuff....its like i say make everything like in Counter-Strike 1.5 if u ppl ever heard of it or even play it , im not even bother to talk about privious versions , just because i belive that was more cool , good or god now what else , just because u can quickscope in not a full scope doesnt mean its broken dear god , its just the way is it cannot be fixed if u want a slow scopping thing , it cannot be done not now not ever , the only thing to do is use instant scope mecanic without that animation thing when the character is getting he scope close to eye , i dont even know what to say this anymore , pay more attention to every game that have same mechaninc in scoping and see same thing , the only difference in same of the is just the players who dont have to use that not fullscop thing and that because its not that slow.

    and btw what u say its not a fullscope its actualy is , its just that point when its almost full but u shoot , its when u see the scope cross at that point when scope gets close to eye , pay attention more look 10000 times and u will see what i mean by that.

    u ppl to more or u just dont want to accept the fact are skilled ppl. thats the last comment i make because with low brain ppl like u doesnt have any sence or logic and u even dont worth my time.

    i just pray to god devs have more brains and not ruin the sniper more then they did already , as much i hate campers with sniper i dont want this game to be ruined , u ppl cant tell what is broken and what is not , u just blambling about what u hate , dont like , it doesent matter if it working or not , u just dont care , haters try to change stuff useless.

    Quick scopes are broken because you do not need to zoom fully for accuracy that results in people doing "quick scopes" without even aiming. This is not true quick scoping but issue with mechanics.

    dude that is not broken dear god give me streight =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) dude this thing is been around before u been even born , omfg that`s the whole trick in quickscoping omfg =)))))))) im done i laugh so hard i have tears in my eyes i swear it =)))))))))))))))))))) , go watch some youtube vids with same scope sniping , even ones with a little faster one and see how its done , dear god =))))))))))))))))))))))

    im done =)))) im not a rude person when i dont have to but with all my respect I love you all.

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    this is totaly another comparation what u make there....that is totaly something else , i was talking about time a scope , if ur a cs player then what would u say lets make scope fast as it in cs? what does have do to smg with snipers? we talk about a weapon class specific "snipers" not all weapons classes , tomorrow im gonna see ppl rly asking for sniper rapid fire like smg? i dont see ur point and bad i cant express my self to good bad english writing.

    like i say just because a sniper can scope a little faster then COD or a smg shooting faster then COD what do u want? lets copy paste the whole COD mechanics then , we talk here about another game with its own mechanics , the sad part is that mechanic is bad but not in that point of view , its the damage itself , two ppl same guns , different dmg (got that?) this is what im talking about , shooting someone head with 10 bullets and hes not dead , this kinda stuff , not a zoom its faster then another game , are u ppl for real? , there is no point in arguing , u ppl just cant get over that COD , u ppl cant even tell anything useful u just blambling all around about stu..ip things and compare a game with another one , what u dislike to be modified just because u cant stand a dude with a sniper shooting all around because he has skill on quickscope , go practice some more get better then u can kick hes a.s.s , reasearch find the weakness points , u have any idea how much nerves i made myself learning to quickscope? because i was su.cking at it and getting killed from all directions? guess u dont , everything req skill and practice.

    there are another things that are actualy broken so pls stop with this things and go open ur eyes some more and u gonna find them , but noooo u focus ur nerves , stress on ppl with skill kicking ur a.s.s with a sniper , awesome.

    at this point il by happy if they fix the game and actualy turns out to be a good one and with large or medium comunity , i dont need any reword the reword ifself its when we really have a f2p game that we enjoy play it because there are plenty f2p games but they are just not they should by or the ones who actualy are something they are p2w for sure.

    this are some songs i listen to calm to off when i get mad at this game and raise my mood , i dont think u all like it but its cool for me , they are kinda silly :))

    for this one sorry if it looks or sound racist (the name and association i mean) its not my fault i just like the song , didnt find a normal clip

    i start to belive every player tryes to make this game more like they own imagination here , because are 1000 games where the scope is an instant one , i bothering so they can fix actualy content and broken things , not to modify some things that makes this game diffent from the others , u ppl just want this game to by more like COD , then go play COD , or u try to make this game exacly like COD just with thing u dont like there , i dont even know how to put.say this , this post/comments doesnt even have sence anymore.

    just because a sniper has a little more faster scope then the COD doesnt mean its actualy broken for god sake , u ppl rly dont get it do u? stop asking for think u dont like to by fixed because is nothing wrong with them its just the fact u hate something or dislike it , there are things there are actualy f..edup and u care about some sniper scope , awesome.

    exemple , i was admin on a cs 1.6 server , very populated even with known PGL players , i was good at it very good , i was have my banlist in 4 mounts longer then many other in 2 years , a known PGL player was using hack , i tryed to catch him no luck , atleast no one saw in recording what i saw , well no luck in catching him , 9 mounts no one belived me , when i finally catch hes a.s.s in a screen shot was writing nicely in up right corner ESP deacvated.

    maybe in not that sharp like back in the days but still i know when something its not right , even its a cheater or something is wrong with the shooting in a game , im not just playing a game , im doing math same time , observ etc.

    well if this happeng to again what i writed "i wonder" its an assumtion not a fact , that maybe other account have other bugs just a teory i didnt hit noone with a hammer just gathering conclusions and opinions , and still didnt buy that lag thing sence i know for sure its not lag.

    that`s why i saw clearly few days ago in a highlight a cheater , sad ppl who saw it too doesnt use the forum or bother to report , and he was not the only one.

    there is no anti-cheat system that can stop hacks or it will by one , everything can be bypassed if u know how.

    exemple for a very long time steam and valve were gods in anti-cheat system and guess what =)) ssilent-aim showup not long after cs 1.6 was lauched and used in PGL competitions , took a long a.s.s time til ppl figure it out they are cheating , document uself

    they already f...edup snipers ,good job again devs , keep it up and listen to all noobs, i just played one , doesnt feel like 1-2 weeks ago or god now how many days ago , they are listening to ppl who dislike something that they hate and not something that is actualy broken cool , more reason to quit this game.

    in my end is happening alot , i dont know if u read or saw my other post were i said i have two accounts same gear equiped some weapon no maraton perk equiped and still one of then is running faster one slower , same pc same rezolution and settings , if it is a bug i wonder other accounts what bugs they have? u made me curious and go check now the dmg on the other one.

    Quickscoping? What balance? Are you mad now that you got qucikscoped by some dude? He is probably a good qucikscoper, why would you take away this opportunity just because you got mad and died to him a few times?

    "YOU MAD!"

    Please convince me running around with a sniper rifle treating it like a shotgun is the way to go. Blaser (I love it -)) 1 hits in most of the cases and you can use it to fight from a distance too, that's just overpowered no matter how you argument in favor of current quick scoping to have a weapon effective on all ranges is just broken.

    Then il play a shotgun ever better i dont have to raise my skill for quickscope , il just run around and 1 hit everything in close range and 3-4 hits at a considerable range , dude pls listen to youself or more exacly in this case read what ur about the post before u do , i start to see more and more ppl play shotgun and 1 shot the hell out of me , thats awesome skill , so pls shut up now , oh and ur talking with someone who plays this game 4-5 hrs a day , so yeah i notice things many things.

    TCP and lag compensation is why it seems you are getting killed by 3 bullets instead of 4 or 7 depending on range.

    Also, the SCAR and SA58 are 3 hit kills by default at considerable range.

    never killed someone with 3 bullets at long or closer range and i play both , oh and i dont count the missing bullets , once wiht a K2C because of a nice bug i killed two guys at close range 5 bullets thats it , most of the time close or far its 10-15 shots depends where u shoot , scar 6-9 not 3 in anyway , oh and ok lets say ur right , then explain to me 10 bullets to the head and still me the one who dies then btw close combat he was actualy shooting a drone by the time i shot those 10 bullets he shot the drone and killed me , lets just say in noob most of the time , but when a target is not moving ur 2m from it targeting hes head...even with my eyes close that should by a kill.

    My main dream fixes for this game as of now are

    • Add scope sway and a longer ADS time to sniper rifles, because we have so many MLG tryhards running around with them and treating them like SMGs. Also, a sniper rifle should reward you for sitting back and being precise and skillful, you shouldn't be able to zoom around the map one-shotting everything with it.
    • REDUCE THE SPRINT SPEED, the maps are small enough as is and it makes the game feel like a slaughter house when you get into firefights 2 seconds after spawning. It feels more like Unreal Tournament than it does CoD
    • Reduce the jump height. In CoD, jumping was only ever used to vault obstacles and clear gaps between roofs/platforms. In this game, it feels like everybody bunnyhops around corners and sprays people down. It's a cheese mechanic and it just ruins the flow of the game by making it feel cartoony.
    • Bigger maps. All of the maps feel the same in terms of size and layout, I feel very claustrophobic playing on the maps and the lack of variety really bores me.
    • More customization options for Neil, as well as a female custom character for our female gamers.

    Are u ppl insane or something? I hate ppl ho camps , but still its a sniper this is what it does kill the guy in one shot , how can u ask for not one shot , this devs are isane is they listen to this , i play sniper i used to and i quit it because its not one shot 40 maybe 50% of the time (btw i dont camp i move around so many close encounters) it worked just fine with that low scope time at it was/is , u have skill u get ur kill in close combat , but when 40% of the time its not 1 shot things are getting enoing and im totaly disagreead with camping in some far corner at the map and snipe my like a noob while i get dizzy looking around for other players , u have skill move with it and get kills if not focus on another weapon , and i dont know why i have this feeling they already f..kedup snipers.

    Reduce the sprint speed , are u listening to uself? if they reducing speed sprint how u gonna get close to that sniper who`s camping u? u ppl have no brain at all , like i say this game become a game for low brain ppl.

    Jumping , u cant compare a game with another , every game have alittle bit from another/other game/s that doesnt mean we have to copy everything.

    Smaller maps? dude i have issues find someone on this maps like they are already , sometimes i run allover the map for 1-2 min and cant find anybody and some random players get to kill me from some corner or like u said a sniper from the other side of the map.

    They have plenty , if everything is free theyr income will by what? f2p as f2p but still , im mad as hell to this game and devs , but when they are right they are right no complaining about it.

    Like i already told ya in some others post , u ppl need to focus ur things on the actual gameplay to by fixed , damage , bla bla bla , this are ur issues ? jumping...then go play cs and see there some bunnyhops , they are funny.

    Im more concerned about what is right now broken , not what is bothering me =))) yeah...camping its bothering me , lets make a counter who stays in one place more the 3 secs gets kicked , that will by funny =))).

    Respawn is great how it is mostly for Team Deathmatch...quick scoping? then ur noob...i play sniper and i DONT CAMP!!!!! i move all the time so i have close encounters every time , the only issue that is with snipers its the fact 40% of the time its not 1 shot , enoing very enoing , streight shot to the chest from 2m and hes not dead pi..ce of , and when it happens 3 times in a row then i get rly angry.

    1.Claimore i abuse them alot first of all...maybe its something at ur end because i died 10000 times because my claimore exploded near me imediatly after i put it down because a player run into it , second , to place a claimore and run away and get a free kill...what is so strange about it? that he is meant for , place it and mind of ur own bussiness....what the f..k and the claimore to still be there , i was asking this myself many times but got to a conclusion nop is better not..then like u say it is a rly free kill or u can abuse even more , claimore is doing what supose to.

    2.Those granades should by restricted on game mods like that simple enuff , trust me there are plenty games out there with weapons restricted for some mods.

    3.With knifes...holy moly u have no idea how right u are here...its just insane how those knifes work.

    4.Drones , there are some very enoing ones like Ripper and Hellbird , maybe not they fault 100% but still its enoing because it happens that u get respawned same place near that drone and die again 2-3 times , its enoing and unfair.

    And u want 2 times the range of escort drone? U kidding me right? its not enuff that drone does tones of dmg anyway.We should make everything OP and just stay in bases like noobs and shoot eatch other with drones , that will by fun.

    They have more important things to solve first trust me , like simple shooting , damage recalculated , a proper description of attachments so i wont bother to lvl a gun that attachment say fast , countinuos fire (from my understanding continuous means u press the button and that it weapon will shoot until no more bullets) but no u keep pressing the button.

    Oh and another thing from what i saw , i have 2 accounts , same gear equiped , some weapon and etc. no maraton perk equiped , one is running faster and the other one slower , i wander , if this is a bug , what bugs other accounts have? more dmg? no wonder why i die from 3 bullets , i dont even want to think.

    So before u ask for stupid things , better take a moment and think for other things more impostant like the gameplay itself , im not just playing the game i notice and observ same time and when i see all this c..p i go insane because i see alot of potential in this game but less dedication at the moment or they are keep it quiet.

    i didnt say everything , i said some of the stuff , to see some improvments its very nice.

    For the buddy above , netcode its not an issue , i play both europe and america , no problem at all , its just ur internet or router fault , i use to have similar problem with an old router and i chage it.

    Like others i dont complain about hackers , there is no game online out there that has no hack for it , so hackers are not a issue , if i get killed by one it does not bother me cuz he a noob without them.

    In other words the game itself is broken , they were in a bit of a hurry with it.Maybe im harsh with them but this days if ur not harsh u wont resolv anything.

    Low player base is not a problem - it is the effect of a problem. I found this game purely by luck by reading some comments somewhere in the abyss.

    This game is simply not known to the wider gaming community. And this can be a good thing, otherwise all of the moaners from the forum would spread negative feedback before this game even takes off.

    lets be honest the game should not have ben released not even for BETA in its current state the game is broken at its MOST IMPORTANT PART ( netcode )... and looking how long it takes for them to do anything with it.. im not sure that the game will ever be fixed....

    im just playing Blacksquad and waiting for BF5 ..... and visiting this site Once a month to see if its fixed or not.... the only reason i still remember that this game exist is because i have the launcher on my desktop....

    its a Shame... this game is a Freaking Gold mine.... everything is there GREAT maps GREAT Graphics GREAT Animations GREAT costumazation... even the cash shop is fine too and thats rare for a F2P fps.....
    but ALL worth NOTHING if the netcode is broken...

    Even i couldnt say it better , the game , the idea are awesome but poor development if i can say that...they s..k big i shoot 15 bullets to the head and its still me the one who dies after respawn i kill 2 guys with 5 bullts (btw they were full HP) , everything in this game is broken total desaster , a mess , ppl who defend this game are total low brain ppl nothing more.

    Maps are just a....i cant even describe them , 2 of them are ok , rest of them just a mess where every noob is getting behind to fast while i fight some other guys ahead this is b......t. That Mart map shouldnt exist , in most of the maps u get dizzy just by looking around every corner , windows , hole etc. (and stop say turn off motion blur like other noobs).

    The range on weapons its just a c..p , modules and attachments most of them useless , they say more then 100+ weapons? =))) u kidding me? You ppl count skins?

    There are so many things wrong in this game i dont even know where to begin or where to end...

    It seems il gonna take a break too until July (someone said its a game patch then , here somewhere).

    I rly hope they fix some of the stuff , i like the the f..k could i support something that is total c..p , when players see some effort from u maybe they will think , il think of supporting the game with big pleasure.

    Im the person who thinks like this "If you do something do it right or dont do it at all" , im a chef and its like il bring you at the table ingridients and say cook it youself , or you ask me for a meadiu-rare steak and il give u a total rare or well done , i provide good services the man will leave some tip , i this case ppl may donate and support the game even more , just to have the pleasure to play it.