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    I stumbled upon Ironsight when I ran out of games to play. I have pretty strict criteria my games can not be P2W, grind can not be too awful. Community should be open minded and Moderation a tool, not necessity (we will get back to this later on). What I am talking about is the carrot and a stick situation I found myself in lately. If you join the official Discord you will meet guy called "Flloyd" who is a Community Manager with the worst attitude I have ever seen. He is not saying anything, publicly, but... what comes to your PM is pretty interesting. If conversation is not in his favor he will send you private message to remind you what position you are in and who you are talking to and even if he is not right, but that's impossible for him to admit. CMs are overall more absent people than Moderators, the most active person is I think was Helix who is pretty nice guy. I have seen countless *administrative actions* taken against people who were just talking to each other. It's strict to the point it bends over being a bit biased with people enforcing it being very narrow minded. Situation here is it's own kind of Social Justice Warrior thing from my impressions. Game is being developed by Developers who live in Korea. It's impossible to talk to them but not because they are unable to speak English (it's intentional as I see it - makes the development the more of a mess). Moderators strictly follow the code of conduct which I find too strict for this kind of game and community. Expectations are that of a Club Penguin in a game about blood and killing. It's not about one's attitude towards other players but at first glance minor and normal interaction things can be reason for taking actions. Game itself is a clone of Call of Duty with some Battlefield elements but Competitive aspect is non existent with all the net-code mess and snipers as they are currently. I promised to get back to Flloyd and the whole CM thing... well, my problem with it is (what is it?) they seem to not have too much experience and they are unsure what their game is reason behind my thinking here is the easy going (don't care) vibe I am getting. Since I joined it could tell what the problems of this game are after few hours. It's still not a problem enough for people in charge here they are debating as if to add more skins/boxes to the game. This game is screaming for proper balancing and it's going to take forever with people who are in power right now. They are looking down on others while not having any experience themselves besides moderating some chats it's hardly enough with the problems this game currently has.

    Summing things up, it's a bit of waste of your time. You will spend your money and it's not certain what the future holds for this game. I am afraid it's not bright because some people here are so unlikable. Saying HI/Hello like a bot does not mean you are nice person. I hope more people will realize that and take a better look at details of things. Well, so this was my convo as to why I am abandoning Ironsight. I will definitely not buy anything from Aeria Games and Gamigo, mark my words!…y-consider-what-i-have-t/

    Laws have nothing to do here?

    I assure you they do. Mind explaining where are the lootbox odds? (there is no law forcing you to publish them, unless you move your services to Asia). I hope nobody will spend any money on Ironsight until essential informations such as this become common knowledge.

    u do notice that you haven't even given anything that proves Asia considers loot boxes as gambling and that Aeria Games has problems getting servers to there due to it

    You can scroll up. I am not feeding the trolls anymore. I wish I get my refund and I can forget I will be watching tho.

    You have no trust atm. Ironsight.

    You can cross-check the IP via some API to see if they are VPNs, if majority is then they most likely they belong to one person.

    This is really sad I wish quality would win not faking votes, lmao. I am feeling bad for people who put work in this and some rattled skins are leading. Nobody wants them they are bad for the game, low quality. Does not matter how many people vote for them quality should always prevail and it would be original result if not for faking the votes.

    Because of their use of random chance to gain items after committing real-world funds, games using loot boxes may be considered a form of gambling. Games with loot box systems have become subject to regulation in several Asian countries, while questions of the legality of loot boxes are under considerations in Western ones. Steven Wright for PC Gamer observed that several of the concerns for loot boxes related to gambling had been previously experienced through lawsuits in the 1990s against the baseball card industry as well as with the physical Pokémon Trading Card Game, but these cases did not impact either arena to a significant degree.



    South Korea



    New Zeland

    That's the reason why we do not have Asia and Oceania yet they would have to publish the odds.…t-explained/&postID=34685

    Somebody can explain to me maybe how can there be payment to reset the score if matchmaking keeps sending me to games that end in 30 seconds and I get a free loss to my account. I am unable to do anything about it its issue with the matchmaker. Regardless if the game is in BETA or not there is a payment related to personal statistics.

    I have decent K/D, the game itself keeps screwing up my win/loss ratio by sending me to games that end in within 30 seconds. Am I supposed to make a payment, then repeat?

    Do we have any prove that that the current team actually "develops" something new instead of just porting stuff from the Korean version?

    It just feels like a carbon copy of First Assault...

    I believe the emp grenade launcher was not in the Korean version of the game.

    We have been asked some really off the point and irrelevant questions in the last public survey, a lot of them are driven by money. Adding more skins and boxes will not keep this game alive.

    The winner can be only one. The purpose of this survey is to see what should be the order in the development process. Everything else that is currently being developed falls below those two things given their significance on the future of this game.

    i7 4790k , 1070 OC, 16GB of ram 40 FPS in low settings, yeay !

    No surprise there, i've no idea what the devs are doing at this point of time but they're for sure not caring about their community

    "We need more skins" because it's content. This mentality has to go because it's killing this game. The worst part is balancing survey which can bring us something is up to CMs who do not feel like telling us how it's going or inviting us to help with it. I bet it will not cover even half of the issues then the game will remain with old issues and we will have ton more surveys. Meantime game will be losing players because of wrong approach to things.

    Using bug report form will take too much time and all of the issues combined are too many to document the same way you would document regular bugs. You are asking us to rewrite a book for you. What you are proposing to us is highly ineffective. To contact at best English speaking person and try to convince them our translations, for our language are better. It will take multiple hours for them to verify every single issue. This translation is full of them - so multiple hours, multiple times!

    Just give us files so we can translate it ourselves. Nobody will be taking million required pictures to do it your way. You seem not to have a single Polish employee, but if you do, then please point him at this thread and make him use it for future translation reference so we can discuss our concerns in the open.

    I ask that you step forward and help us out in the manner we ask.

    Uwierz mi, to nie jest słabe tłumaczenie. Faktycznie nie jest najwyższych lotów, ale widziałem o wiele gorsze. Z google tłumacza tego nie wzięli bo tam "soft-point bullet" to "punkt miękki". Pewnie wzięli jakiegoś tłumacza który nieogarnia gier i stąd błędy w tłumaczeniu. Chociaż to i tak nie zmienia faktu, że powinno być poprawione.

    Przypadkowa osoba przepuściła plik językowy gry przez translator i taki jest tego efekt. "Pistolet Vector" xD

    Please try installing to a different location (another hard drive if you can). Prior to that remove current installation completely. If this fails. In the Technical Support section of this forum you will find Manual Installation files. Reddit should also have all in one installation package of Ironsight a single .zip file updated to the newest version of the game with everything working.

    Translation are made by a specialized translator.

    With text overlapping in multiple places, translations being confusing and missing parts of their English counterparts. Please tell me is the "Specialized translator" a program or a person? It's not clear to me Asterion .

    Do you realize a real person has to quality check the translation each time you are releasing a new update to the game? You cannot rely on a program while doing translations for the UI elements. If this update was supposed to keep the Polish community around it might have the opposite effect. I am expecting you will let your Polish community work on translating the game for you or you will shortly hire somebody who is capable of translating the game and keeping some standards. You are hurting your game releasing content like this.

    Thank you for your attention!


    Wraz z dzisiejszą aktualizacją gra otrzymała „polskie” tłumaczenie, które się okazało przepuszczeniem przez translator i jest po prostu tragiczne. Absolutnie musimy dostać plik, który będziemy mogli sami przetłumaczyć. Chyba że lubicie "pociski grzybkowe" xD


    Pociski grzybkujące nie są używane przez wojsko, to skąd się to tu wzieło? Może być nabój "rozpryskowy", "kinetyczny", ale "grzybkowy"? Brzmi bynajmniej dziwnie.

    "Pocisk przeciwpancerny" powinien się nazywać "Pocisk penetrujący" i każdy będzie wiedział o co chodzi. Przeciwpancerny osobiście kojarzy mi się z czymś czego nie mamy w tej grze. Słowo przeciwpancerny sugeruje nam że możemy strzelić tym w kogoś kto się chowa za tirem, a to się nie uda bo te pociski penetrują tylko cienkie przeszkody. Przeciwpancerny przebija grube przeszkody, a penetrujący jakieś drewno i cienkie blachy.


    "Dekoncetruje wroga"? Owocnej nauki! Tu chodziło o odwraca uwagę, ale mniejsza z tym jest więcej takich kwiatków.

    Idąc dalej,

    to nawet nie zostało przetestowane, gdyż tutaj tłumaczenie jest ucięte przez limit długości jakie ma ten przycisk.


    No dobrze, "zasilany"? Zasilane może być coś na baterie czy też rodzaj broni energetycznej ale bynajmniej pistolet maszynowy nie jest tego rodzaju bronią. Odnośnie samego opisu MP7A1: "Broń ta brała udział w słynnych operacjach pustynnych" to ta broń pojechała sama bez żołnierza? "Broń ta zdobyła popularność w operacjach pustynnych" / "Broni tej używano podczas operacji na pustyni".


    A tu jest jakaś kaszanka. Tekst się zlewa przez długość słów w języku polskim. "Rkm" nie przetłumaczono w pełni bo się nie mieściło się i jest ogromna dziura.


    Ktoś mi proszę wyjaśni co to znaczy "Najlepszy ZŚA"?

    Samodzielne słowo "Najwięcej" to prawdopodobnie ucięte "Najwięcej zabić".

    "Wezwania" wypadałoby zamienić na "Użycia".

    "Ranga globalna" nie jest najgorsze, ale nie lepiej "Pozycja w rankingu"?

    "Placement Match" powinno być "Rozegrane gry poziomujące".

    "Stosunek zwycięstw" brakuje "do przegranych" tak jak teraz to nie ma większego sensu. "Ekspert w Search and Destroy" pozostawiam bez komentarza. No bo dlaczego tłumaczyć tryby gry? Nie? 50/50 polski i angielski, jak w telewizji niech będzie xD


    "Informacja" musi zostać zmienione na "Wiadomości" albo chociaż "Skrzynka".

    "Trwa gra" nie zaszkodzi zmienić na "W grze" / "Właśnie gra"...

    "Lista zablokowanych" niby wszystko dobrze ale może być najzwyczajniej "Blokowani".

    "Szukaj" służy do odnajdywania graczy można zamiast obecnego słowa użyć słów "Znajdź gracza" będzie bardziej rzucać się w oczy.


    "Gry rankingowe" / "Rozgrywki rankingowe" proszę was. Ciężko walkę w tej grze nazwać bitwą ze względu na małą skalę w jakiej się odbywa "Bitwa rankingowa" brzmi bardzo źle i jest dosłownym tłumaczeniem. Słowo "ranking" i numer w rankingu można zamienić na "pozycja"

    "Wyższy ranking" ??


    "Wyposażenie" brzmi z czterech liter i absolutnie tu nie pasuje. Może być "Zestaw".

    "Dron" na "Drony", bo to nie jest jeden dron.

    "Umiejetność" na "Umiejętności", bo też jest ich kilka.

    Zbyt wiele razy jest tu użyte słowo "broń" niech się tłumacz któremu za to płacili głowi jak to odchrzanić.


    "Wspólne" na "Publiczne".

    "Szept" można zamienić na "Prywatne".



    Pięknie odwalone 10/10 IGN.


    Whoever did Polish translations - don't give up the day job.

    Please share the strings file with us so we can begin translating the game to Polish. What we have received in today's update is the pathetic result of using Google translate.

    I usually use the quick shot & laser sight with my smgs

    I am having a blast with silencer, extended magazine and marathon perk on MP7A1 it's just so much fun to be faster than everyone. You are supposed to hip fire on the run it's not assault rifle nor sniper rifle so damage is pretty low on medium and high distances and so that's my reason for not using a scope. It's doing exceptionally well, silencer has enormous value on smg you can kill enemy one after another and they fail to realize what is happening. Extra mobility with smg is just the cherry on the cake. Check it out!

    EU players are unable to play - entire Lobbies get disbanded on the last second of the countdown. In the meantime, while we are all waiting you can switch to NA. I asked one of the Moderators and confirmed they are aware of this. IT Team is working on a fix.


    Fixed pretty fast, thank you!

    I know matchmaking is already struggling to keep up with our activity but I keep seeing 4 man platoons against me and some new players. They are literally shredding. Why not pair them up against a different platoon / two smaller groups that also use a voice chat? I wish this issue would be taken seriously It's really nice people find Ironsight fun enough to call their friends over but it's a bit of overkill as it is now. I am a moody player and nobody I know is playing this game yet and I do not feel like being pesky about it. So yeah playing with my own friends is a solution but please keep in mind it's not always possible due to various reasons.

    GeForce 9600 GT > Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 ("video memory : 0 Mb"). I am not sure you can run this game with your specification. If you have another graphic card it's not seeing it here maybe try updating your drivers if that's the case.

    I Have Radeon...

    You have no drivers or wrong drivers installed. Your card is invisible in the log file. If you open up and examine the log it's showing integrated graphics not the Radeon you are claiming to have. I am guessing it would be there if the game could see it but the thing is it cannot and there might be multiple reasons for that. First of all, start by making sure you have correct drivers visit producers website and find AMD Driver Autodetect tool it should download all that's necessary.

    GeForce 9600 GT > Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 ("video memory : 0 Mb"). I am not sure you can run this game with your specification. If you have another graphic card it's not seeing it here maybe try updating your drivers if that's the case.

    Ironsight Wiki wrote:

    Minimum system requirements:

    • OS: Windows® 7 or newer
    • Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo E7500
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce 9600 GT
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space