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    Today I am going in to destroy a research laboratory.

    This mission has to succeed, for it will weaken the enemy and help us win the war. We may not be a very large organization, but we protect each other. We are in it, to gain ground on the enemy and find resources. Those resources will help my organization - E.D.E.N, survive and build better weapons and if I do not succeed, they will kill my family.

    My team and I are travelling by night, to avoid detection. The location is dubbed "Bio Lab". As we near the tallest building, we are lowered down onto the roof, quietly our boots touch the roof. I stare into the faces of my team. "Kill, Plant and Destroy, leave no survivers." I told them quickly. They all nodded in agreement. Little did I know, that as I lead them through the back entrance, I would see every one of them fall to their knees. Each member of my team died trying to make the mission a success. Each one died trying to protect me, as I tried to planted the first bomb. As I armed the bomb, I felt the barrel of a gun at the back of my neck. "Say your prayers, death awaites you." For the first time since the disaster, I was truly terrifed. I knew that night, that I was going to die.

    I slowly turned around, went down on my knees, my eyes fixed on the ground. The man come down to my level, with two fingers he tilted my face to meet his.

    In my killer, I saw the bluest eyes. His eyes told a story. A story I wanted to get to know. Tick Tick .

    The bomb was about to blow. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up. "You're coming with me!"

    Together, we ran but our feet could only carry us so far, before it went off, sending us both flying into the wall of one of the nearby buildings. The rubble came tumbling down, knocking me out.

    I was lately awoken by a very gorgeous face, he was attending to the wound on my neck

    "Why did you save me?" I ask soflty. "Because you were worth saving that is why."

    My mission to destroy a reasearch lab, turned into a truly amazing relationship, that in the end, I even started working for NAF. That is what love does to you, it turns you into a crazy person. But without my Niel Wilde, I would be just another lost soul... One without a purpose to survive and a passion to fight the war...