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    Ive been told that the devs have the final say and gamigo can talk on updates they want.

    It also known that priorities are present in updating the game but how often gamigo talk to the devs or negotiate things cuz the game is on drought of content.

    Hi, I'm just starting my adventure with Ironsight, I've played CS, CS: GO, Overwatch, PUBG before and I really like how Oversight look.

    What weapon do you recommend for a beginner, it is best to have a big damage and a small recoil

    K2C it is one of the best AR's in the game AKA meta if you call it it is one of the recommended AR's of IS best yt channel partner.

    So after three consecutive days of logging into the game more and more the highlight system shows the game needs update and hotfixes cuz of those three days i get and see dead highlights.

    Dead highlights meaning the highlight is just you or a dude dies in the highlight then it ends.

    Is there any plans for hotfixes cuz even the bug that you said was fixed on the last patch about respawn and change load out button is still present on the game.

    Note: no screenshot or video since i dont expect this to occur.

    Have encountered a bug where a gun name and the player killed only displayed in the kill feed but not the player name who killed the guy.

    And i thought physics is already fixed why does a dude outside the game world?

    Specifically under a map, can be detected by drone and can kill players.

    Im looking for a casual / laidback clan that is english speaking with members from asia.

    i play once or twice a week.

    Aside from the AK-47 it is only the ARX 160 posses the damage of 33, but how do feel about the gun?

    Is it any better than the AK 47 considering it has faster fire rate with the same amount of damage?

    Is it more manageable or worse recoil wise?

    Did it really not change?


    A very bad news for the community then, tsk tsk tsk.



    Ok, they posted a snippet of info that they changed the formula calculation dmg/range drop off that as an average player would read just an internal matter that the devs usually dont share the formula.

    But as a whole it could be viewed as scummy as EA throttling exp. It is a very sad news since all might look well when they tell us they change a mechanic but failed to tell us that the mechanic they implemented didnt just changed the calculation but along side it they nerfed all of the range stats of the guns without posting a follow up hotfix note informing us that it was done and no before and after list of range stats of every single gun that they changed.

    A subtle start on stealth nerfing and who knows what they'll change in the future that they wont let us know again. I dont know if it was communicated only on discord since i havent seen a video of partners mentioning this matter.

    Thank you for putting up with this i was just surprised cuz i havent been looking closely on the stats ingame and just picking up weapons to use that i already purchased.

    Hope this is just a minor wiki matter.

    The wiki is literally copy pasted stats from in-game

    A very bad news for the community then, tsk tsk tsk.

    Dw guys ive been reminding mods and CM that time is money and we players pay them

    Please let them take there time.. it is there game and there is no need to force a release when there are big problems with Netcode in the moment and they cant provide enough content after release.

    That is what actually is happening, the publisher can talk and negotiate changes with the devs but the devs have the full creative control and the final say on matters.

    It is how they agreed on the contract i assume since before i thought aeria only have the publishing rights which is not true.

    This means first things in line will be first so if delays come the update releases suffers and if the publisher want to push an update ahead of the first priority negotiations will take more longer i think since many things will be considered.

    The issue here is that we dont have a sense of direction right now on what changes comes after, no roadmap of sorts is communicated to us so people are just getting annoyed and impatient posting suggestion after suggestions.

    For the record though korean devs always take their time on releasing updates as what ive experienced on other title and genre.

    Hi Mirage,

    the wiki is being kept updated constantly from the community and partly also from us but I don't know if the stats displayed in the wiki are all the same as the ones in the game. I'll have to ask about that first and then return to you.


    Thank you for putting up with this i was just surprised cuz i havent been looking closely on the stats ingame and just picking up weapons to use that i already purchased.

    Hope this is just a minor wiki matter.

    Just sharing a reddit post, read it to know what other people think.…ns_but_didnt_let_us_know/


    So i was browsing the Ironsight fandom wiki for some weapon stats but to my surprise some guns ranges were nerfed and it kinda focuses on SMG, a good news for those disliked hipfiring but a bad news for the entire community if they just change things without telling us like the late post on netcode recall.

    I know they posted in the recent cruise update that they changed how range is calculated but didnt see any post of them nerfing the actual base stats of the guns, correct me if im wrong but are range stat the same in the wiki and in game?

    Range stat of AR-57 before was /39/ now on wiki it is /32/ Range stat of LWRC 45 before was /42/ the second longest next to PDR-C now on wiki it is /35/ Range stat of P-90 TR before was /29/ now on wiki it is /24/

    it's always decided between publisher and developers. The developers though have the last word on what may come first but the priorities have been decided by both parties. The time for how long something can be implemented depends on the korean developers that give Aeria and Gamigo an estimation.

    Thanks for clearing the contract model of ironsight.

    I understand fully now on what grounds both sides are on which in this regard the korean devs will be the last deciding factor or have the larger creative control on the game, ill hope the community will see this to clear things up on the priority levels.

    Though i'll hope a roadmap of the said *decided priorities* will be released to further communicate to the player base on what to expect since the only thing clear as of the moment that the devs are polishing the netcode update.

    Hoping that we will soon hear news on the things coming next month or so.

    the game ain't dead yet but we agree that there are still few issues that need to be solved and then the game can leave the beta state. That's one of the reasons Ironsight is still in beta.

    Does Aeria or Gamigo even have the creative hold/teeth to push updates or suggestion from the priority thing that most suggestion is on low priority?

    Does Aeria or Gamigo as a publisher has the word or power to make a decision on releasing some suggested or minor content since you guys know how long it will take to release a major patch/update instead of just silence?

    Hello, im just wondering if what is the state of the UDP update right now?

    Yes, you guys posted already a response on the recall but is there an info that you can share about?

    Can we have a road map to let us know what to actually expect since most map updates are just not that surprising knowing it is just disabled in the gamefiles and all the no ETA stuff.

    Road map could help us manage things since players are just posting suggestions after suggestion and all you guys reply is the priority level on the suggestions, and really what is the priority level on the western servers of Ironsight?

    It has been a month or so from the last update and the current playable content is getting stale or lacking most notably on the guns since most of the players now that has been playing the game almost got all the guns, is there any plans on adding new guns?

    Regarding on balancing which is just tweaking numbers (the easiest thing to change in games), is there any plans on further balancing weapons like the AK-12 and AN-94 to name a few that ive seen the community are suggesting to get looked on?

    And lastly does Aeria or Gamigo has a creative teeth to change priorities and focus on what to release next?

    Cuz from all the replies from the mods are like bot replies that doesnt really direct us to any actual state of things and if you will post infos about recent movement please dont make it discord only.

    I have a suggestion on how to buff AK-12 but it is just my opinion.

    I have the *Fire monkey AK-12* skin so i tried using it and actually learned to handle it with the help of Monitoring scope, though recoil still dances wild almost like the PKP when im controlling it.

    I believe if AK-12 will be looked on to the devs will unlikely to buff the recoil so my suggestion are:

    - Buff the base damage to 35 or 34 since the current 32 dmg is very inconsistent when the spread pattern is very wide even controlled.


    - Buff the body multiplier on the *arms, stomach, and chest* to balance out the erratic bullet spread of the gun.

    It would be nice if we can submit a petition for this and other underperforming guns. There is really no excuse to why they cant do this in two weeks or so and say not on the high priority list since tweaking numbers is the easiest thing to change in games.

    What is funnier than both of those two?

    Communication effort, which only happens on discord and is only released via partners when the nature of the issue is about general functionality of the game which should be open to all media outlets the communication and support team has available to inform the player base a.k.a. the community.

    It is weird where the partners get the info but the info is not posted on the Official web portal and/or forum of the game which players go to in search of info other than any of the media sites.

    Major hotfixes and minor updates should be available at least on the News and announcement section to keep the community up to speed on the current happenings, the issue is not everyone can get an account on discord but of its availability more so if it is already implemented and not a confidential matter like future plans, content updates or game algorithms and legal matters.

    Im not telling you how to do your job here cuz you know what's the do's/don'ts but certainly there is a big gap in communications here. I know there's protocols you should follow but i really hope this kind of matters wont be a problem in future updates for reason people can be toxic and might spread false infos which devs are very have a big beef on.

    Hoping the dev team and the publishers communication team can reach a compromise on which infos can be openly released to the public.

    This is a patch maintenance. Many things can go wrong easily. Lets say they say the eta will be 2 hours and something went wrong. It will take alot of time identifying and fixing the problem so having an eta is basically useless. Hope you understand my point and sorry for bad grammar

    I do get your point though the matter still stands.

    I've experienced a patch maintenance where it was extended both on an MMORPG title and on an FPS title but both times i've seen updates on Facebook or twitter and even with a following post on the titles main site not limited on a certain medium for live updates or any up info of sorts.

    So the regular server maintenance always displays no ETA on every post but can we at least have an ETA on the updates that are related to game contents? :/:/

    Cant the team estimate how long the update will be.?(?(

    If this is possible (surely is cuz others can give one) when can we expect this to happen?

    Just a feedback for better and clearer communication.:*:*:*

    I hope that making these skin event permanent monthly skin release that is outsourced like the Tennogen of Warframe from Digital extremes.

    This will benefit the dev team in a way that they'll just have to add the models and implement it in mind they provide the tools that is compatible with their softwares and it will help the publisher earning more money since the works can be sold in higher prices being artisan works making sure the artist will get a percentage.

    Sadly we don't know the reason to that. It will have to be explained by the korean developers but there is quite some feedback that we collected from the community regarding the recoil of various weapons and we have submitted them to the developers. For now still no eta though

    Im most afraid to see this comment from the mods pertaining to the game.

    When can we hope mods will answer mechanics etc about the game?

    I rented the AN-94 just to try how it handles and have a match on airport and it is very good.

    Hopped on other maps i get somehow consistently outgunned in close range fights.

    How do you use the AN-94 properly, in means of playstyle and positioning?

    Just a hunch/guess on positioning while using the AN-94 and it does very well on open areas such as the lobby in airport and the missile silo on Titan?

    You’ll get matched with people from your region, ping itself won’t get reduced but it reduces the ping difference to other players which are causing the lags. It won’t replace a whole new server for that region but it will greatly improve the experience.

    The servers are still the same.

    So matching players with same ping is a bit touchy for the asian and oce players have 230-300+ ping , in my experience being a player from asia playing on NA with consistent 230-250+ having a yellow ping bar is a bit playable but once red ping players enters a match it'll lag so much.

    I hope matching players with 200+ ping will be as smooth as a player with 200+ ping playing with full green bar ping players. I know you mentioned ping limit though i hope the limit will not shot off the guys in asia and oce once it is out and i'll expect the game to have a system that will compensate on the delays when matchmaking by ping is added.

    If you are a bit passive but still want an SMG id suggest LWRC 45 and PDR-C.

    Just fit in any rifling mod and those two will perform as effective as FAMAS in range.

    If you want to wait in corners or a slight corner camper you might want to get the vector and P90 they both melt dudes in burst.

    Hope to see more balanced attention across the media platforms that you hosted like tweeter, reddit and on facebook.

    About the secret info from korea i hope it'll bring more light on the plans for the game since the news that's always coming out is not much insightful and ill expect the team will be more open on info's and answering reasonable questions once the new format of community updates comes.