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    Laggers. Ruin. Pubs.

    Just look at what happened to Soldier Front once it switched over to Aeria.... They let the game die and be taken over by South-Americans and Pinoys simply because the foreigners were an additional source of revenue.

    The only thing that could still be played by NA players in SF, to obtain decent & fair games, was private matches like Pugs and Scrims.

    Aeria Games is a very bad company. Wolfteam was a golden game. They let that go to 5hit. The game is still up and running with less than a 100 players. Did nothing about the overwhelming amount of hackers major ping issues etc. What they still continue to do to this day is throw in new items to buy with AP in which this is the direction this game is going.

    Not really money hungry, a lot of the community was expecting the packs to be available after the OBT launch which they were supposed to be so this is giving those players an opportunity to buy them :).

    Oh I beg to differ :) Aeria Games is a money hungry type of company. Have you ever played Wolfteam? lol

    Actually I could be very well be saying the wrong moderators name (I apologize if it wasn't you Flloyd could have been deadpool). And for some reason that post that the guy made asking if it would be re-purchasable sometime in the games thread is gone -_____-

    Too high? Haha! What games have you been playing?

    IronSight. All the assault rifles take 4-5 shots to kill at point-blank range. A Sniper rifle takes 1 shot to kill at any range. That's pretty unbalanced.

    It takes me 8-10 shots at point blank range and when I snipe it takes 2 shots at any range. (JK about the sniper rifle)

    The most obvious answer is to use guns with a more accurate hipfire. IF you put a laser sight and any attachment that increases range or accuracy on your gun the hip-fire will become much more accurate and consistent. The rest is just up to your ability to aim and keep the mouse centered on a moving target. Also suddenly going prone while in a 1v1 is a good way to get the kill without getting traded, although it's an incredibly dirty move.

    Your a little off lol

    I know how to play the game and what not.

    My main problem is the 1v1 situation of constantly killing each other whether that be crouching or going prone (while in the gun fight) . I've played lot's of FPS games on pc so it's definitely not my aim for people who crouch or go prone I expect it and typically get them as they get me and vice versa.

    Bottom line i'm whining. lol I know we are in open beta and very early into it. I simply had a better experience on day one of the open beta then after there server update. I'm sure it helped a lot of players out with the error screens they have been getting and not being able to load the game in general.

    I can continue on with my rant but it would just be more whining :D

    I forget what this score streak is called anyways it shoots everything down in the sky (SAM Turret) the second I put it down the striker drone was heading straight at me MAN I wish I would have recorded it. That and another time a guy on the opposite team received two gunnerships i put down my turret both times and took him out of the sky both times within seconds :D:D:D

    Wish they would have those included in play of the game situations.

    Is there a page that shows what iron sights ranking system (emblems) look like?

    Or if anyone has a very high rank could you screenshot and post here?

    I find the original gun to be best all around but that's just me. (The gun you start off with)

    I also use the AK47 and AR57 (this is a very easy gun to use)

    Imo there isn't much of a problem with TTK. I haven't had any problems getting multikills and/or landing my shots and still having plenty of a clip left over for further engagements. Now there could be other issues such as bullet reg or other unseen things happening that might make TTK feel low. Which all of that is currently being looked at.

    Should add the constant 1 on 1 close range battles of players killing each other 85% of the time.

    I have been encountering this problem left and right, gunfight with another player in close range and we both end up dying. Have to admit it is very frustrating. This happens to me 80% of the time. I can never get a decent kill streak due to this. Is this something that could be fixed in an update? Is it a lag issue? Seems I have to flank and get other players from behind or the side to get 3 or 4 kills before running around the corner in the direction as the enemy. I have also noticed it can take up to half my clip (AK47) armor piercing round, laser sight, and the barrel that reduces recoil by 50% while aiming down. It's as if I have a BB gun and instead of the player dying he taps and plays dead from the pain of the BBs :cursing: not kidding when I say half a clip. Now this doesn't happen to all players but some can take a dam beating. I aim for the chest and up. Anyone else encountering the same problems?

    I like how Aeria Game's Wolfteam has their ranking.

    They also have a leader board of the top 100 players in-game. It's no longer updated do to the game not being very active but since Gamigo merged with Aeria Games I think it's something that can be brought back. It encourages players to get higher ranks imo.

    Nice topic Zordy I agree the ranks are a bit dull.

    am I the only person who thinks the ttk is fine.

    I'm still dropping people with a tar 4-6.

    With the Tar it's taken me half the clip at times then again I just started having issues with the server.

    I swear since they updated their server my bullets turned into rubber bands.

    I've heard there has been several problems with the game today however the ironsight team has already scheduled a maintenance to fix bugs and other issues.

    I have heard alt tabbing in and out could help.

    If not uninstall and re-install if the problem consists i'm positive you will find a solution from people on here.

    As the post says I am looking for a clan.

    Not sure if this game supports in-game chat or if we have to use some other type of program to communicate but I have a mic. I'm competitive and like to win. I'm not a whiny player nor a rage quitter. My game play improves each time I play. Recruiters start recruiting.

    Oh english speaking players only :)

    If age is a factor i'm 24.

    Quick question, since OBT is now here it looks like founder packs are no longer available. (my procrastination strikes again) anyway my question is will there be some type of post Fonder packs available before the game goes live? Or will it just be DLC when the game goes live.

    They will eventually add a lot more items that you can buy with AP.

    I do feel as if they should keep the founders back out from purchasing again that way it remains special.

    Update: Charly addressed it on Discord and said the netcode will be worked on. We will also be getting more information on it and other things soon.

    Can lock this thread then, it's no longer needed.

    Man I have a feeling they are going to fix the lag for most and create lag for me!

    I don't need change lmao game runs fine for me ||

    I should have just screenshot the post, then posted it. I mean I know how to get around and using a curse word. However I proof read my post about 5x to see where the problem would be and got absolutely no where. I think there is a word on here that is bugged and pops up as "5hit" in the system.

    I was attempting to post a thread and it simply said at the bottom I was using the word "(5)hit". Now no vulgar words were being used AND it wasn't a vulgar post. Is it possible the website was telling me that my post was indeed "(5)hit"? If so I'm offended.

    It was a very clever post at that. I think you all would have had a good laugh.

    I was attempting to post a thread and it simply said at the bottom I was using the word "(5)hit". Now no vulgar words were being used AND it wasn't a vulgar post. Is it possible the website was telling me that my post was indeed "(5)hit"? If so I'm offended.