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    Very true, when you explain it that way. You make a good point.

    I take back what I said and agree with you. How ever I don't think snipers should get changed too much, they're fun to use. They just need to make it bit harder to aim or something. So it takes a bit more skill to use them.

    When you balance something, in any game, you have to consider what pro players can do with that thing. In this case the problem it's not about the skill requested but the fact that snipers have no counterplay in good hands. This means that they should be nerfed but without nerfing their movement capability. A good solution is just to increase the flinch so if I can shoot him first likely i'll win. Of course there are a lot of possible changes but I think that they should keep their speed and agility because it's a very fast paced game.

    I agree flinch is a great start. They can also make it very inaccurate when hip firing. Or possibly even not fire unless scoped in.

    But flinch would help with the second shot. But then my thing is if something is op, learn to use yourself then.

    Been playing many fps games and they all will have cheaters. This game seems to do a good job. Won’t always catch everyone. Would still be nice to have a killcam option.

    Won’t say there are no cheaters, but I think like others said, that’s it’s a lot less.


    FFA mode is already existing in custom matches. You can also set objective for most of game modes, wins & player limit.



    but that's just it. its only in custom. It should be a public game type. I also think bots would be nice to be able to add? so if you do start a custom, and no one around, that you could set bots in to practice.

    Can I download game that i have played? Becouse i had 60 kills and want to save it :d

    not sure what graphics card you have. but there are a couple programs out there to use. if you have a Nvidia and have at least a gtx 600 series or newer then you can use Nvidia's program for free. you can set it to loop record. and set that to different increments. you can set max up to 20 min. if you have a great match you want to save, you can then save it. or do smaller increments like 15 or 30 seconds or so and then save when you hit nice shots etc.

    well I enjoy gaming. have used my cad80_99 or some form of that for a while now for my ingame name. its my initials, year I was born and year I graduated high school and joined the army national guard. I found Iron sight thru my nephew who is on a pro team. he knows I love fps games and got him into playing on a pc to begin with. I love and still play cod4 and codwaw. also into pubg and now and then csgo. but been playing this game for a bit now. enjoy it.

    I mainly enjoy gaming and using discord or TS and talking with friends as you play. win or lose, I think the best is just enjoying a game with friends. I have some pet peeves when it comes to gaming lol. I cant stand those who complain about try hards, what weapons they use, or how someone plays. I have been gaming a long time and if I feel something is OP, I learn to either counter it, or possibly use myself. I find it great myself, when someone might be using an op weapon, I turn around and copy and make them mad. similar to ppl complain about campers etc. sometimes I like to just sit back, relax and camp. but if ppl complain, then I run and gun and well then they complain about that lol. but for me, I don't care how ppl play. they have a right to play how they want. the only time I care is if I go to a custom server that has rules. as for tryhards, personally I say great to you. I don't get the term myself as we all should do our best and try. I grew up with games that did not separate players based on there rank. this allowed me to get better personally. I always feel ppl use that term tryhard because they are trying themselves and get killed and so they want to use an excuse. back in the day (sad that I say that now, man I feel old) but we used to say Nice shot, great game, etc and mean it. now ppl try to use excuses, nice hacks, tryhard, camp more etc.

    anyways, I enjoy fps game that are realistic ish. hope to see you all on the battlefront.

    problem is that this game lacks killcam and replay videos. I get some seem obvious. but, without killcam, or replay who knows. even killcam itself does not always show correctly or many are only like 3 seconds and maybe someone saw you 4 or 5 seconds prior etc. I play cod4 and get accused all the time. but so many factors.

    And what evidence will I have if the player wh? What can I record? How does he wait for me beyond the wall? I can not record the repeat of the murder, how does it lead me on the map? I will not have proof. It takes, at least, a replay or theater, so I can follow his game.

    If you cannot see his gameplay now, what makes you so certain he is indeed a cheater? You have no way of knowing and are just assuming things right now.

    that is the problem there. they need a good killcam future or a replay that you can watch the round from that players view. radar included. this way you can see if they can see you on radar, or what. and then a report future then.

    as for vote kick. sure it would get abused. I don't agree to have it myself. and yes I agree it gets abused as much as a report does. however, a vote kick, kicks a potential good player. where as a report just simply submits a report about the player and the devs should then be able to go back and watch some gameplay of the player after X amount of reports. and they can check it out themselves.

    would be nice if they had a similar system like csgo with there overwatch. get some players who have hours etc and when enough reports on a player gets submitted x amount of selected players would them be given some footage to check themselves. if enough lets say 90 or so percent agree on the same cheats used then person gets a ban.

    Well ffa is not part of a option other then custom. Should be though. Tdm ffa are usually the most popular.

    He knows you can party. But you can only do 5 where as matches can have 6 per side. So should be able to a team least party up with 6. But what op was saying is that while in a match your friend who you are party with should be a different color on mini map ingame instead of blue with everyone.

    Well these are my thoughts about the game. I enjoy playing the game and feel it’s a great game for free. And room for an even better game as time goes on. I hope they keep it free or if they do charge, those who own it get to keep it and not have to pay later.

    I like how it’s a similar game play and style as call of duty games. Fast paced. Enjoy the customization. Some weapons may be more op but to me that’s fine. Allows for a challenge. But a few that are, also has there flaws.

    I like that the game also does not require a beast system to play.

    Some things I personally would like to see. A killcam would be nice along with a report future. I don’t see a issue with killcam as you already see the player after they kill you for a few seconds anyways. So either take that out or add killcam for the gametypes that this gives an advantage on like search and destroy. I would also like to see a replay of match put in place. One that you can go back and watch from anyone’s view. And again a report future.

    I would also like to have a easier way to add friends. When in lobby you should be able to click a person and pick to add, block, report, look at there stats etc. you should be able to also use voice chat in lobby and in game.

    Would love to see more gametypes like FFA available to pick or gun game or even your own battle royal type. FFA can be picked for custom but not to play. The gametypes allow 6v6 so we should be able to have 6 people for party.

    Should allow to get up to 5 slots for customizing.

    I am not a fan to have to repair my classes. Or that some things can only be rented like tactical equipment. Especially if playing custom matches. You don’t gain in game currency so you should not take damage to weapons either.

    Quick scoping is bad. Hate going around a corner and a sniper is using there rifle like a shotgun. Not what it’s for. One way to help with that is to make snipers not fire unless scoped in all the way. At least just that’s my opinion on that.

    You should be able to select a perk to be able to carry more ammo either overall and or in a mag. As well as pick up ammo. At least if it’s the same weapon. Especially for matches like FFA and TDM.

    On perks, should be a perk to hide you from uav or from sticking out when players have drones unless you fire a non suppressed weapon.

    Maps, well there basic. Need more variety. Building that have rooms and more to them. Maybe even maps only for certain gametypes.

    Again great game so far and really enjoy playing. But would like to see a few things myself. I am sure there are other things I forgot or missed.