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    But it is wrong to spread videos with usernames and to accuse them.
    Even if it is a proof.

    ...Imagine thinking you had a sound argument in rejecting video evidence (not here) of someone hacking in a game with ~400 players and a support staff that does nothing alongside the developers.

    They'll ignore your ticket and proof UNTIL you post it in a thread...although it looks like they're all on some different planet now, since this thread is almost a week old an they've don't nothing to lock/block it.

    Hell, maybe they should make better forum rules...or actually come to the forum?

    I could find matches at 3 in the morning so I doubt this, the game is currently being updated so servers are closed regardless.

    Except they weren't closed, and the patch just went live : it's still guttural trash with people hitting you around corners and 3 shotting you with weapons that shouldn't because the sh|te servers don't have the ability to send info fast enough...

    It's not the hackers that killed the game, it's the game that roped and hung itself...

    Lol what? So your idea of making this game succeed is to mimic one that's apparently dying?

    Dying like a sun or dying like a roach like Black Squad : CS:GO is still one of the largest FPS communities in the world and those embers are looking to go can talk trash about it all you want but the gameplay hasn't changes leaps and bounds since release.

    And if you think 400k peak daily players / 200k players average is "dying" then you clearly don't know what forum you're on since the netcode here is what keeps people from touching it...

    11 result, most of which are not relevant to the topic..., anyway, where the rest of, where 899989 posts?..., better keep silence, balabol..., and yes, l2humor, glasses, facepalm "smart" boy.

    Learn what "Hyperbole" is and understand how to take a hyperbolic statement and make it into a logical one : the thread/complaint has been made PLENTY of times. 899989 = A LOT. Use your brain, kid...

    Can't go around claiming other people are stupid when you don't know how to utilize primary school-level critical thinking skills...

    The DSR-1 fires a round (.50 BMG) with enough punch to blow a hole the size of a watermelon through you at WELL over 2 miles, with accuracy so HOOVER DANG tight you can put another round for another watermelon through the hole they left in you a few seconds ago.

    Devs : Er...we think, for game balance purposes, it should be a 1-shot to the chest, sure, but...uh...we're also going to make the cheaper, faster, BLASER, which fires a game-killing round (.222/.223 - that can't penetrate armor plate...) do the SAME THING ooOOoooOO!~

    Because weapon balance. There's a reason why they all need (and are going) to be fixed. They're not even CLOSE to being @OP "weak". As someone previously said, there's no reason why in a medium range engagement rifles can't beat a sniper, but in this game they HOOVER DANG CAN'T unless the sniper is SHEET, PANICS, paying attention to another target, AFK, or ran out of ammo and/or isn't even using the HOOVER DANG thing anymore. They should be forced to the back of maps where their killing you is earned and justified.

    And anyone trying to counter realism needs to factor the entire forest into their counter-argument before opening their gob : shotguns are 1-shot in most games for the obvious implication of closing the gap between another player, having a far slower fire and reload speed, and (depending on the game) using buckshot (why...) or slugs with massive recoil behind the blast. You're also more likely to die now because you can't just dip the hell out after blowing everyone's eardrums and letting them know you're home. KILLS. EARNED.

    ...Now remove the range requirement, change the round into a deer hunting round, remove brain.exe from Devs, and you're left with a sniper rifle with the added defense of range/height killing people all the way outside of the rounds effective range because YOUTUBE CLIPS ffs.


    AT MODS :

    "D-A-M-N" : censored.
    "F-*-*-*" : Nah fam, you good until we get miffed the censor didn't stop you and now you're on probation.........

    This game is an HackFest.

    I kept it installed, but aint playing for now as I am waiting to see will they remove the hackers, or some other FPS appears.

    The same tosser who says Aeria Games shuts down all of their games because of mismanagement without actually looking at the list of games shut down is calling people hackers without looking at the more obvious explanations placed in the thread before him.

    Why am I not surprised...

    And you know what rating will be there? Haha.

    No, and neither do you because they've reversed positions on worse games than this.

    Steam users know whats netcode, whats hack...

    No...they don't. Otherwise so many hackers in, say Black Squad, would be banned right now....

    Game would be end list rating in few days.

    Black Squad has far worse gameplay and is essentially dying in most regions it's in, including the now repositioned Korean population after the Korean servers closed : still sitting in "positive" ratings (although it's pretty evident that the game's developers are paying non-players to leave positive reviews when the majority of those positive ratings are from sub 3 hours players on fresh accounts...)

    Curently, Ironsight is the worst coded game on market

    Has never played Crossfire, Sudden Attack, or Warface....

    warface is 50 lighting years ahead with security, anti cheat, and code.

    Warface still has for all of that distance in "lighting" their AC can't keep up with the plethora of hacks...

    Wait, you're trying to claim that THIS game is infested with hackers (even though most instances are simply deaths due to the games current sheet-tier netcode, but then compare it to a game where you can see upwards of 200 people an hour be banned while still playing against hackers that aren't banned? Correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds pretty backwards. And BTW, no one is producing hacks for Ironsight for the same reasons why less are producing hacks for anything Battleye protected : too easy to be blocked.

    Real is to expect it to shutdown, as many Aeria games before.

    While I mentioned Aeria and shuting down games easily, many steam users will give negative rating just when read its from Aeria...

    Aeria shuts down games because players don't play them...unless you're telling me you've played every game on this list:…_published_by_Aeria_Games

    And stayed around to continue watching games die off...when, ironically, the games that actually had work put into them (excluding EoS, which should have died by now...) are the primary populous of the service...

    [ BLESS ] -> Oh, the same game that re-launched self-published with next to no modifications and FAILED AGAIN for the 4th(?) time on Steam? Sounds like it wasn't an Aeria Games issue...

    [ F.E.A.R. Online ] - A poorly designed, buggy, ALPHA quality mess that was canceled for being a buggy, ALPHA quality mess. Sounds like it wasn't an Aeria Games issue.

    [Ragnarok Online 2 ] - ...Ragnarok Online 2. Wasn't an Aeria Games issue. Seriously.

    I could go through that list per item and the vast majority of them failed because they were sheet-tier browser-only games with no spirit/soul or reason to play or they were buggy messes that deserved to die. You better pick out the handful that Aeria actually DID kill by their own monetary over-reach because you're going to be in for a nice hair-splitting battle on how to claim a game that couldn't keep a population was shut down because of over-priced shop items that no one could have seen to complain about...

    You can't really speed up netcode fix though, its not very flexible or easy as people think it is.

    That reasoning only works in instances of testing when people didn't know there was an issue...and KR forums/players had been pointing out that issue nearly 2 years ago, when it was in A L P H A. They chose to ignore it when it would have been easy to do, and now it's going to be a problem.

    Any developer worth their salt knows that you should remain flexible at any stage of development "incaseshi*" so changes don't slow development to a crawl, so how they baked a categorically sub-par networking scheme into the game during the planning stages knowing it was going to be a clustertoss later is beyond me...

    They're not going to...Korean FPS developers think BS OP no-recoil no-flinch snipers are their Youtube-clip bread and butter so they're going to stay the way they are regardless of how much hem and haw go on about how obviously broken they are...

    It'll be the death of the game the same way it's killing (killed, at this point) Black Squid

    Angry that SoftBullets is right so doesn't reply with an argument. Smooth.

    There would be no point in SCOREstreaks or KILLstreams ("13" is kills, unless you're going to now argue that they should make them into levels of double kills or something that promotes hacking...) if you and your saltness had its way. And then you'd be playing Black Squid or whatever other super generic F2P FPS is currently sitting around waiting to get shut down...

    Beyond the netcode being a smoking heap of compost, it's starting to become more apparent that Ironsight developers have tuned the indicator to remain green even for players who's ping latency is outside of a range that should have a different indicator color.

    Essentially : to save face, laggy players with anywhere between 130-175 ping latency will show green...ranges that should show Yellow mid-level bars, or Red bars. Far easier to keep investigators and investors happy by showing players on a pristine connection that is an impossible occurrence between a player in NA playing someone connecting from BR...X/

    So if you're wondering if it's O N L Y the netcode that is causing players to shoot you after you've ran through them (and you've about-faced to their back to see them shooting backwards through their chests...) or beg you from around corners : that's not the case.

    how is that sketchy? all korean f2p games do this so that they don't expend all their assets and resources at once and so that they can build hype.

    Doesn't stop it from being's lazy, stupid, and most of all, disingenuous. It's developed : release it. Build "hype" like a good company with good workers does and keep working on content regardless of what you're releasing.

    Path of Exile : 3 month temp-leagues based around a single premise that may have taken 3 - 12 months of development , while also developing content in the forward for future releases for the YEARS down the is something stupid gangbusters on player population and popularity in the ARPG genre for a F2P game run by a cosmetic-only shop. Builds hype by DOING THINGS not by being scummy.

    Will one of those things be moving from TCP based communications to UDP like every other logical game does so we stop having people shooting us after they're well behind corners , even when not lagging? Stop having people walking through walls and floating into the sky as they desync? Taking damage from players before they're (or you're) visible?


    Needs to be nerfed. It is strong now. Gives us a full invisibility but, almost don't change another stats.

    As if a 2-3 bullet damage change wouldn't put you at around 5% HP of where you'd have been had they left it alone. You're dead regardless. Use your minimap.

    The play of the game is really off as well lmao

    I've seen guys get play of the game from being killed and not killing anyone a couple times. (This sometimes amuses me)

    Or someone will get play of the game by throwing a grenade without killing anyone.

    Some dude used his Striker Drone, came in to try and kill me : missed me, didn't kill me. (or anyone else). Best kill cam, him blowing up that concrete.

    Why is there no killcam in this game until the ending kills? the pros outweigh the cons by so much. You could immediately see if someone is cheating/hacking. You could learn from your mistake, how you got kill. Plus, whenever they decide to add more skin to the game, you get to see the slick skins on your opponent's gun, thus you're more incline to spend.

    If the killcams were anywhere close the end highlights, there would be a lot of people being called hacker since they are inaccurate and bugged af.

    Got "best" (was bleh) kill.

    Reality: Spot dude, take fire, duck while reload finishes. He ran off down the area on Waterfront with the tiny office building into the sniper room. I basically follow him into the room and semi-potato flick to the left to take the last of his ~20 health.

    End of Match Kill Cam: I enter the computer room, and he's running in one spot, in the opposite direction from where he really ran. I walk past this "player", into the sniper room, semi-potato shoot at nobody, and then warp backwards through the wall towards where his "player" was (and apparently where the end of round players do their showcase).

    It's a really stupid drone idea they way it is'll even walk off the level if you toss it towards a wall that heads that way or into a non-player area, or onto surfaces that players can't even walk on...such as ceilings (if they're not low enough).

    Since this game remembers a lot into Call of Duty and old times, it seems like the element of QuickScoping is a thing that should stay, they allready took a bit work in it from CBT to OBT which is fine in my opinion.

    In CoD there is Gun Sway, Recoil, movement penalty, and aim punch from taking hits while scoping...not a single one of those is in this game to the point where people falling and taking rounds can scope and snipe someone as if they had been sitting still, holding their breath, and firing in a straight line...

    That's 100% broken.

    Hey there! Please only talk English here so we can understand what you're trying to tell us! ^^ Well, I don't have any information about an upcoming server for BR/LA! I highly doubt that there will be a new server! All I can say is that the team is working on a solution which might eliminate the need of a new server! But no promises there! :(

    You may as well stop speaking on behalf of Aeria and the devs with lines like "a solution to eliminate the need of a new server" because that doesn't make the slightest bit of sense...either there's going to be a server or there isn't. Either Aeria is going to run it, or a different company is, or no one is.

    Also "Well, I don't have any information about an upcoming server for BR/LA !"  You're trying to make it sound like you're staff...

    Started off my 3rd match (first for today) passive with (I don't even know the name of the weapon off the top of my head...). From playing mid-long angles and slopes from behind cover on players who were too gung-ho about where they were going I ended up doing OK, BUT these players would be sprinting in a straight line and I, controlling my vertical recoil, would still need 5-6 round on target for a kill. The weapon's recoil is high, so hitting leg/foot wasn't the problem, and I was already at gut and chest level when starting to control so at best I should have been getting headshots.

    And then I got killed by someone who still had his gun tucked into his chest, while he was sprinting, without any tracers firing from his gun or any blood appearing on my screen...I ended up knocking the NUM-Enter key out of the socket when I smashed my mouse into it. That's the level of spit netcode that you see in games from back in the early 2000's. He had green bars, and once again, I wasn't lagging either.

    The reason the TTK was increased is because a majority of the player base was requesting this adjustment do to the fact they were feeling they were dying to quickly and didn't have much time to react to gun fights.

    Sounds like losers on their first FPS since there isn't a single FPS currently available where the amount of rounds needed to kill a 100 health, no-armor player is more than 4 bullets to the chest at most.A bullet doing 15 damage to the chest is a 6.5 shot kill...and none of the weapons we have do that. I doubt that would or should have been something to consider in the first place, seeing as the developers wanted a FAST PACED game and not a Planetside remake

    Black Squad's developers are shady though. Game is pretty much a functioning mess right now: hasn't had a serious non-monetary update in around 3 months, hackers are barely kept at bay, quick match is broken, clans are openly cheating to gain rank, manually website reporting instead of in-game reporting (in 2017-2018 no less...), Crouch Spam because reasons, and their mod team looks like a bunch of do-nothings but they magically have a positive rating...the reviews are probably paid for, especially since the majority of them are coming from people who've played less than 100 hours over the near 5100ish hours it's been available, where most of the negatives are from well above or your typical asskissers who hope it's the next big "Crossfire". Every thread in the Discussion forum is "hackers!" or "remove rapid crouch" or "stop adding loot boxes and fix your rapid crouch" from people who've put time in...

    ...already not liking the implication of the game being as polished as it is somehow not being well enough to be added to steam on launch, on top of whatever issues will get them those negative reviews when people can't tie their game account to Steam for whatever reason.

    It's an automatic stab in the foot to not just do it...the population influx from Steam by itself makes the decision justified.
    It's the main reason why Aeria was even able to keep SF2 alive for as long as it did...

    I'm not seeing any reduction in the aiming recoil at all from what I've been able to see. While it is true I use a gun with significant recoil, I still don't see any reduction at all from the perk.

    It's honestly hard to tell if the perk is working because the guns in this game really don't have any recoil to them at all IMO. So it's hard to test this perk to make sure if it works or not.

    Not sure what weapons you lot are using, default AK and whatever that weapon is in the 3-day login reward slot is kick a bit, and the P90's spread is bleh for a medium-range PDW. Basically forced to play shotgun range with ARs.

    It really depends. If you're doing it as a on-the-spot tactic I can let it go. If you're in an obvious temp-corner that I should have checked I can let that go too.

    But people who sit the entire match in the same area? Uninstall. Hide & Seek is the game they should be playing. Outside. In the middle of traffic.

    That's how majority of people are ABLE to play... Let's be honest, CoD was never diffrent.. Watch M3RKs videos... What's the percentage of decent people playing there? (Well duh, he won't show many of them, but there is almost none... Goes to the point that majority of people in every game are just bunch of low skilled people :/)

    "In the corner, whatasurprise" :D

    I believe that there should be a 2 sided benefit. One for the publisher and the other for the developer. A publisher before starts to make a contract, may think if it is worth publishing it now or if it is too soon. I guess there's always that security between, if something might go wrong

    Yes, I realize Publishers generally wait a good year before going after games just to see how it works out. Even still though sometimes they will never pursue games that are really popular and that a lot of EU and NA communities would definitely want and play. Europa, a new BR game coming out this year in China, already has publishers from NA going after it which granted this is the era for BR's and that game is probably gonna be the best BR out there when it does get released but still games like CoDOL, a classic titled game that has always done well in the NA region should've definitely gotten picked up by someone.

    What publishers are going for Europa?

    I'd fathom a guess at Aeria (ugh) but I don't know what other companies other than Z8 are still alive these days.

    Well F2P vs P2P, so that explains the numbers. Also PUBG requires a more powerful machine, although Fortnite was developed in UE4.


    Not sure on the numbers though. You can find PUBG numbers on SteamSpy, but Epic Games doesn't have population numbers anywhere I know of.

    Game is far too fast for such a game mode UNLESS they do a more "season 2" of the Battle Royale manga where everything takes place inside a city, forcing close quarters combat.

    Just hope they're using a layman's "early" and not the business "early" which could mean any month in the 1st quarter of "early 2018" (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr)...already had enough of the latter from Crate Entertainment regarding the lateAF content update for Grim Dawn after they slipped a date they couldn't keep, so they ballparked it into "late 2017" and we got it in October.


    Well, yeah...but it'll be a Zombie aftewards : they're working on CF2 already...

    They've been working on CF2 for about 2 years+ now. Still haven't heard anything new or seen any gameplay about it yet.

    I hope it dies in production because it's a pile of junk...

    (Who am I'm kidding, they want it to be junk so they can make money off of junk...)

    Crossfire is just a money pit of a game that's why lol. They don't care about the players anymore they just squeezing whatever money they can out of everyone on the game before it dies.


    Well, yeah...but it'll be a Zombie aftewards : they're working on CF2 already...